Copper color: rich hair coloring, shades

If the girl wants to get a bright and noticeable image, then the dark copper hair color will be an ideal option. It can be natural or very vibrant. This shade can be used both for blondes and brunettes. Using copper color, you can make the look more expressive, give depth to green and brightness to blue.

Light copper tone

Very similar to wheat with a red overflow. It belongs to the category of universal, as it fits any eyes, regardless of their color. In this case, the shade of the skin must be taken into account. It should be neither light nor dark. Light copper fits perfectly on the main blond.

Light brown tone

Looks great with green, gray and brown eyes. In this case, the skin should be light, and the structure of the hair does not matter. The considered shade is more related to natural. It is used in order to refresh the image, but not fundamentally change it. He brings a touch of novelty to the modest lady.

Who goes the shade of copper

Since copper shade of hair is perfectly combined with any color of strands, but the choice should be guided by the color of the eyes and skin:

  1. Golden copper color is very similar to blond. This is a great option for light skin. It can be used to create a modest appearance that would stand out slightly from the crowd. The girl's eyes should be blue.
  2. Chestnut can be shaded with cherry and red. Dark fashion color is also included in this category. But fair-haired beauties should pay attention to wine or dark color. But at the same time, they must understand that he will add to their age.

On the video, the coloring process is suitable for whom:

How is dyeing of fair hair in two colors, can be seen in the photo in the video in this article.

How to achieve

There are two ways to get such a hair color today - with the help of paint or henna. The first option is today the most popular, but at the same time it is not gentle, in contrast to the method of painting with henna. Modern henna can be presented in different colors. Given how long it will be on the hair, they will change their shade.

The minimum henna influence time is 10 minutes. This is enough for the hair color to get a golden tint. And if you keep henna for 40 minutes, you can get dark copper. But this provided that the hair was originally light brown.

To produce henna in a tinted version. It must be applied for several minutes. The advantage of this natural paint is that it not only changes color, but also makes the strands strong. Color fastness is 2-4 weeks. It all depends on how often a woman washed her hair.

How does the hair color look like honey caramel and how well it looks on the hair of young girls, is detailed in the photo and video in the article.

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How the honey color for brown eyes looks in the photo, you can see here in the article:

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The assortment of this dye has copper shades. Moreover, a whole series of Extra Red was created for this color. The palette is very wide. You can find a copper shade with a purple overflow or fiery red.

The manufacturer is engaged in the manufacture of both professional products and paints for painting a house. How to use the Estelle Color Off wash and why it is needed is described in detail in the article.


When choosing this product, a girl can dye her hair in shades such as copper, golden copper, captivating copper. Another palette contains tones of juicy cherry, black cherry, blond. This paint is the safest compared to the rest.

Its composition contains natural components that not only dye the hair in the desired color, but also heals them. But how the hair color alder Garnier looks in the photo will help to understand the information from the article.


The color palette of this manufacturer is very wide. There are shades such as dark red, paprika, copper mahogany, ripe eggplant. The composition of the dye contains oil. They can penetrate deeply into the structure of the strands, without damaging them. How wide is the professional color palette of Kraskis Loreal colors and how to use such paint correctly, is indicated in this article.


The company's specialists are actively monitoring fashion trends, so they also filled the palette with copper shades. The dye is super-resistant, as it stays on the hair for up to 2 months. You can apply the product to any type of hair. How londacolor hair dye looks for mixing tones and how to use it correctly is described in detail in the contents of this article.

The palette of copper shades has the following colors:

  • light blond copper,
  • copper ash
  • copper red
  • copper purple
  • dark blond, copper brown,
  • copper gold and copper red mixton,
  • light brown
  • blond copper ash.

A copper shade is a great opportunity to create a new image or for the novelty of an old one. This color suits immodest ladies who are used to always being in the spotlight. Choosing shades of the specified color, it is possible to create a look in which the shades of the skin, eyes and hair are in perfect harmony.

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