Zucchini with minced meat in a pan - recipes with photos

Summer red sang, did not have time to look back, as winter rolls into my eyes ... And therefore, friends, the collection and preservation of a valuable crop is in full swing. It is salted, marinated, boiled, stewed, and fried, either in batter, or just like that. It is also baked in the oven and wrapped in delicious rolls. All this applies to the young, tender and such versatile zucchini.

Yes, a comprehensive vegetable won many hearts. What can’t you make from delicious zucchini. From dessert to other savory dishes. I propose today to fry the sliced ​​fruits in a frying pan along with a hearty, crumbly and juicy minced meat: a bright carrot and onion will complement the delicacy.

And start the rings of vegetables with chopped meat and savory them in tomato paste. You will also be captivated by the recipe for delicacies created in batter or with cheese. There is also a quick way to start a dish with a green onion. And be sure to try the zucchini with mushrooms.

You have not tried such tender vegetables. Your frying pan will show what it is capable of. Dishes in it will turn out juicy, bright and painfully delicious! They will decorate the approaching cold days, bringing joy and cozy smells to your kitchen. Let's start cooking, friends!

How to cook zucchini with minced meat

One of the main advantages of this combination is that any meat will always be juicy if it is fried or stewed in a pan with zucchini due to the moisture of the latter. This is especially beneficial for connoisseurs of diet poultry dishes, and pork in such a tandem is easier to digest than alone. The very dishes of zucchini and minced meat are mainly divided into:

  • Variations of stew, which gather any vegetables that the hostess and / or her guests like, and even mushrooms are added.
  • Stuffed boats or glasses that can be filled not only with minced meat (pre-fried until half-cooked), but also with any vegetable mixture.
  • Fried zucchini rings in batter under a cheese crust, served with separately prepared minced meat and side dish: rice, buckwheat noodles, pasta.

Regardless of the recipe that you liked, you need to observe 2 rules:

  • Mature zucchini seeds must be eliminated, young can not be cleaned.
  • If the dish does not stew completely, the minced meat must be cooked before being combined with vegetables.

Stewed zucchini with minced meat in a pan - a delicious recipe

And here is the first recipe. With it you will feel that your dinner is saved, if you did not know what to create delicious at this time of day. After all, preparing food is very simple, and most importantly - quickly. Of the ingredients that probably are in every kitchen. A meat treat will complement the spicy onion, spices and red carrots.

Juicy zucchini, which has absorbed all the love of summer, will give you, in a combination of beef meat and vegetables, all the best that is in it. One has only to try the first portion from a fork.

  • 500 gr. zucchini or zucchini,
  • 450 gr ground beef
  • 1/2 large onion,
  • 1 medium carrot
  • vegetable oil on the eye,
  • 150 gr. tomato paste
  • salt and pepper are also on the eye.

1. First of all, get all the necessary products so that they are under your handles.

2. Thinly peel the carrots from the top peel with a knife. Send a chopping board to the table and put a grater on it. We will need its large side. Pass the peeled vegetable through it.

3. Remove the non-stick pan and place it on the burner. You do not need to turn it on yet. Transfer the grated vegetable to this bowl.

4. Taken for the bow. Peel the vegetable and lay it on the kitchen board as well. Finely chop the onion and put it on the carrot.

5. It is time to turn the stove on a small fire. Stir the vegetables together and simmer them until soft for 5-7 minutes under the lid.

6. As time passes, add minced meat to vegetables. Turn a wooden spatula into a homogeneous mass. Salt and pepper it and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Fry them under the lid for 10 minutes.

You can add your favorite spices to the contents to suit your taste. For example, garlic powder and various spices and herbs. Personally, I love the fragrant coriander and without it I can not do a single dish.

7. While preparing the contents of the dishes, let's take zucchini. Wash it thoroughly, cut into circles and peel them, remove the grains from the middle.

If you have a young vegetable, then peel and grains do not need to be peeled. After all, he is still soft and tender. In the dish, these components will not be felt.

8. Randomly cut the circles into cubes and open the lid of the dishes. Send chopped vegetable to it. Mix everything well and simmer the mass for another 10 minutes, closing the lid.

Stir the food periodically so that it does not burn.

9. As time passes, we try vegetables with meat for salt and spices. If any of the above will be missed, add it at our discretion. And also we put tomato paste to the mass.

You can replace tomato sauce with fresh and meat tomatoes. Having removed the peel from them and cut into small pieces, combine them with zucchini.

10. Actively mix everything and continue to cook the dish for another 10 minutes. Until zucchini is completely translucent and soft. Now you can serve the treat to the table while it is hot.

The dish can be used as an independent dish, or with pasta or mashed potatoes.

How beautifully the vegetable delicacy decomposed on your plate. Share his relish with your beloved family. They will envy your ingenuity and originality in creating dishes from such seemingly simple components.

Step by step recipe with photo

Autumn is the time of zucchini, and this vegetable is widely used in cooking. Zucchini is baked, fried, stewed and even made soups from them. I want to offer you an interesting recipe for zucchini stuffed with meat and fried breaded in a pan. So, let's get down to cooking this wonderful self-sufficient dish.

We take products such as in the photo.

We clean the zucchini, cut into rings 1 cm wide. And we make such holes inside each circle.

We make mince as on cutlets. That is, salt, pepper, if necessary. Soak the bread and mix with minced meat. Chop the onion and add to the minced meat. We fill the holes in the zucchini with meat, in the same way as in the photo.

Beat eggs lightly with salt. Dip our meatballs into eggs, then into crackers. If the meat will fall out, it’s not scary, crackers glue the cutlets.

Fry zucchini in oil, on both sides. The fire must be reduced and fry slowly, since the zucchini we have to fry. We put ready zucchini stuffed with meat on a paper towel.

Bon appetit!

Zucchini stuffed with mixed minced meat with tomato paste

This dish is not ashamed to treat not only the household, but also guests dear to the heart. After all, its presentation and method of preparation are very interesting. In the zucchini rings, delicious and nutritious and magnificent meat from beef and pork will settle. And the dish itself will drown in a savory tomato sauce with herbs.

If your imagination runs out, this dish will inspire him. It quickly saturates hungry stomachs and pushes for good deeds. Breathe life into this delicacy and it will become a seductive decoration at your meal.

  • 1 medium zucchini,
  • 200 gr. mixed ground meat (pork and beef),
  • sunflower seed oil
  • 1 tbsp. tomato paste
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley
  • salt at its discretion.

1. Place the zucchini in the sink and rinse it thoroughly in warm water. Now, having laid it on the board, we cut the vegetable into non-thick circles 1 cm thick.

2. Peel the zucchini washers from the peel and free from the insides, leaving a few cm of pulp from the edge. Congratulations. You got a kind of ring.

3. Place the frying utensils on the stove and add flavourless sunflower oil to it. Spread zucchini rings in the same bowl. Do not turn on the fire yet.

4. Engage in ground meat. Gently distribute it in circles of vegetables. Turn the burner under the cookware to medium.

If you don’t have ready-made mincemeat, get it in the nearest supermarket or make ground meat yourself.

Take 100 gr. pork and beef. Pass them through a meat grinder or blender. Put the resulting mass in a deep bowl. Pepper and salt it at your discretion, and mix well. Done friends!

5. Fry the zucchini first on one side for about 5 minutes, the color of the finished vegetable should be translucent, and the meat gray.

6. Then take a spatula and turn the circles on the other side. Again, fry it for as long as described above.

7. Once the dish is golden brown, salt it and add the tomato paste. If it is very thick, then you can dilute it with a small amount of boiled water to the desired consistency. Spread it evenly over the dishes and simmer the contents for another 5 minutes.

8. During cooking, prepare parsley. Rinse thoroughly and chop finely on a cutting board. 2-3 minutes before the dish is ready, sprinkle it with herbs, mixing it with gravy. Turn off the fire and enjoy yourself.

Gently grab each golden piece and arrange the golden delicacy in plates. The meat flows beautifully in the center of the vegetable, so that the appetites involuntarily play a hungry song. Let it not be long and your mouth will envelop the tastes of pleasure.

Cooking process

If the zucchini has a thin peel, then the zucchini can be cooked with it (if the zucchini has a thick peel, then it is better to cut it off). Zucchini cut into slices about 1 cm thick.

Cut the middle of the circles with a knife so that the rings from the zucchini remain.

To chop the meat, pass the pieces of meat through the meat grinder. You can, of course, purchase minced meat in the store. Peel the onion, chop finely and add to the minced meat, salt, pepper, mix thoroughly.

Salt the zucchini rings and fill the holes with minced meat.

Roll stuffed zucchini in flour on both sides.

Heat the pan with a sufficient amount of vegetable oil, put the squash with minced meat.

Fry over medium heat, periodically turning them over, for about 5-7 minutes. Zucchini with minced meat should become rosy on both sides.

Check the zucchini for readiness with the knife edge (if the zucchini is freely pierced by the knife blade, the dish is ready). Serve delicious zucchini, fried with minced meat in a pan, it is better in hot or warm form with any side dish and fresh vegetables. This dish can also be served as a hot snack.

Minced zucchini fried in a pan in egg batter in a quick way

A non-standard approach to business helps to turn the usual components into non-clogged and savory dishes. I propose to free an hour and create in your favorite frying pan zucchini, which will be in friendly company with pork meat, onions and spices.

And that's not all! The dish will be cooked in a juicy and bright batter from soda, eggs and crumbly flour. It will be a very unusual dish that will win your hearts.

  • 400 gr. ground pork meat
  • 1 medium onion,
  • 2 medium zucchini,
  • 4 chicken eggs
  • 70 ml of purified or water (possible with gas),
  • 100 gr. wheat flour
  • salt and black pepper in the eye,
  • refined vegetable oil at its discretion.

1. First of all, let's do a little onion. Free it from the husk and send it to the cutting board. Take a sharp knife and chop the vegetable finely. Fold it in a plate and leave it aside for now.

2. My zucchini and put it on the table. Cut off the edges from the fruit and cut into 1 cm thick washers.

Do not cut zucchini too thick, otherwise it will not be fried and will remain half-baked. And also advice - it is better to peel the peel from an old vegetable.

3. Carefully free the slices of zucchini from the pulp and seeds. The rings are ready.

4. Engage in ground meat. I suggest staying on pork, as this type of minced meat is more juicy. Put it in a deep bowl and sprinkle the ingredient with salt, pepper on the eye. Add chopped onion to the mass. Mix everything thoroughly with clean hands. The filling is ready.

5. Make egg batter for goodies. Break all the eggs into a deep bowl. And with a whisk, beat the component into a single mass. Add salt and black pepper, plain or sparkling water without flavoring to it. Mix everything thoroughly.

Soda will make the batter more airy and lush.

6. Add the sifted flour and mix again. The thickness of the batter should resemble pancake dough.

7. We begin to stuff the future dish. Fill the zucchini slices with chopped meat and let them wait.

8. Pour in a wide and deep saucepan with non-stick coating of sunflower oil, turn on the burner on a medium flame and heat the butter.

9. Then roll each zucchini ring in batter and send to a hot bowl with butter. After 2-3 minutes, turn the dish on the other side and fry it again.

10. Place a wide and flat dish on the table. Cover it with a thick layer of paper towel. Once the treat is ready, put it on paper. So zucchini will not be overly fat. Help yourself, friends.

The batter will give the dish a richness and unique taste.

Such a meaty miracle can decorate the time of the long-awaited feast. Not knowing what delicacy to create tomorrow, think about this simple but savory masterpiece of cooking today. And he will satisfy the most insatiable and fastidious stomachs. Delicious minutes to you, gourmets!

The recipe for zucchini slices with minced chicken

Time is inexorable. We are trying to enter into it all the work, work and time for loved ones. And, to please them with various delicacies, it takes only 20 minutes. They will help fill the kitchen with aromas, and tummies with something special.

Prepare such an unpretentious, savory, and most importantly, quick dish of zucchini rings, chicken ground meat, green onions and eggs. This will be a brilliant way to quickly diversify the kitchen table with a delicious dish.

  • 1 medium squash
  • 200 gr. ground chicken meat
  • 1-2 sprigs of green onions,
  • 1 chicken egg
  • salt and ground black pepper on the eye,
  • favorite spices on the eye.

1. Let's start with the green onion. Rinse it and place it on the kitchen board. Take a sharp knife and finely chop it.

2. And now chopped meat. Transfer it to a deep bowl and sprinkle with chopped green onions, pepper and salt the mass. If desired, you can add any other spices. Mix everything well.

3. We take up zucchini. Cut the washed vegetables into circles. Free them from the pulp with the seeds in the center.

4. Cut the flesh into small pieces. Send them to chopped meat. Mix everything thoroughly.

If zucchini is young, then you can leave the seeds in bulk. Be sure to remove the grains of old fruits.

5. Break the egg and put it in a bowl. Beat it well, salt and pepper the resulting mixture.

6. We heat the dishes with sunflower oil. We spread zucchini in the egg on its bottom. In each circle of vegetables we put meat with additives. If you still have egg mass, pour it on a treat.

7. Fry the food on each side for 5-7 minutes under the lid. And you can serve.

In such a short time you have done so much: created a tasty dish, aroused appetites, saturated them and became even more beloved and indispensable for loved ones. Appreciate these moments, and unique dishes will help you with this.

Zucchini with minced meat and cheese

Cheese. He is so different. Salty, spicy, viscous, soft and tasty. What types of it does not exist. Take your favorite of the hard varieties and turn it into a dish. And it will not be simple, but something similar to whitewash, casserole or pizza.

So let the zucchini treat for the company with meat, sour cream and garlic play for you with new colors and tastes.

  • 500 gr. zucchini
  • 3 tbsp. l sour cream
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • garlic powder on the eye,
  • wheat flour on the eye,
  • 1 medium onion,
  • 250 gr any ground meat
  • 100 gr. any hard cheese
  • table salt and ground black pepper,
  • Odorless vegetable oil.

Cooking in steps:

1. The first to put in the zucchini. Put a grater in a deep dish and chop a clean vegetable on a large canvas. Salt it in the eye and leave for 15 minutes. Soon the main ingredient will give the juice.

2. As time passes, take another plate and a sieve. Put the squash mass in a colander and squeeze it carefully. Better drain the juice in a sink or other container. Transfer the grated nectar-free vegetable to an empty bowl.

3. Add tender sour cream, eggs and table salt to the surviving zucchini, if necessary. Ground black pepper, garlic powder and sifted flour. Mix everything thoroughly. The more flour there is in the composition, the stronger your vegetable dough will be, which, in the end, will not fall apart when baked in a pan.

You can replace the garlic powder with 2 cloves of garlic, chopping it finely.

4. Cut the peeled onion into small squares. We spread it in a pan with sunflower oil. We mix everything well and turn on the burner on a moderate fire.

5. Fry the vegetable until soft for several minutes and add ground meat to it. Stir everything vigorously and simmer for about 10 minutes with the lid closed. Then transfer the meat filler to a deep bowl.

6. We recall the mass of zucchini. We add sunflower oil to the frying pan, and then half of the total volume of vegetable dough. Spread it across the bottom of the tank. Cover it and fry for literally 5-10 minutes. The fire under the dishes should be medium.

7. While making the tortilla, take the cheese and grater. Rub it grossly and put the cheese on a plate.

8. The most interesting of the cooking process. After the lapse of time, open the lid and put half of the tortillas on top of the minced meat and fill it with 1/2 of the whole cheese. Cover the filling with the other side of zucchini tortillas.

9. Fry the dish for 2-3 minutes on each side under the lid. You got a funky treat!

Closer to the laid table, pick up a fork and a knife and go on a juicy journey along the banks of zucchini, savory cheese and endless meat. Let it be unforgettable! Bon appetit, friends!

Fried zucchini slices with champignons

And in addition to everything, I’ll offer you this recipe from a unique zucchini. We will fry it with a savory grinded meat and dilute the delicacy with spicy mushrooms.

You will be swept with savory, salty and slightly sweet emotions. Rush to the frying pan and conceive a real Russian lunch on it.

  • 2 medium squash
  • 300 gr minced meat
  • 200 gr. champignons or other fresh or pickled mushrooms,
  • 1 medium onion,
  • refined vegetable oil by eye,
  • salt and black pepper on the eye.

1. Cut the clean fruit into small slices. If you have narrow and young vegetables, you can chop them into slices.

2. We take onions. Clean it and crumble it as well.

3. And now the mushrooms. If you use champignons from the store, rinse them thoroughly and pour over boiling water. Cleaning them is not necessary.

If you have pickled mushrooms from a jar, then rinse the component in clean, warm water and use it. Any other forest mushrooms must be thoroughly washed, boiled and peeled.

4. Then we take a knife and cut mushrooms into thin plates.

5. Add sunflower oil to the cookware for the stove. Put it on medium heat and send chopped onions to the bowl. Cook it a few minutes until semi-golden.

6. Next, put ground meat on the onion, mix everything thoroughly and cook the dish for 5 minutes under the closed lid.

7. As the minutes pass, dilute the meat and onions with mushrooms. Mix and simmer again until all the liquid in the container has evaporated.

8. Now put the sliced ​​zucchini in the bowl. We mix everything. Simmer the contents until the zucchini becomes soft and translucent.

9. Salt and pepper the finished dish, add the desired spices and serve already on the table!

You can decorate the dish with your favorite greens and lettuce.

Young zucchini fried capture captured friable meat and mushrooms. And then the treat will be at the mercy of your appetite. Rather, eat this culinary dream and your mood will thank you for that!

Video on How to Cook Ham and Cheese Stuffed Zucchini

If you have not found meat and minced meat in the refrigerator, but there is any sausage, ham and cheese, then you can cook a delicious fast dish from these products. It is especially great to cook this for breakfast. It will not take much time, but it turns out with excellent taste.

The cheese is melted, and thanks to this, a dense filling will not fall out. The dish will turn out neat and will look appetizing.

You can serve it at any hour of the meal. Moreover, both as an independent dish and as a snack for the holiday. Its advantage is that it will be tasty both hot and cold.

I love such simple recipes! No trouble with them, and the family is always quite a little bit!

Useful tips for cooking delicious zucchini in a pan

Finally, dilute the sweet moments from the anticipation of the vegetable dish with no less savory tips for their preparation.

1. Show your imagination and add any favorite cereal to the meat: buckwheat, rice and even couscous. It will be fun, tasty and beautiful!

2. Cookware for the stove should be with a thick bottom. So the delicacy is evenly fried and does not burn.

3. You can add sauce to the dish: it can be from sour cream, ketchup or mayonnaise. In general, use any you like and add spices to it for every taste and color.

4. An alternative to the above sauces can be cream, milk and classic yogurt.

5. The meat can also be completely different in the dish: from classic species to rabbit and boneless fish.

6. However, there are several nuances in the preparation of a dish with one or another type of meat:

  • if you cook with turkey, then the dish should have more zucchini, otherwise the meat will turn out to be dry, and the vegetables will supply it with their juice,
  • add lamb and cilantro to the lamb, if you like it. And if not, ordinary parsley will help make the dish more appetizing,
  • pork is a very versatile ingredient and can be mixed with both beef and chicken,
  • if you cook with fish meat, then make sure that it is without a large number of small bones.

7. And the meat can not be twisted in a meat grinder or blender, but very finely chopped with a knife and added to the dish. Cooking on time, of course, will increase, but it will turn out very savory.

8. The delicacy can be varied and various vegetables. Add to it, in addition to onions and carrots with herbs, potatoes, bell peppers, corn, cabbage and many other vegetables. Zucchini will be glad to almost any neighborhood.

9. And again about the cheese. Zucchini loves mozzarella, processed cheese, Adyghe, extra gouda, cheddar and parmesan.

10. If you are planning a celebration, let your delicacy appear before the guests in a new light with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

Summer is over. Ahead of you will find a lot of interesting things. Warm evenings under a cozy blanket by the fireplace. And someone will warm hot tea with heated seats in the car. It will help to survive the cold time and your beloved family. She will inspire us with a strong spirit, new achievements and exploits.

For example, to create different delicious dishes that will delight each of you and warm you in the coming rains, November bad weather and winter frosts. Savory zucchini can play a special role at this time - they will be hotly fried and cooked with love. They will warm the coldest house with their wetness and bring variety and originality to your generous table.

And the cold, what the cold? They will pass. After all, the main thing is the weather in the house. Let it be light, not boring and very tasty!

Zucchini stew with minced meat

The classic version of a hearty dish based on vegetables with the addition of meat. If you do not follow a diet, use pork or beef, for a lighter version of zucchini stew in a pan, it is recommended to take chicken breast. The most convenient and quickest way to cook such a dish in the winter is when the vegetables are chopped out of the freezer and the minced meat packaged. All that remains is to mix, extinguish and enjoy everything correctly.

  • zucchini light - 0.9 kg,
  • minced meat - 0.5 kg,
  • bulb,
  • large tomatoes - 3 pcs.,
  • Sweet pepper,
  • carrot,
  • vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons,
  • greens, spices.

  1. Remove the peel from the zucchini. Coarsely chop the flesh.
  2. Chop the pepper by removing the seed part first. Grind carrots - ideally, on a Korean grater.
  3. Divide the tomatoes in half, also pass through the grater the place of cut - the skin will remain in the hand, it can be discarded.
  4. Fry chopped onion in oil for a minute. Lay carrots, pour in a third of a glass of water, simmer until soft.
  5. Alternately add tomato puree, pepper, slices of zucchini. Add a little boiling water. Continue to simmer.
  6. Grease a separate pan (!) With oil, pour out minced meat with spices. Fry over medium heat, periodically turning over.
  7. Put the browned meat in a pan with stew, cook for half an hour under the lid.
  8. Sprinkle greens over the dish before serving.

Braised zucchini with minced meat in a pan

To implement this recipe you need to take the freshest vegetables, and preferably minced chicken - it cooks faster. Zucchini should be tight, otherwise it may crawl in the cooking process, and the whole idea will fail. Such a dish is perfect for a festive table, since it is immediately divided into portions, has a very attractive appearance and does not look simple. However, the set of ingredients lacks exotic products - for 4 people you will need:

  • zucchini - 2 pcs.,
  • any minced meat - 320 g,
  • bulb onions,
  • brown rice - 120 g,
  • sour cream - a spoon with a slide,
  • ground black pepper,
  • cooking oil.

Zucchini with minced meat in a pan is prepared as follows:

  1. Rinse rice, pour into a small pot with boiling water. To salt. You can immediately enter spices. Cook until soft.
  2. Heat the pan with oil, fry the onions in it for half a minute, so that it turns golden and gives off the aroma. Put the minced meat, fry a quarter of an hour. Add a little water to cover the meat layer, stew the same amount.
  3. Wash the zucchini, do not remove the peel. Cut across, remove the core, leaving thick walls: cups should turn out. At the bottom for stability, the "hat" can also be cut off.
  4. Stuff zucchini cups with a mixture of minced meat with rice, sour cream and pepper. Put in a saucepan, add water. Stew for 15-20 minutes.
  5. If desired, zucchini cups are baked with cheese to a crust in the oven.

Recipe for fried zucchini with minced meat

This tasty dish is more like an appetizer or even an idea for sandwiches than a full lunch or dinner. Zucchini rings in batter, stuffed with chicken or fish fillet, are very popular with children and attract the attention of guests, so the recipe should be listed in the cookbook. For the dish, it is advisable to use young zucchini. The composition is very simple:

  • eggs - 2 pcs.,
  • flour - 5 tablespoons,
  • milk - 2 tablespoons,
  • zucchini
  • chicken breast
  • spice,
  • oil.

How to deliciously fry zucchini in a pan using this technology? The scheme is as follows:

  1. Cut the meat, scroll through the blender. Mix with chopped onion, salt. Allow to stand for half an hour in the cold.
  2. From peeled zucchini make thick rings (inner diameter - cut fibrous part).
  3. Beat eggs, add flour in portions, then pour milk. If the batter is too liquid, you can take some more flour or breadcrumbs.
  4. Stuff each ring with meat - the amount is adjusted so that it does not drop out.
  5. Dip in batter and immediately spread in a hot pan, greased (not filled) with oil. Fry until light brown.

Video: recipe for zucchini with minced meat in a pan

In the videos below from culinary professionals, you will learn how to properly prepare a classic batter for vegetables, to avoid the dryness of any minced meat during the frying process. It will become clear to you what the features of squash casseroles are, what ingredients are best to complement, how to make a wonderful meal for a festive table from a very meager set of products.

Watch the video: Ground Beef with Zucchini Recipe (April 2020).