Need to try! Fashionable news of manicure gel varnish 2020-2021

And again, the original novelties of manicure, without which we can not do without it, are our dear women.

Today we will offer you the most fashionable manicure gel polish 2020-2021, which was assembled from new photos of exclusives published by talented masters of their craft.

Since, stylish manicure gel polish is one of the best inventions by manicurists, the most chic nail design using professional varnishes and special equipment will be appropriate for nails of any length.

And any actual form of nails covered with a gel coating will look wonderful, perfectly complementing the magnificent female bows in current stylistic directions.

Super manicure gel polish is an excellent feature for evening nail design, as well as a perfect nail solution on a weekday, because any option looks very neat.

Manicure gel polish 2020-2021 is not only very stable, it is also expressive and rich in any performance.

Fashionable gel nail polish design 2020-2021 is best done by the master, however, choosing a couple of options for yourself and trying a manicure yourself gel polish with all the necessary set of devices is quite possible.

We are ready to offer smart manicure gel polish 2020-2021 and its latest trends and trends for you in the best variations of nail design for nails of different shapes and lengths.

Stylish manicure gel polish 2020-2021: trends, trends, the best solutions and techniques

Today we will not describe how to make a manicure gel polish with our own hands, because it’s better to acquire such skills by practicing and watching master classes and video lessons.

But to give you super ideas for manicure design with gel polish 2020-2021 that will inspire you for new evening and everyday looks, this will become the main task of our review.

Gel polish manicure can be done in any color that you like. Pay attention to the design with an original combination of shades, both related and contrasting.

Do not miss the best manicure gel polish with an abundance of decorative elements, as well as stylish nail design with gel polish in a simple and minimal style.

Do not be indifferent to the popular matte, glossy, mirror, marble, metal nails, which are trending in the coming seasons.

About interpretations and options in more detail more ...

Trendy manicure gel polish - popular techniques and new products of manicure gel polish

Modern manufacturers of gel polishes offer a wide variety of not only the color palette, but also many fashionable shellacs with all kinds of effects.

In addition to a shiny and sparkling gloss, manicure gel varnish 2020-2021 can be matte, gradient, mirror and with the effect of a cat's eye.

Get an interesting and fashionable manicure gel polish is now easier than ever, acquiring a gel polish with your favorite effect.

A popular matte manicure gel polish is done using a topcoat applied to any glossy varnish, or immediately ready-made matte gel. The matte effect is becoming very popular in manicure, it is combined with various techniques and experimented with colors.

If earlier matte manicure gel varnish was mainly in dark and nude shades, today the matte effect is used in bright and light shades for a stylish spring-summer manicure.

Beautiful manicure gel varnish in the ombre style is done using thermo-varnishes. With their help, it is easy to make a gradient jacket, as the tip of the nail will be lighter. Depending on the method and quality of applying thermal varnish, the ombre effect in manicure gel varnish also depends.

The diagonal and graphic ombre, which looks on the nails is very attractive and original, will become a novelty of manicure gel varnish with a gradient.

Manicure gel cat lacquer looks no less original, it turns out especially chic on black, green and blue shades. Novelties of manicure gel varnish cat's eye will be able to conquer the most finicky fashionistas.

Similar manicure gel varnish 2020-2021 is ideally combined with rhinestones, it can be combined with a matte design or complemented with a suitable pattern.

A similar effect can be achieved with the next novelty in the chameleon gel polish manicure. Chameleon effect-sensitive gel polish with a chameleon effect will give a bright iridescent manicure.

Looking at the photo of the novelty of manicure gel varnish 2020-2021, one can not help but mention fashionable manicure with a mirror effect. The metallic luster and reflective effect make the manicure gel varnish delightful and fully finished.

Moreover, you can experiment not only with golden and silver shades. Perfectly smooth and mirror nails are interestingly obtained by applying a special rub on blue and green gel varnishes.

To get another fashionable version of manicure gel varnish with a simple application is craquelure. The peculiar textured effect of craquelure manicure makes it unique.

Fashionable manicure gel polish 2019-2020 - impeccability, original design, news and ideas

Thanks to all kinds of nail art techniques, you can make a beautiful manicure gel varnish for short nails, decorate medium length nails with a new manicure, and transform long nails.

Gel polish manicure is suitable for oval, square, almond-shaped and sharp-shaped nail plates.

Classic and innovative French manicure design with gel polish 2020-2021 and solid solutions

French masters and monochromatic artists offer to make perfect French manicure gel polish not only in a classical manner, where a colorless base and a white strip are combined, and a perfect monophonic coating.

Wonderful novelties are the design of manicure in dark and pastel shades, the harmony of the glossy and matte surfaces, experiments with manicure decor, textures are also welcome.

Solid nail art pros are recommended to be diluted with one fingernail with a magnificent pattern, pattern, print, stickers, or volumetric design.

Original nail design gel polish - rhinestones, glitter, acrylic powder, kamifubuki

For lovers of extraordinary solutions, novelties of manicure gel varnish with an original design of rhinestones are suitable.

Various inlays, compositions of pebbles and beads, ready-made jewelry in the form of bows or flowers will decorate any manicure gel varnish 2020-2021 and make it incredibly chic and beautiful.

Depending on the size of the rhinestone and the actual type of manicure, the design of nails with rhinestones may not be on all fingers.

If this is a daily manicure with gel polish, a couple of beads at the base of the nail are enough, and if it is an evening or holiday manicure, here you can afford to make a gel manicure with a richer rhinestone design.

If you are an opponent of rhinestones and you need a more practical version of manicure, but no less original and chic, try fashionable manicure gel polish with glitter or nail design with kamifubuki.

If a fashionable manicure gel polish with gloss is quite understandable and familiar to you, then kamifubuki is one of the latest innovations in the design of nail gel polish.

Kamifubuki are the same spangles that resemble multi-colored confetti, only large and not necessarily round.

With their help, you can create a very original and beautiful gel manicure. Kamifubuki can be laid out on the nail as you want, lay out the composition, just sprinkle the tip of the nail with them and fix it with a gel top.

Do you want velvet manicure gel varnish 2020-2021? Acrylic powder will be ideal for giving the manicure a velvet effect. She can create original patterns on the nails, cover all the nails or select one.

Everything is up to you and taste. Similar novelties of manicure gel varnish with acrylic powder are especially popular in the cool season.


Coral with a golden glow (living coral) has become the main color of 2019, so we proceed to the search for “our own” shade of coral gel polish. Fortunately, it looks good on both short and long nails.

For your fashionable spring-summer 2019 manicure, you can choose coral as the main color. The main thing here is to determine the degree of brightness and texture.

Beautiful manicure gel polish in classic techniques

Choosing a manicure gel polish, there is no imagination, because this material will help to realize the most original fantasies about a bright, elegant, delicate, effective nail art.

For those who like a restrained and concise manicure, we suggest considering a manicure gel varnish jacket, moonlight and plain manicure.

For many years, beautiful French manicure with gel polish satisfies the needs of fashionistas in the evening, wedding, everyday manicure.

Accurate manicure gel polish and moon polish in pastel colors, nude shades will allow you to create gentle variations of manicure for different occasions, bringing you closer to the natural nobility of natural tones.

A bright palette of saturated shades is the best option for French and moonlight manicure for a special occasion, as well as a great idea for every day manicure when it comes to summer and spring design.

Festive manicure gel varnish in French and lunar techniques can not only be done separately, but also combined in stylish examples of complex design.

Manicure gel polish 2020-2021 with holes and framing

Nails with gel polish with a moon and frame design in multi-colored, pink, nude, blue, lemon, gray, white and other colors are relevant in the spring-summer season, as an addition to romantic everyday looks.

And the wonderful moon and frame nail gel polish design for the evening exit will amaze you with rich, bright and deep color solutions in an ideal combination of them with the same French technique, as well as rhinestones, glitter, powdery and openwork patterns, etc.

Beautiful gel manicure with drawings, stickers and fashionable design for wet gel polish

Stylish manicure gel varnish with drawings will always be in fashion and will always be popular. A variety of patterns and patterns on the nails amazes the imagination and inspires the creation of a truly unique and masterpiece gel polish manicure.

The trend is both minimalistic drawings, monogram patterns, and art painting. If you do not own similar nail design techniques, there are more affordable ways to make fashionable manicure gel varnish with a picture of 2020-2021.

The most affordable and simplest type of manicure gel varnish with a pattern is the use of stickers. Special stickers for gel polish with a finished picture can be applied very simply. The slider can be applied to the entire nail or to part of the nail, fixed with a gel.

The second way to find a fashionable manicure with a pattern is stamping. Exquisite manicure gel varnish with a stamping pattern involves the transfer of the pattern with a special stamp. A unique stamping of the pattern on the nails, stamping will help to diversify the manicure gel varnish in any style.

Moreover, the choice of patterns and patterns for stamping, as well as stickers for manicure gel varnish, is constantly replenished with bright new products.

Another interesting way to get an original drawing, even if you have artistic skills, is to paint on wet gel polish.

The novelties of manicure gel varnish with a spreading pattern are incredibly beautiful and light patterns. In this technique, original floral designs are obtained, in particular roses.

Fashionable wet gel polish manicure with a blurry pattern will help you stand out and boast an original and stylish design.

Fashionable manicure gel varnish in monochrome

Monophonic manicure with gel polish is considered traditional and universal. So that fashion trends are not offered to women, and monophonic manicure gel polish is a proven way to create a beautiful and concise nail art for all occasions.

Manicurists offer monophonic manicure gel polish with a glossy and matte base for short and long nails in different color incarnations, which you can choose based on the importance or solemnity of the event.

Manicure gel polish 2020-2021 with a gradient transition in complex and simple interpretations

Beautiful nails with gel polish look wonderful if you apply the gel coat using the ombre technique, preferably on their elongated shape.

Moreover, the gradient can be located on the nails vertically, horizontally, at an angle, combine several shades, pour into a combination of complex design.

Like other techniques, ombre nails with gel polish can be combined with diverse nail art solutions that delightfully combine with stylish bows in dark and delicate colors of the color spectrum.

What will be the wedding dress 2019-2020: photos, ideas, fashion trends

Unsurpassed manicure gel polish is one of the most popular and relevant solutions to modern nail art. And, perhaps, modern ladies do not represent the trend and such a delightful nail design without gel polish.

As you know, now there are several types of coatings for plates with varnishes, which differ in some aspects, which makes them more or less popular.

One of the topical solutions for creating a modern nail design has become a gel gel. But what is it and what properties does it have? Let's find out.

In addition, we offer you to review the best works of modern masters of manicure in the 2020-2021 season, demonstrating super-stylish nail art with gel polish to everyone's liking.

Gel manicure is one of the types of manicure whose main advantage is a long period of durability of the coating on the plate. It is thanks to this that manicure with gel polish is one of the undisputed favorites and the choice of many ladies as a nail design is gel polish.

At the same time, in addition to durability, modern nail art gel polish will also delight you with nail design methods in unusual modifications and variations, using leading nail techniques and many different kinds of decorative tools.

Impeccable nail design with gel polish, which will please you for a long period, is demonstrated in smart solutions for many types of nails, allowing you to realize any of the types of your desired nail art 2020-2021.

We tried to put together diverse solutions for the newfangled nail art 2020-2021 gel polish that you can easily recreate on your own or with the help of a pro. Leading nail-news of design and manicure we will consider right now.

Manicure gel polish with patterns and drawings

Probably, manicure gel polish for short and long nails with patterns and drawings, which will be an appropriate complement to any image, will help to create an interesting accent of your holiday, everyday, business look.

Manicure gel polish with drawings and patterns is ideal for nail design any time of the year.

So in winter, a manicure gel varnish with snowflakes, birds, Christmas trees will become an urgent solution, in the spring your nails can be decorated with a manicure gel varnish with delicate flowers, floral ornaments, curls.

Summer is the time of experiments, where it is presented, as a gentle gel manicure with varnish with flowers and patterns, and a bright gel manicure design with thematic prints, stripes, peas, an abstract pattern.

Well, autumn brings its nostalgic and romantic mood to nail art, offering manicure with gel polish of darker and muffled shades with drawings of twigs, leaflets, stripes, etc.

Geometric patterns and patterns at the peak of popularity.The clarity of the lines, the volume of the figures, the variations of the combination of shades in strict geometry will allow you to choose a manicure with gel polish for short and long nails.

Such a manicure with gel polish is also presented in our photo selection. Watch and choose.

Nail design gel polish 2020-2021 in minimalist and concise variations

Minimalism, curly and abstract geometry, elements in the form of light and unobtrusive strokes, dots, intersections became trendy in 2020-2021.

Impeccable gel polish manicure in the above interpretations will allow you to decorate your nails with delicate patterns, smooth stripes, dots and lines, a calm combination of colors, elegant and sophisticated designs.

You can see the latest gel polish nails in a similar design in our gallery of fresh examples.

Beautiful manicure gel varnish assorted

A win-win trend 2019-2020 is an assorted gel polish manicure that combines several design techniques in one nail art.

Design of manicure gel varnish can combine dissimilar patterns and patterns, play with the color scheme, combine different textures.

In one manicure, a manicure design with gel polish with sequins, rhinestones and patterns, granular manicure with gel polish with glossy, ombre manicure in combination with moon or French can be presented.

Also always relevant is the combination of patterns on several nails and a plain manicure.

Chic nail art gel polish 2020-2021 with painting and sculpting

What could be more interesting than a manicure gel polish with painting or modeling. It is they who are able to refresh faceless everyday bows, perfect evening outfits, and bring wedding sets to perfection.

Manicure gel polish with painting and sculpting can be combined with rubbing, foil, rhinestones, powder patterns depicting lace.

If a real master took on your nails, as a result you can get a nail design with gel polish with drawings of animals, birds, landscapes, architectural sights, etc.

Surprised? It’s not worth it, because with the help of the best manicure techniques you can also decorate your manicure with cute flowers, hearts, seasonal patterns in the form of leaves, rain, snowflakes, ethnic patterns, etc.

In fact, describing a manicure with gel polish in one post is very difficult, because each author’s example is an exclusive noteworthy, which is a tiny piece in the world of artful and luxurious nail design.

Ideas for manicure design with gel polish - original nail art techniques

In addition to the above-mentioned techniques, it is worth calling manicure gel varnish “cat's eye”, marble manicure gel varnish.

Also very popular were manicure gel varnish with a metallized coating, sculptural manicure gel varnish, holographic design of manicure gel varnish.

There are many ideas, and each gel polish manicure is interesting in its own way. Experiment, create new fashionable images, and always watch the appearance of your nails. For a woman, this is very important ....

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