Dark hair bronzing

Hair bronzing is a fashionable novelty in the field of coloring, which is especially often used for hair of natural dark shades. If you look and visually compare two photos before and after lightly bronding on dark hair, you can see that the color has become more saturated and multifaceted. After this interesting procedure, you can not be called either a brunette or a blonde. After all, bronding refers to a peculiar mix of dark and lightened strands. Bronding hair on dark hair results in luxurious shades of color and a natural look. Bronding is a kind of original creative coloring, which is done on the entire hair volume with thin strands in shades of similar tonality. The result is beautiful overflows of color. In general, recently the beauty industry has been developing rapidly and every season there are new and new technologies, for example, such as the root volume of hair Boost Ap.

Benefits of Hair Bronding

  • Naturalness

As already mentioned, bronzing on dark hair, if it is done correctly by a specialist, looks natural enough due to a harmonious combination of dye shades close in tone.

Brondirovanie hair on dark hair, photo front, back and side

  • Reservation can be called a gentle procedure

Brondirovanie hair on dark hair does not provide for their lightening, which means leaves the hair more healthy. Gentle coloring compounds are used for this procedure.

  • Reservation is easy to do at home

Bronding is the tinting of strands in 2-3 shades, the technique is very similar to highlighting. The main thing is to correctly choose the shades of the dye. If you have already previously tried to do highlighting and it worked out well for you, then it will be easy to master the reservation.

Brondirovanie hair on dark hair - a novelty in coloring, photo

Bronding hair on dark hair: learning to do at home (video tutorial and examples of photos before and after)

It is enough to watch the video lesson and a few photos before and after to understand the technique of bronding dark hair, but in order to master it you need to practice a little. To perform beautiful bronzing on dark hair, you need a brush with a comb, coloring compounds and foil. We conditionally divide hair into zones (nape, bangs, parietal region and sides). It is better to work with each zone in turn. First, the occipital part is painted in a lighter shade. For color depth, the upper strands are brighter than the lower ones. Next, we color the hair using the usual highlighting technique, the order of choosing a shade and strands is free.

Examples of this fashionable type of staining, see the photo below.

Bronding hair on dark hair, photo before and after the procedure

Hair Bronding: before and after photos on dark hair

There are three classifications of armoring (see the three main photos below).

  • Classic dark hair bronding, before and after photos,
  • Bronding of hair with division into zones (partial coloring on dark hair),
  • Ombre bronirovanie (mixing 2 colorization techniques).

If you like to change and experiment with hairstyle and image, then you should like balayazh on dark hair. Also read the latest article on hair coloring.

Different types of hair bronding, photo

Bronding hair on dark hair, photo before and after the procedure

Bronding is an ideal way to upgrade your image

Today, bronding has become a novelty in the field of hair coloring, which is readily used to obtain natural and lasting dark shades. If you compare the effect before bronding and after, it will become noticeable how the hair color will become more multifaceted and saturated.

Moreover, the shade of hair is so original that it is difficult to understand who the woman is now - blonde or brunette. After all, it turns out a combination of light and dark strands that create a natural overflow and natural beauty.

Bronding is an innovative hair coloring that is performed on the entire volume of hair, highlighting very thin strands. The result is a luxurious overflow of natural shades. It is worth noting that the beauty industry is happy with new technologies every season.

Reservation Technology

Before making hair reservations at home or with a master in the salon, it should be remembered that it is advisable to change the color only on healthy hair. But when they are subjected to constant paints, then periodically treatment procedures should be carried out, as well as more often to cut damaged brittle tips. These manipulations can be carried out in the cabin or at home.


If hair resurfacing is performed, then it is immediately necessary to determine what color transition should be. The main task for this technology is to choose the base, that is, the darkest shade, and only then pick up the others that combine with it. For example, dark brown hair will be the best base for bronding, they do not need to be dyed from the roots, so the basal part of the hair remains healthy. And if the girl has dark hair or dyed hair, then it is advisable to use light lightening for them.

Reservation Stages

Reservation consists of several stages. The first is applying a basic shade to the roots and some strands of hair. If a woman has natural blond hair, then additional lightening is not required.

The procedure is similar to highlighting, where conventional foil is used, but the paint is applied scatter. The strands are lightened along the entire length, but three centimeters recede from the roots. Much attention is paid to the tips, they are always completely stained. Shading from light to dark, carefully shaded so that there are no noticeable color boundaries. At the final stage, the master places color accents, highlighting the most important shade.

In most cases, the painting technique is used, that is, drawing on curls, after which it is possible to obtain the desired coloring effect. However, certain rules should be followed in the work, for example:

  • the thickness and length of the colored strands should be different,
  • after the end of the reservation, the curls are thinned,
  • the distance between the curls should be different,
  • only cold or warm shades are used.


In order to independently or with the help of a wizard to carry out the reservation it is necessary to purchase the following materials: foil, set for coloring, professional paint. The main disadvantage of this procedure is the long time it takes, because it can take several hours. The master applies the coloring composition many times and rinses it off, mills curls, stacks it.

Types of armoring techniques

If you compare the bronzing of dark hair in the photo before and after, then the result may depend on the length of the hair. For example, it is easier to work with long hair, so you get a smooth transition of color, if the client wants, the number of shades here can also be increased.

For long hair, you can use any technique of bronding. In addition, this fashionable coloring is available for girls with an average length of hair. If desired, it can be combined with multi-layer haircuts and graduations.

Some women believe that brondes cannot be made on short hair, but here it all depends on the length. For example, if the hair is more than 10 cm, then a good master has a chance to make a transition with several shades, when the hair is shorter than this length, then the task is simply impossible to complete.

This coloring is very beautiful with a square, or with a bob haircut, it emphasizes the beauty of haircuts and looks quite impressive.

Bronding technology is a fashionable hair coloring, but also a great way to eliminate some of the shortcomings of the hairstyle. There are many varieties of bronding, so masters can combine them, taking into account the natural color of the woman's hair and her wishes.

Supernatural Brond

If you look at dyed hair in this way, then many may not realize that they were not subjected to chemical treatment at all. After all, here the most correctly selected shades of paint are used, which are very close to the natural color of the hair.

The only difference is the transition to lighter shades of literally 1 or 2 tones, but no more. Basically, those curls that frame the face are distinguished, or lightening occurs along the contour of the haircut. This is ideal to make a woman young and attractive, but it is more suitable for owners of an oval face.

Basal armor

This technology has a deep tone at the roots of the hair, and it is performed in an open way. In work, this technique is similar to California highlighting, where the result remains for several months. If everything is done correctly, then in the end it turns out to create real sun glare on the hair. Since the technique is very complex, only professional craftsmen can do it.

The paint is applied with sharp strokes and is selected with the closest possible shades. It turns out the effect of hair burnt out in the sun, where more attention is paid to the tips, since they can be almost white. The roots are usually left natural. This is ideal if you do not want to cut your hair, and grow them even more.

Classic booking

It looks very nice bronding on dark hair, where the photo conveys all the beauty of natural shades. Indeed, according to classical technology, a natural and natural transition of shades is obtained. Usually, 2-3 shades of paint are used for coloring to get the original color and slightly increase the volume of the hairstyle.

What is hair bronding and what are the types

Brondirovanie (brond) is the application of special technologies of highlighting and multi-color coloring of hair with the help of which the maximum natural effect of soft overflow of colors is achieved.

Colors should be chosen based on your natural hair color. Chocolate, brown, coffee, light brown and almost the entire golden-beige gamut with light elements of blond, these are all characteristic shades of staining.

It is bronding that allows you to get a refined, as natural as possible overflow of several colors or shades.

The choice in the direction of a warm or cold palette of natural shades should be chosen based on the natural shade of the hair, eye color and skin tone.

Types of booking:

  • The effect of burnt hair or strands - the color difference from the roots to the ends of the hair can be either very slight or quite contrasting: from dark brown in the roots to light wheat at the ends or from a rich chestnut shade to golden honey.
  • Smooth color deepening in the direction from the ends of the hair to the roots, with the ombre effect - special coloring technologies allow you to create a smooth transition of color from darker roots to the rest of the hair mass in brond style, with the most natural shade of colors and elegant “stretch tone” along the length.
  • A game of several color shades, for example, in golden brown.
  • Soft transition from dark to lighter color - this dyeing technology allows you to get the effect of a smooth deepening of the color at the hair roots with the most natural border of the color transition.
  • Hue framing of strands in the face or contour of the haircut - you can effectively shade individual side strands and curls in the face.
  • BROND SUPER NATURE with the most natural effect - the absence of pronounced light accents and contrasting color differences. The most natural color combinations from several natural shades are created.
  • English brond with the effect of "floating", smoothly flowing into each other shades.
  • The effect of “floating” shades that smoothly shimmer into each other - the more shades that are similar in tone are used for such coloring, the “richer” and more effective is the overflow of colors.

What is the difference from other highlighting techniques

Bronding refers to the technique of multi-stage staining common in the last decade. It means applying paint to the hair several times: first one tone, then another, then the next, and so on up to five or more different shades. Thanks to such a hairdressing trick, the color looks very natural. Moreover, bronzing at once solves those problems that are beyond the power of ordinary hair dye:

  • Hairstyle looks natural. The created effect of burnt out curls refreshes the face and is often perceived as natural. What has long been successfully used by the faces of the media: actresses, singers, popular TV presenters, show divas from glossy covers.
  • With correctly placed dark and light accents, the master can correct the imperfect face of the client, drawing attention to the advantages of appearance: highlighting eyes of an unusual color, sharpening facial features or vice versa, giving them softness.
  • There is no need for constant tinting of overgrown roots. With the right tonality of color, the roots will harmoniously fit into the whole picture, adding peppercorns to the hairstyle.
  • Color transitions persist for a long time.
  • A visual volume is formed with thin and weak hair. However, staining does not damage their structure.
  • It is permissible to use ammonia-free compounds, which even carefully treat porous and brittle hair rods.

All of these points are the undeniable advantages of armoring over some other techniques.


However, there is often a stylish confusion in the minds of customers. When visiting a hairdresser, they demand that the masters make reservations for them, while presenting as a sample photos of beauties with California highlighting, or a package of paint designed to make an ombre.

Bronding differs from highlighting in that it does not have a clear demarcation of the clarified strands from all others. From the technique of shuttles - by the fact that there is not only “bleaching” of the ends of the hair, but also stretching of the color along their entire length, to the very roots.

California highlighting Shatush

With balaazhem, the difference is that only strands are dyed, and not all hair, and bronze differs from ombre by blurring the horizontal border, which the “degrade” technique always has, clearly visible to the eye.

Balayazh Ombre

A fashionable armor technique is available to every woman, now - regardless of the color of her strands. But you need to understand that some will get the result right away, while others will have to spend several hours in the chair to get closer to the dream. The fact is that this coloring requires considerable efforts from the master - both physical, which consist in preparing the necessary mixtures, mixing the ingredients in the correct proportions, in carefully applying the product, and creative. The client’s hair in front of him is like a clean canvas under the brush of a creator. The appearance of the woman’s head will depend on the artistic taste and professionalism of the hairdresser. In addition to these circumstances, the success of changing the appearance will depend on:

- the original color. The easiest way to book is on locks from dark blond to chestnut in color.

- lengths.For short and ultra-short hair, this technique is not performed. Its meaning is in overflows of color, which is simply lost on the missing length.

- the quality of the strands. Straight and wavy hair is beautifully highlighted by bronzing. On curly hair, this effect disappears.


Here the hair is divided into sections, for example, in one place several light shades are used at once, and in the other there is only one that should be darker than the natural color of the hair, for example, chocolate or brown. As a result, a woman becomes a blonde and a brunette at the same time. If desired, the hair roots also brighten, where they coincide with the color of the tips.

Who is suitable for

To understand whether this staining technique will look good on you, you need to take into account three main points.

  1. It is long. Bronding is a transition of shades, so it will look especially good on long braids or on medium-long curls. On short haircuts, 10-15 cm or less, there is simply nowhere to make a smooth and beautiful gradient. A sharp change in color tones will not look so beautiful, rude and not natural.
  2. Natural color. In terms of color, girls with light blond or dark brown scales are most lucky, because this is an ideal basis for playing with colors and transitions. Owners of a dark or light blonde will be forced to darken. And dark-haired beauties, on the contrary - to highlight. However, as you know, lightening causes serious damage to the strands. So, if there are any health problems or you don’t want to spend time, effort and money on recovery after all, then you should think again before doing something like this.
  3. Straight or curls. Overflows on the sun and gradients will look beneficial on straight and slightly curly hairstyles. On frequent and elastic curls, transfusions from one shade to another will also not be visible, so bronzing is not recommended.

Everyone knows their nature, and based on these recommendations, they can determine whether such a change in image will suit their faces. However, to be completely sure of a successful result, you can consult a stylist. A good specialist will not only tell you whether such a change will suit you, but will tell you which technique is better to choose in a particular case.

Staining technique

There are three main types of armoring. All techniques have only one thing in common - the difference between adjacent shades should not be more than three tones. It is such a transition that guarantees the full naturalness of the result. The number of such shades, however, is limited only by the skill of the hairdresser and the amount of his free time that he can spend on you.

  1. Classic bookings. It is made for several days. First, ordinary highlighting is used, and then, over and over, the strands are stained with a brush, choosing light colors.
  2. Zonal. As the name implies, a certain zone of hair is exposed to dyeing: the upper one is light, the lower one is dark, thick, chocolate shades. Sometimes the master makes a so-called deepening of color near the very roots, darkening them and trying to get into the tone of the lower zone.
  3. With ombre effect. With this type, the tips of the strands throughout the head are highlighted, and then the color stretches along the length of the hair. They seem to be covered with a light pearly haze, which causes an indescribable game of glare on curls. The option is especially good when, closer to the ends, gradual clarification is applied on the curls, to the maximum light gradient. Such a hairstyle acquires splendor and volume, attracts glances.

Ombre or Shatush effect

If you compare all the options for bronding, this one differs as smoothly as possible from a very dark color of natural hair to light tips. For example, the roots may be chestnut, chocolate, coffee or dark brown, and the tips of wheat or honey. The result is a very beautiful iridescent effect.

Dyeing bronds on light brown and dark hair

On the brown hair golden-beige, honey, caramel and wheat flares look luxurious with a warm shade. For light brown hair with an ash tint, glare of cold ashen-beige, light nut and beige-linen shades is recommended.

Chocolate, brown, honey-chestnut, coffee, cognac, caramel brown and other natural colors look gorgeous on dark hair. It can also be combined with mother-of-pearl beige, walnut, golden wheat and even pearl light shades.

Brondirovanie on dark hair photo

If it is necessary to make bronzing of dark hair, then chocolate, chestnut, caramel, dark and medium blond, honey shades are suitable. With this dyeing, the natural dark color of the hair will change, but not dramatically.

Unlike highlighting, when bronzing, you do not see a clear separation of the colored strands, they will smoothly pass one into the other.

Hollywood stars love this type of coloring and quite often use it, for example, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. On dark hair, bronzing looks stunning, the photo before and after will clearly demonstrate the whole effect. The hair seems voluminous and incredibly shiny.

This dyeing is worth a try for those women who do not want to change their native dark hair color too radically and often dye it.

There are times when to obtain the desired shade on the dark hair “bronde”, it is required to perform multi-stage bronding. In this case, the widest palette of shades can be used.

Classic ombre

In this technique, one dark tone is taken as the basis and from the roots to the ends of the strands they make a transition to a light tone. To do this, another 2 or 3 shades are used between the starting and ending colors to make an unforced and smooth color wave.

Who will do it?

Many people want to quickly try on an image created by new fashion trends, but not everyone has an idea, this hairstyle will be as stylish as on a long hairstyle or hair of a different shade.

For short haircuts, it is necessary to choose a more thorough color scheme, execution technique.

The following colors are considered fashionable for this procedure:

  • chocolate,
  • dark brown
  • redhead as close to natural,
  • chestnut dark shades,
  • light brown dark.

There are also a number of shades that look most beneficial after booking:

The choice of a combination of shades during the staining procedure is up to the client, his preferences. It should be understood that the effect on hair by this dyeing technique is very similar to highlighting. The advantage of bronding in a more gentle applicationexposure to strands and scalp. This is achieved by the fact that it is not necessary to lighten the hair while maintaining its structure.

Equally good painting in brown tones with smooth transitions looks on women of any age, social status, social status, hair length, skin tone. For longer straight hair, the procedure will be more desirable, because it makes the appearance more elegant and vibrant. On short haircuts by bronzing, you can outline a hairstyle, add boldness to the overall style.

Short haircuts do not always allow the stylist to “turn around” to all available skill, talent, however, by the methods of attempts and failures, the most advantageous types of bronzing were established:

  • classic
  • zonal
  • with soft color deepening,
  • framed by hairstyles,
  • with ombre effect.

The differences in these species lies in different methods:

  1. Techniques for applying hair dye.
  2. Mixing shades.
  3. Used for coloring the number of tones.

Bronding on fair hair photo

If you need to make light hair or light blond bronding, then wheat, light and medium blond, golden, and coffee shades will look great here.

Especially attractive is bronding-staining on light curls. It helps to diversify your native hair color by adding a few warm shades.

In addition, it is easier to perform bronzing on blond hair than on dark ones and the palette of color shades is much larger. And the effect will be much better than with highlighting. Coloring in the style of brondes of blond hair looks expensive and stylish.

Photos before and after staining brond can be seen below.

Features of staining brond for brunettes. Photo of bronding 2019 on dark hair

Introducing the 2019 SEASON TREND - Hollywood Hair Coloring BROND (brown + blond), or Hair Bronding.

Professional hair dressing is a combination of multi-color hair coloring within the natural chocolate-brown, chestnut-cognac, coffee-nut, honey, light brown and beige colors with the inclusion of golden, linen, wheat or pearl light shades.

Using modern technologies of multitonal highlighting and coloring of hair allows you to get a refined, as natural as possible overflow of several colors or shades.

The choice in the direction of a warm or cold palette of natural shades is made based on the natural shade of the hair, eye color and skin tone.

Today, brond staining is one of the most popular stains in the world. This is due not only to the exquisite “dear” beauty, naturalness and elegance of this type of staining, but also to the huge number of varieties of the “brondes” style, among which each woman will undoubtedly be able to find exactly “her” individual image.

Professional colorists of Bianca Lux beauty salons will offer you the most fashionable options for booking 2019 for long, medium and short dark hair:

  • multitonal layered coloring in brond style,
  • armor with the effect of OMBRE HAIR or DIP DYE STYLES,
  • bronzing with bright color accents,
  • bronde with "deepening of color" in the roots according to the technology of "California highlighting",
  • glare and "vibrating" staining in the style of brond,
  • brond in bright colors
  • BROND SUPER NATURE with the most natural effect,
  • spectacular framing of hair in the face or contour of a haircut in the style of brond - ombre,
  • English brond with the effect of "floating", smoothly flowing into each other shades,
  • zonal and partial bronzing of dark hair.

It should be noted that in fashionable BROND you can go from almost any hair color, including from various shades of dark color. In some cases, to obtain the desired shade of “bronde” on dark hair, multistage hair coloring may be necessary.

California bronde

It will be more like painting in two colors with a non-abrupt transition, however, not with such smooth as in the classic version. It is very good to compare this option of dyeing with hair that has been dyed for a long time and the top color is like overgrown roots. But in this case, the hairstyle will be well-groomed and it will look completely different.

Dyeing brond on fair hair photo

Bronding on brown hair is often done with a glare effect. With this staining, the curls seem very smooth, and the glare adds shine to them.

To perform a similar color, it is better to find a highly qualified master of hairdressing.

For light and dark blond hair, honey and cognac shades are well suited.

Zonal ombre

Sometimes with the help of ombre, you can not only achieve a beautiful and natural color, but also an additional volume. For this purpose, zone technique is often used. On the head, there is only one area where the gradient will be made. Most often this is the crown. Due to the highlighting, you can get an excellent effect of visual increase in volume.

The zonal highlighting of the strands that are on the face is used to make it look younger and fresher. The contrasting strands look especially good against a dark background, they attract attention to the face and soften its contours.

The cost of dyeing hair of different lengths

Of course, different consumption of materials, as paint and so on, will go to different lengths and densities. The price of the reservation will depend on what material is used and how much. If you take the prices of different salons on average, then you can get the ratio of the length of curls, and the cost of the service:

  • 20 cm - 640-770 rubles,
  • 30 cm - 900–1000 rubles,
  • 40 cm - 1100–1300 rubles,
  • 50 cm - 1400-1550 rubles.

Do not forget that these are average values ​​and that each salon has the right to set its price.

Types of Hair Reservation

Hair coloring called bronding has several types:

  • multitonal color scheme in the style of bronds,
  • ombre effect brond staining,
  • bronzing dark hair with bright accents,
  • brond with a basal deepening of color,
  • glare booking
  • Brond dyeing in light colors
  • partial (zonal) reservation,
  • ombre hairstyle contour framing,
  • maximum natural staining-brond,
  • bronding with the effect of smoothly changing shades.

To choose one of the types of hair bronding, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at what is most suitable for a particular person in this case.

Many hairdressers categorically do not recommend conducting experiments in the form of armored hair at home, citing the fact that the result will be impossible to predict and difficult to fix. However, to learn the basics of this technology is very useful.

With smooth color deepening

This technique is not pronounced, independent, it is rather one of the variations of the California reservation. The secret is to use several colors that are as close as possible in terms of color to the natural shade of the paint. The transitions between colors will be as smooth as possible, inconspicuous, creating one continuous gradient.

The effect of deepening the color is achieved by a special application technique - dyeing begins almost from the very roots with lighter shades, which are just a tone or two darker than the natural color of the hair. To the very tips, the color is saturated in the direction of a dark shade.

Brazilian booking

In appearance, this technique resembles an ombre or crank, however, here small strands of hair are dyed along the entire length. Thanks to this method, dark curls are mixed with light, creating a beautiful highlight. This provides easy hair care and the ability to adjust dyeing. The Brazilian lightening method is divided into several varieties:

  • Copacabana chic - the smoothest transition from slightly darkened roots to lighter tips. It turns out the kind of strands burnt out in the sun.
  • Copacabana breeze - in fact, natural highlighting, where the strands are lightened only in the upper part of the head, the most thin strands are painted.
  • Copacabana Latino - on dark hair, diagonal contrasting strands of lighter tones are obtained.
  • Copacabana sunny cocktail is the most complex technique where the master uses multi-level graduation.

Features of the technique depending on the length and type of hair

For a certain length and type, there is an ideal solution for combining colors and style of bronde, so it’s worth paying attention to. If the hair is very long, this opens up the possibility for numerous overflows from tone to tone. You should not get carried away at the same time. Also, on winding strands, California technique and the like will look good.

The technique of bronding hair at home

Due to the high cost of this service, not every woman can afford it by visiting a salon, so many want to try making reservations at home.

If you really want to look like a Hollywood star, you can reproduce the procedure for bronding hair at home. The main principle of the bronding technique is softness and naturalness, color stretching, that is, one main color should perfectly combine with three neighboring colors close to it in a gamut, smoothly transition into them, creating a unique shine and color play.

First you need to decide what type of armoring will look better - with the main light or dark color, and based on this, choose three other shades. It is necessary to approach this issue in detail, without rushing. On average, the procedure takes from two to four hours, depending on the length and density of the hair.

In the store you need to choose 3 packs of paint of different colors, but it is desirable that brand and in a similar color scheme. Bronding does not allow sharp transitions or very contrasting colors, in which case the effect of this insanely beautiful coloration will be lost.

Shades should be “neighboring”, in warm brownish-honey tones, because bronding, when used literally, means “brown blond” (“blond” + “brown” = “brond”). It’s better to choose a high-quality paint that has a well-established brand name, it can be not ultra expensive, but it’s also not worth saving too much. Look at which famous brands have the widest range of shades, give preference to ammonia-free paints, so the hair will suffer less from dyeing.

Bronding hair at home is a multi-step dyeing process. It is necessary to be extremely careful and attentive when painting strands in bronde. It is extremely important: do not make a reservation for yourself, otherwise you risk getting an extremely unexpected result. It is better to invite, if not a hairdressing specialist, then at least a person who is well acquainted with dyeing and the technique of highlighting or coloring.

The darkest shade of all will become the color of the roots, as well as some strands, that is, the "main tone". After staining the roots, you need to divide all the hair into six equal parts: on the back of the head, at the temples, on the crown of the head, in front. Each part must be bronzed separately: divided into several strands, and, departing 3-4 cm from the roots, painted in a different tone, average in its saturation. The strands are not painted over to the tips, you need to leave another 3-5 cm for the third, lightest tone, which is applied immediately after the second. Colored strands can be wrapped in foil, but this must be done so that the colors do not mix.

So you need to color all six parts, and it is absolutely unnecessary to observe a clear order and the same proportions: somewhere you can paint a longer strand, somewhere apply paint to a small area, some strands are best left completely untouched. This creates the necessary effect of randomness, distortion, naturalness, stretching and color play.

For a more visual representation of the whole process of performing bronding-painting at home, we recommend that you watch the following video material, then you will not have any difficulties.

Framed hairstyles

Like the previous method, this one is derived from the zonal, using the technique of color deepening. With this color, the main emphasis is on bangs, forming dark tips along the entire contour of the hairstyle. The effect of this triple staining method:

  • Makes the whole look more youthful and feminine.
  • Creates a feeling of lightness hairstyle.
  • Refreshes skin tone.

The frame is made tinted with a recess in the bulk of the hair color.

How long will the reservation last?

Due to the fact that most often such a procedure does not affect the roots, the result will not need to be updated as often as, for example, highlighting. On average, the effect can last from 1.5 to 2 months. After this period, the paint that betrayed the shades will be washed off and the hairstyle will no longer look as beautiful as before. Next, you need to update the bronde or give the “mane” some other, new look.

Pros and Cons of Home Booking

Of course, the main advantage of home booking is that its cost will be many times different from the salon. In addition, each of us can choose the paint and the shades we like, without relying on the taste and imagination of hairdressers. You do not have to pay extra for washing your hair and applying balm, drying and styling.

However, there are disadvantages to bronding at home, as the result of staining can seriously disappoint, especially if the person who produces it is far from the techniques of modern hairdressing skills and does not have the necessary experience. Therefore, for the first time, it is still better to give yourself into the hands of professionals who will perform brond staining in a high-quality and impeccable manner. And after seeing how they do it, you can successfully reproduce what they saw at home!

The most fashionable dyeing of long, medium and short hair 2019 see here.

With ombre effect

This technique looks most advantageous for women with short hair, medium length hairstyles. Hair will receive several shades similar to naturally faded strands. The roots are painted in a darker shade, being poured into light at the tips, which can even be lightened according to the wishes of the client. Also, shades, the transition between them as a whole, the saturation of the image can be chosen independently, so that the contrast is more noticeable or more natural.

Is it possible to carry out the procedure at home

At home, you can experiment as you wish with your styles and images, but there is no guarantee that the result will be as we would like. In the salons, all procedures are always carried out at the highest level and there they will never be advised to anyone to do something like this on their own. After all, only an experienced stylist can beautifully and correctly choose additions to the main color and make the right smooth and invisible transitions that would play favorably on strands.

You can take a few more tips into service:

  1. Decide on the base color and select the gamut for it. Choosing a paint, you should take one that does not contain ammonia. After all, we do not paint, but only give them new shades. When choosing a gamut, one must take into account that the colors should differ by at least three tones, otherwise the difference will not be so visible and the desired result will not be obtained.
  2. When painting strands for bronde, do not observe symmetry, make strokes at different distances. A certain randomness and disorder will give the hairstyle a more natural look.
  3. Begin to change the strands from the parietal part, the bangs zone should be overtaken last, but the occipital region can not be lightened at all in order to maintain the “base”.
  4. When applying paint, it is worth leaving 1-2 centimeters at the roots intact.
  5. During painting, strictly follow the instructions for use of the paint and do not neglect the warnings. Frivolous handling of chemicals can turn your story of a change in image into a sad accident.
Before and after booking Before and after booking Before and after booking Before and after booking

An approximate algorithm of actions at home:

  1. Protect clothing, hands and other parts of the body from paint, use gloves and wraps,
  2. Prepare the paint and other necessary for painting,
  3. Divide the entire hair into zones, conveniently fix the unnecessary,
  4. Put the lightest tone on the lower half of the strand, and the darker one above and blend,
  5. Wrap with foil, or something similar, each curl so that it does not stain the others,
  6. Perform this operation with each separated part of the hair,
  7. Soak the paint in the time indicated in its instructions,
  8. Rinse off the excess, rinse the colored curls well and wash them with shampoo, apply a firming mask on the head.

Dare, experiment and conquer! Good luck!


The uniqueness of this method lies in a special color transition of shades that begin with a light tone - on the top, end with a darker one - at the tips. Most often to increase the naturalness in this way, the tips prefer not to paint over at all, or as close to natural color.

Light strands located near the face more refreshing and younger. For this type of staining, bronde is used for the crown area, light brown, chestnut or chocolate for the tips. Such hairstyles look, as if nature itself in the southern resorts were really engaged in coloring.

Who should choose Brond

Of course, this staining technique will not work for everyone. Of course, on long or medium hair, brondes look quite impressive, but on short haircuts, a smooth color transition cannot be revealed.

The natural color of the hair does not matter much for bronding, so this technique is suitable for redheads, brown-haired women, blondes and brunettes, but it looks more advantageous in the latter case.

Bronding on fair hair will give tenderness and femininity, and on dark - courage and passion. However, in terms of difficulty, dark hair is more problematic. After all, armoring here consists of several stages - first, the hair is lightened, and only then dyed in lighter colors.

The next nuance when choosing bronding is the condition and texture of the hair. For example, owners of twisted curls, curls and curls should refuse from the armor. After all, beautiful color overflows will not be noticeable in this pile of curled hair and will look ugly.

To prevent brittle hair, reinforcing masks are performed before bronding. The course of treatment in this case consists of moisturizing, cutting off the ends and holding regenerative masks.

Variants of technology depending on the haircut

Mostly bronding is done on long hair or medium length, as there is enough space for the hairdresser to create smooth transitions using several shades. However, more and more girls with short haircuts are interested in such stylistic decisions, getting a very effective result.

Among short hairstyles, this is the most suitable for a given dyeing technique. It looks very profitable on her classic bronding. Applying fresher hair to darker shades can make the face fresher.

The presence of lateral elongated curls, a lock makes the face more expressive.


A very interesting and rich type of armoring for this hairstyle. Through the use of several shades of the master achieve charm, sophistication, original modulations of strands. This is the easiest effective way to visually increase the volume of hair.

For this hairstyle, the condition of the ends of the hair is important, since cut or unhealthy they will not keep their shape, thereby creating a slight sloppiness, lack of the desired effect of bronzing.


Asymmetric hairstyles are inherently very original and distinguish a woman from the crowd. Most often, in such hairstyles there is a bang, it is always distinguished by darker tones, accenting against the background of a transition to a light foundation.

The tinted long bangs look best in asymmetry, since it does not so much draw attention away from the integrity of the image. At the same time, all created overflows of tones and transitions will look harmonious.

And it looks like a square and other types of short hairstyles before and after staining.

How to choose a shade?

In order to correctly determine the shades for this technique, you must follow the following rules.

  1. You can combine only shades of warm colors between each other or only cold, do not experiment and mix them.
  2. Do not forget about the color type:

  • for representatives of autumn and spring: caramel, walnut, golden, beige, copper, chocolate, honey, cognac shades,
  • for girls in summer and winter: blond, dark blond, ash, pearl, wheat,
  • for contrast staining: cyan, pink, blue, violet, green, red.
  • The selection of colors should be based on the advantageous playing out of the haircut, emphasizing the appearance as a whole, refreshing the image.
  • As before any dyeing, it is worth taking care of additional nutrition of the hair, strengthening, so that they better tolerate the aggressive effect of the paint. Various hair masks will be effective and useful.

    Which girls should not do?

    • For girls with short hair, it is very difficult to choose this method of staining for yourself. On too short hair, it will be quite difficult to realize overflows and transitions of shades. An undesirable effect of uneven spots may result.
    • Owners of curly and curly hair will also not be able to resort to this technique. Due to the wavy structure, it will be unrealistic to consider overflows, and the image itself is a bit messy, like a failed painting.
    • Weakened or very thin hair can become an obstacle to bronding. To look at such strands, the staining will be too plain and dull. The expected effect will definitely not be.

    For all the brave and extravagant girls who like to try on the innovations of hairdressing, it’s worth trying to update their hairstyle. Bronding will help to realize the dream of being both a brunette and a blonde..

    The main advantage of this staining technique is a very natural, fresh look. You should weigh all the shortcomings and probable undesirable effects of this method for a particular hairstyle and color type before taking on the paint. It is also preferable to prepare the hairstyle and hair, so that the result is as close as possible to the desired.

    Is it worth making reservations at home

    It is difficult to blame women for preferring home rather than salon coloring, when they have such a powerful argument as the considerable price of a service. Indeed, booking is not cheap. It requires long efforts from the master and from the client and can take several hours, or even days. The advantages of the salon procedure, in this case, include the acquisition of a harmonious and very stable color that can be worn on the hair for more than one month.

    Home staining may not bring the same satisfaction with the result. To maximize the effect of suddenness of the final color and lack of skills, we give some tips:

    • Try to be painted with professional products. They are more expensive, but the usual hair dye in the supermarket is not designed to mix and produce halftones.
    • Get quality brushes and sponges.
    • Master the technique of color stretching by watching videos on the Internet. Practice on dry strands.
    • Ask your friend for help so that the back of your head does not become your weakest zone.

    Remember: perhaps the reservation will remain an unattainable dream. But who knows what other new technique you invent, trying to achieve it ?!

    Photo staining bronding. Before and after

    To maintain the effect of the play of light and overflow for a long time, hair needs to be looked after. The usual washing of the head, even with the use of balms and conditioners, is no longer necessary. Moreover, the shampoo should be designed specifically for colored hair - such products have additives that stick together the hair flakes, which prevents pigment leaching.

    The use of nourishing masks is not prohibited. Moreover, they should be applied before washing, and not after, when the hair is “closed” for the penetration of beneficial substances.

    Science has not yet come up with a means to give shine to the hair better than a normal solution of citric or acetic acid in mineral water. Per liter of water - a few granules of acid (until a pleasant sour taste is obtained) or a tablespoon of vinegar. Rinse, slowly draining the solution over wet strands, do not rinse. Get wet with a towel. Allow to dry a little naturally, then you can start styling or blow-drying.

    Watch the video: Hair bronzing de L'Oreal Pro (April 2020).