Rating of the best pharmacy creams for wrinkles 2018-2019

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“Beauty requires sacrifice,” is the popular truth. And we add: material ones too. Indeed, often high-quality cosmetics are indecently expensive, not everyone can afford it. However, there are also personal care products that will not breach your budget, and you can buy them at any pharmacy.

Bright Side made a list of penny products that work no worse than expensive creams and procedures.

1. Succinic acid

Succinic acid improves cellular respiration and blood circulation. Cosmetics manufacturers add this ingredient to anti-aging products. And all because succinic acid restores the elasticity of skin tissue, restores a healthy complexion and relieves swelling.

  • At home, succinic acid is easy and simple to make an effective mask to combat dilated vessels on the face. In pharmacies, this tool is usually sold in the form of tablets, so it must be properly ground.
  • 1 tsp powder (this is 2-3 tablets) mixed with 3 tbsp. l water and apply on face. It is necessary to maintain the mask for no more than 10-15 minutes, otherwise a dry feeling may appear. Instead of water, you can use aloe juice (do not confuse with alcohol tincture of aloe).

Rating of the best creams for wrinkles 2018 - 2019

We decided to launch a column in which we will analyze the rating of the best facial wrinkle cream for 2018-2019. In the following articles we will analyze the rating of budget and Russian creams for wrinkles, the rating of professional anti-aging cosmetics and the luxury line. Stay tuned for new articles and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

The top best pharmacy wrinkle creams include such famous brands as:

  • Vichy (Vichy),
  • La Roche-Posay (La Roche),
  • Avene
  • Pharmatheiss cosmetics (Pharmaiss cosmetics), under this German brand are such brands D`oliva, Skin in balance, Per Uomo,
  • RoC (RoK) - French cosmetic pharmaceutical company,
  • Nuxe (Nyuks) - production France.

How is pharmacy cosmetics different from ordinary

The main difference between pharmacy cosmetics and ordinary cosmetics is that the first one bases its principle of work on improving the skin. It is not a purely decorative tool and focuses on solving problematic issues of the epidermis. Cosmetics purchased in a pharmacy combines unique developments in the field of cosmetology, dermatology and pharmacology.

Another difference of pharmacy cosmetics is the mandatory certification, without which the drug is not allowed in pharmacies. In addition, medical products serve as additional treatment to the existing one, and some even basic ones.

2. Children's cream "Tic-tac"

The cream "Tik-tak" includes provitamin B, which prevents glycation (the deposition of sugars on the collagen fibers of the skin). This cream removes by-products that are formed during oxidative processes and smoothes wrinkles.

  • Apply to face skin before going to bed as a night care. The cream is not too greasy, but the excess can be wet with a paper towel.

Types of medical cosmetics

There are a fairly large number of medical cosmetics. Each of its types serves as a solution to its own unique problem.

Available types for purchase:

  • moisturizing
  • nutritious
  • anti-aging
  • medical
  • for problem skin
  • for sensitive and dry skin
  • against early aging
  • from age spots
  • for acne
  • for hair.

In addition, all cosmetics is divided into 3 subgroups at their cost.

3. Cream "F-99" bold

Dermatologists prescribe the cream "F-99" to people who suffer from eczema. But this tool has also found application in cosmetology, primarily because of the high content of vitamin F and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The cream inhibits inflammatory processes, stimulates the production of collagen and preserves the skin frame. In addition, vitamin F retains moisture in the epidermis and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Apply F-99 cream one hour before bedtime. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. In winter, when the air in the room is dry, this tool is simply indispensable.

Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Serum 10

Three funds from Vichy were included in the ranking of the best pharmacy creams for wrinkles. The first is the Vichy liftactive Supreme Serum 10 anti-wrinkle serum, which received well-deserved recognition from customers. The French cosmetic brand guarantees smoothing of both fine and deep wrinkles, promises to increase skin elasticity and tone. The lifting effect and skin elasticity are noticeable after the first application due to two types of hyaluronic acid. 10% Ramnose sugar in the serum activates the production of collagen and elastane in the skin. Wrinkles are reduced by 43% after 3 months of daily use.

The advantage of pharmacy creams

The main value of face creams from a pharmacy is that this cosmetics passed all possible tests and checks. That is, the quality in this case is at its best. Note that the effectiveness of pharmacy cosmetics is confirmed by various certificates, licenses and other documents.

First of all pharmacy creams are used to eliminate any skin problems: They are very effective in treating acne, acne, age-related skin changes. Thus, pharmacy cosmetics cope with serious skin problems much more effectively. It often happens that cosmetics from the store is only able to mask the problem, but cannot eliminate it - pharmacy products cope with the task.

As a rule, pharmacy products have more balanced, thoughtful and safe composition. Often creams contain new developments, formulas, innovative components: this approach helps to eliminate the existing problem in the shortest possible time.

Note that pharmacy creams are aimed at treatment, not masking the problem. This is more of a medicine than makeup accessories. Preparations from the pharmacy solve a specific skin problem, so the buyer has the opportunity to choose the right cream, and a positive result with a competent choice is guaranteed. In addition, therapeutic cream at the same time protect the skin, preventing the appearance of certain problems.

As you can see, pharmacy cosmetics have many advantages. If you have serious skin problems, then you should give preference to medical drugs - a positive result will be more likely.

Budget cosmetics

The first group consists of budget funds that are still not losing quality and benefits. The purchase of these drugs is possible in any household chemical stores and specializing in this salon, as well as in pharmacies.

Popular and affordable products:

4. Valerian capsules

Valerian is traditionally used as a sedative and sleeping pill. However, this plant is used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. Valerian smoothes the skin and tones the muscles of the face. And it also helps with inflammation and sunburn.

  • Pierce the capsule and apply its contents to the face, including the area under the eyes. With daily use, the effect will become apparent in less than a week.

1. Enterosgel

A traditional remedy for intoxication is able to save your appearance after a violent party. From a medical point of view, edema under the eyes is water that is “stuck” in the fat layer of the eyelids. To prevent this from happening, before going to bed, apply a layer of enterosgel under your eyes. While you sleep, the gel will take away excess moisture, and in the morning you will find a much more joyful picture. Important: the gel dehydrates the skin, so immediately after the morning wash, apply a moisturizing eye cream or make a mask.

Price - about 350 p.

Average price level

This is a pharmacy cosmetics used for the prevention and treatment of integumentary tissue.

The second type includes:

5. Mummy

Mummy is an organic substance. The process of its origin has not yet been studied, but it is known that it contains at least 85 minerals and important amino acids. Manganese and copper, which are part of the mummy, make the skin more elastic and supple.

  • To combat early stretch marks, the powder or tablets of the mummy should be mixed with any cream (preferably anti-cellulite) and applied to problem areas. True, a quick result should not be expected, but with regular use, the skin will be significantly smoothed.


  • High price, but it’s possible to try out free probes,
  • Small volume 30 ml
  • You can buy at a pharmacy, from authorized representatives, or on the official website (receiving gift probes and discounts is a plus).

Luxury pharmacy cosmetics

Cosmetic products that eliminate deficiencies at the cellular level, eradicating not only their symptoms, but also the antigens themselves that awaken their appearance.

This class of products is produced by selected brands with high prices:

2. Cream "F 99"

A cream consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin F. The drug was originally intended to treat eczema and dermatitis, but it turned out that it also has a number of other properties. Firstly, it is the best way to combat peeling of the skin caused by weathering or sunburn. Secondly, the cream is indispensable for foot care: no cracks, burrs or coarsening if applied daily overnight. Thirdly, it restores elasticity and firmness to dry skin, is instantly absorbed, does not give a film effect. Fourth, it helps to cope with acne and acne, as it normalizes the sebaceous glands and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Cheaper and cooler: pharmacy brands and products that can easily replace luxury

Price - about 120 p.

6. Ointment "Calendula"

The main purpose of this ointment is the healing of wounds and abrasions. Calendula flowers contain carotenoids (cope with acne), coumarins (stimulate cell renewal) and flavonoids (protect the skin from external influences). Thanks to these substances, calendula ointment fights small wrinkles and removes rashes.

  • This product has a very dense consistency, it should be applied with a thin layer to problem areas (under the eyes, on the nasolabial folds) no more than once a day.


Svetlankakoshka - I have been using the VISHI cosmetics company for a long time with pleasure, almost all of them really liked. And recently I decided to try Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Face Cream. Before buying, I looked through the reviews, most of them were positive ... "

Olgatka - “I will share my impressions of the face cream brand Vichy Liftactiv Supreme. The manufacturer promises a number of positive changes after applying the cream, namely: wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity, long-lasting lifting effect. The promises are not empty, the cream works and really fulfills its functions. Cream is suitable for normal and combination skin ... "

On the official website of the Vichy company, the price of serum at the moment is 3,350 rubles.


Brand develops creams possessing hypoallergenic properties and 100% tolerance for any skin. Careful control of products allows the brand to create tools that have efficiency and safety at the same time. Bioderm creams fight wrinkles, eliminate dry skin, and restore epidermis turgor. Some varieties of drugs are also aimed at eliminating skin diseases.

Dermatological, aesthetic and biocosmetics

There is still a distribution of such items as dermatology, aesthetics and biocosmetics:

  • Dermatological products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, designed for especially thin skin.
  • Means that serve aesthetic purposes are considered not suitable for all types of skin, do not have the absence of allergens, but are also non-comedogenic.
  • All representatives of biocosmetics are suitable for people with especially delicate skin, but you should not expect hypoallergenicity from them.

Cosmetic products with medicinal properties include representatives of French brands:

The brands representing the aesthetic part of pharmaceutical preparations are:

  • Filorga,
  • SkinCeuticals,
  • Lierac,
  • Galenic,
  • Nuxe,
  • Phyto
  • Klorane

Only Sanoflore (France) is engaged in the production of biocosmetics.

3. Solution for droppers "Tiogamma"

Used to combat the effects of poisoning, Thiogamma is actually pure alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, accelerates skin cell renewal, helps fight acne, blackheads, wrinkles, and sunburn, and has a detox effect. The consistency resembles plain water, is applied to the skin with a thin layer before applying normal care. Suitable only for oily and combination skin, as it dries the top layer.

The price is about 250 rubles.

7. Castor oil

Castor oil is a natural moisturizer and anti-inflammatory that is often used for cosmetic purposes. The ingredients of the oil penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of their own collagen and elastin.

  • Against shallow wrinkles around the eyes, castor oil is used as follows: a few drops of warm oil should be applied to the skin in this area with a cotton pad. After 10-15 minutes, the remaining oil can be removed with a paper towel. This procedure should be repeated once a week.

Vichy Slow Age Anti-Wrinkle

Vichy company offers an anti-aging line of firming creams with minerals from the signs of aging at different stages of wrinkle formation:

  • for the contour of the eyes,
  • night repair cream and mask,
  • for normal and dry skin with a protective complex SPF 25 and SPF 30 from UV rays.

With daily use, the signs of aging slow down, and after 2 months you look much younger. It is recommended to use the full comprehensive set of the Slow Age line, which also fell into this rating.

Benefits of Medical Cosmetics

Among the advantages of medical cosmetics, it is worth highlighting several of the most important positions that accurately reflect the direction in which this type of pharmaceutical product works.


  • security,
  • ubiquitous access
  • hypoallergenicity
  • high quality,
  • therapeutic effect.

Explanation of terms:

  • Security achieved through multiple clinical studies. The product is not put on sale until it passes a series of laboratory tests and samples.
  • Under ubiquitous access it implies the possibility of choosing and buying pharmacy cosmetics in any convenient place: in a pharmacy, on the sites of online pharmacies, in specialized stores of the city, in online stores.
  • Hypoallergenic achieved by delicate and careful selection of the chemical structure of drugs.
  • High quality must be proved in the course of a huge number of checks. Without this, the product cannot be certified.
  • Therapeutic effect - this is what pharmacy cosmetics are bought for.

4. "Curiosin gel"

Its intended purpose is the fight against acne. But the principle of action allows you to use this gel as an anti-aging agent. As in the fight against acne, the key point is accelerated skin renewal, the growth of healthy young cells and deep hydration (the gel contains hyaluronic acid in a fairly high concentration) to improve skin texture, smooth out fine wrinkles and improve complexion.

Price - about 500 p.

8. Eleutherococcus

A pharmacy drug with the unpronounceable name “Eleutherococcus extract” is a well-known tonic and restorative agent. Eleutherococcus increases pressure and improves appetite. But he also found application in face care: he tightens and smoothes the skin.

  • For a lifting effect, you need to add 1 drop of tincture to a nourishing cream immediately before application. Important: alcohol is present in the tincture, therefore, with a dosage, you need to be careful not to get dry skin.

Pharmateiss cosmetics

German brand produces creams with innovative formulas. The composition of the preparations includes many natural components, which increases the efficiency and safety of products.

In addition to creams, the brand also produces milk, lotions and other facial care products.

Preparations of this brand solve many cosmetic skin problems: they protect against aging, moisturize, and improve metabolic processes in the deep layers of the epidermis.

In addition to these drugs, modern pharmacies can offer other effective skin products. There is a cream for any wallet size, and to solve any skin problems

Safety pharmacy cosmetics

Pharmacy cosmetics, the popularity rating of which will be provided in this article, all without exception is a safe product. However, if the buyer still doubts, it is worth looking at the composition or finding an icon on the package that confirms, for example, the hypoallergenicity of the product, approval by its dermatologists.

5. Bepanten

The active substance of the drug is pantothenic acid, it is also the familiar provitamin B5. Pantothenic acid is the progenitor of vitamin A, which is responsible for skin regeneration processes. So, Bepanten is a real find for those who seek to renew the skin, soothe it, make it smoother and more even.

Price - about 350 p.

9. Methyluracil

Methyluracil ointment is intended for the treatment of wounds, burns and dermatitis. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells and enhances local immunity. It also protects delicate skin from the aggressive effects of sunlight. But we also really need to use methyluracil to restore beauty. It is especially useful for those who suffer from dry lips and permanent cracks in the corners of the mouth.

  • Apply cream to problem areas for 15-30 days. The thin skin of the lips will have time to renew, and small inflammations will heal.

10. Polysorb

Scientists have developed polysorb to combat poisoning or allergies. But its useful properties can be applied in face care. The main component of this powder, silicon, improves skin protection, and with regular use it smoothes fine wrinkles and removes rashes.

  • A mixture of polysorb and warm water apply on the face in the form of gruel. Keep it for no more than 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. This mask is suitable even for sensitive skin.

11. Vitamin C in ampoules

Vitamin C boosts immunity, helps the body synthesize collagen, and also tidies up hormones. For external use, vitamin C tightens the skin, improves complexion and fights age spots. For this, ampoules with a liquid solution are suitable. Important: An open ampoule must be used immediately, because the active substance is rapidly destroyed in air.

  • The simplest mask with ascorbic acid is done like this: for 2 ampoules of the solution you need to take 1 tsp. warm boiled water, mix and apply on face. It is better to leave the mask until the morning, and immediately after waking up, wash it off. Boiled water can be replaced with mineral water. It is dangerous to apply undiluted acid to the face: it can damage the skin.
  • Moisturizing mask. Ingredients: 1 tsp glycerin, 5 drops of vitamin and 1 tsp. mineral or rose water. Mix all components and apply for 15 minutes. Vitamin C tightens the pores, and glycerin moisturizes the skin.

12. Capsules with fish oil

The composition of the capsules, in addition to fat itself, includes vitamins A, D and F. And also decosahexaenoic acid: it controls the functioning of the sebaceous glands and smoothes wrinkles. Fish oil easily passes through cell membranes and penetrates deep into the skin.

  • The ampoule with fish oil needs to be pierced and its contents applied to the area around the eyes. Before the procedure, test for allergies. But until the morning it is better not to leave this remedy: it is very active. Wash it off after 15–20 minutes.

We have already tested a couple of tools and were satisfied with the result. And which of the described in the article are you ready to use?

Precautionary measures

Although cosmetics with medicinal properties are generally safe, it is not recommended to be abused.

You should also remember a few rules that will preserve the health and beauty of the girl:

    It is always worth the time to familiarize yourself with the packaging and instructions for use.

Buying pharmacy cosmetics, even taking the leading places in the popularity rating, it is worth carefully reading the instructions for use.

  • If it is written that when taking a pharmacological agent it is worth taking breaks, then you should not ignore such a statement, because non-compliance with such recommendations can lead to a bad effect (for example, overdrying of the skin).
  • Before you start using any remedy, it is worthwhile to discuss your decision with a medical specialist (cosmetologist, dermatologist, therapist). If the drug began to give a negative effect, it is impossible to ignore it for any reason and you should urgently stop using the drug and get medical advice.
  • Rating of the most popular brands

    Pharmacy cosmetics, the popularity rating of which will be given below, is a combination of benefits and quality.

    In the world market of cosmetology, the means of French pharmacists are especially allocated:

    • Vichy. The best-selling products of this company are anti-aging creams, which are based on water from underground sources. The latest technologies make this brand incredibly effective and truly useful, and the product of thermal springs has a beneficial effect on the resistance and immunity of integuments.
    • La Roche-Posay. Saturated with the chemical element Se (selenium), the base contains thermal water, is hypoallergenic and supports tissue cells.
    • Avene Cosmetics has a composition that cannot be repeated in a laboratory environment. In the center of its structure lies the special thermal water of the spring of the same name. It contains silicates and elements in the base, which affect the cleansing and protective functions of the skin.
    • Uriage - cosmetics, whose valuable properties are determined by the chemical composition of Uryazh thermal water. Anti-inflammatory and anti-radical action distinguishes this product in the thousands of pharmaceuticals market.
    • Bioderma solves specific dermatology problems.
    • Merck - a product of cosmetology company Merck, which is hypoallergenic.
    • Ducray - a brand whose products are aimed at eradicating diseases of the scalp. Belongs to Pierre Fabre.
    • SkinCeuticals - A favorite brand of upscale aesthetic clinics and beauty salons. What is produced by numerous factories of the company is a combination of natural components of plant origin and innovative pharmaceutical technologies.
    • Filorga Applied by beauty salons around the world.
    • Lierac - phyto-cosmetics, which is based on natural raw materials and selects its own solution for each problem, which it searches for in the studied and unexplored representatives of the flora.
    • Galenic - means for improving the appearance, based on plant cells.
    • Nuxe - A popular cosmetic brand, which is a derivative of shocking and effect.
    • Sanoflore - A brand of biocosmetics, the creation of which uses mainly odorous oil components and flower water.

    6. “Capsicum”

    Warming ointment will help ... hide cellulite! Apply it to the problem area, leave it for 15-20 minutes (you will feel a slight burning sensation, the skin may turn red due to blood flow) and rinse with warm water. For a more pronounced effect, wipe the same areas with ice cubes. Visually, cellulite will disappear for 3-4 hours!

    Price - about 200 p.

    Rating of the best moisturizers from a pharmacy

    Pharmaceutical moisturizers, the popularity rating of which is based on customer reviews and professional ratings, are ranked in the cosmetology markets.

    Ranking in the following sequence:

    1. A line of cosmetics for moisturizing La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere skin - The latest development of French pharmacists. It is hypoallergenic. Apply the cream on pre-cleansed skin twice a day. Serves as a base for makeup. The composition contains hydrolips that fix moisture in the skin, and glycerin, which improves the protective cover of the skin. Cost - from 944 rubles.
    2. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Series from French developers it is famous all over the world not without the help of thermal water with amazing properties. It actively affects the skin, eliminating the effects of drying out and moisturizing the epidermis. As part of the preparations, plant-derived sugar, Minnose and hyaluronic acid are released, aimed at retaining moisture in the bowels of the dermis. The cost and method of application depend on the chosen product, as the series is available in various forms: balms, creams, serums, and so on.
    3. Uriage AquaPRECIS - it is a high-quality cosmetics produced by the French brand Uriage, presents: mask, gel for the eyes, UV protection, cream gel and cream for deep moisturizing. The popularity of the line came as a result of the use of thermal water taken from a special Alpine source. The principle of the Uriage Aqua Precis cream is that the active preparations in it (mineral and organic osmolytes) penetrate deep into the tissue and restore normal hydration processes that dry skin lacks. In addition, he also creates a film that becomes a barrier to microbes and other external influences. Apply the cream in the morning and evening. It can serve as a base for makeup. The start of product prices was noted in the region of 458 rubles.


    To cope with the problems of dry skin, you can use a pharmacy moisturizer like cream F99.

    The immediate purpose of the drug is the treatment of eczema, however, it is also good as a moisturizer.

    The cream remarkably eliminates peeling of the skin, while combating minor defects: acne, blackheads. In addition, after using the cream, the skin will become much more elastic, the pores will be cleaned, and the activity of the sebaceous glands will become less active.

    Cream able to cope with the effects of even severe sunburn of the skin, will be useful for weathering in the winter.

    In addition, the price of this drug is much cheaper than advertised creams - only about 150 rubles.

    Anti age

    In this segment, Vichy company has long won and holds the championship. According to market research, the company sells 55% of all anti-aging cosmetics in the world. Creams of this brand eliminate, with regular use, age-related changes in facial skin: wrinkles, pigmentation, ptosis.

    Also pay attention to the remedy. Tiogamma.

    In general, in traditional medicine, the Tiogamma solution is used as for droppers: usually for intoxication of the body. However, the remedy is also strongest antioxidantthanks to which he found application in cosmetology.

    Thanks to the use of Thiogamma, there is a noticeable regeneration of the skin of the face, and at the cellular level. In fact, the composition of the product is pure alpha lipoic acid: A valuable and rare antioxidant.

    It’s difficult to call this cream a cream: it is very liquid, in consistency it looks more like water.

    Top Nutrient Rating

    Nutrients make up for the lack of nutrients in the skin, preserve the natural radiance and necessary moisture. However, nourishing and moisturizing products are not the same thing.

    The function of creams that serve to nourish the epidermis is much deeper: they deliver special substances to the cells, while moisturizing is just a delivery of moisture. This type of creams should be used especially actively during the winter frosts, when the skin especially needs additional protection and help.

    Most popular remedies:

    • Nivea Cream - This is a tin jar of blue color, which is one of the best budget funds according to a survey of the population of Russia. Cream is made in Germany. The cream is particularly distinguished by its thick consistency, which begins to melt after application, providing a barrier that is even resistant to severe frosts. It has anti-inflammatory and slightly soothing effects. It has no restrictions on the age of the consumer; it is available to all skin types. Used as needed. The average price is 140 rubles.
    • Kora nourishing evening cream It is produced in Russia and is the most popular product of its price category. The vitamins that make up the cream slow down the aging process of the skin. The main components are honey and wax produced by bees. Thanks to this composition, the product has a beneficial effect on the balance of lipids and water in the skin, normalizes the general condition. It is applied once a day - in the evening. The advantage of the cream is that it does not leave behind a “heavy” film. The average price is 450 rubles.
    • The best in quality but expensive cream for all skin types ChristinaMade in Israel is part of the MUSE line. Customers around the world note the best effect after using this product. This is made possible thanks to a special complex, innovative Telosense Active formula. The product should be applied last, before bedtime, completing all other care procedures. In the morning, after application, the face looks fresh, and the pleasant aroma of roses will serve as a wonderful addition to all the "pluses" of the product. The average price is 4,000 rubles.

    8. “Arnica”

    It is generally assumed that this ointment will accelerate the resorption of hematomas and bruises. Which automatically means that it improves blood and lymph circulation, has a calming, decongestant and regenerative effect. You probably already guessed: yes, it copes with dry skin, facial wrinkles and loss of tone.

    Price - about 150 p.

    Rating of the best anti-aging products

    Pharmacy cosmetics, the popularity rating of which will be presented later, refers to the line of anti-aging drugs. Its consumers are women over 30 who do not lose hope of slowing down the aging process.

    Most popular remedies:

    • Top anti-age funds rating Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer, a product of Prescriptives. American experts, this product was recognized as the best of its kind. This is due to the principle of its work, which is a deep penetration into the most inaccessible areas of the skin, with the alignment of the relief produced by it, which eventually loses its beauty. This tool stimulates the production of collagen fibers, which serve to “tighten” the skin, eliminate wrinkles. The price of the product is from 12,000 rubles.
    • Resolution D-Contraxol - cream of French origin from the company Lancome. The effect of this tool is mainly aimed at assisting the work of neurotransmitters located over the entire surface of the skin. Reducing the number of facial wrinkles is the main work of a unique product. The average price is from 3000 rubles.
    • Buyers funds Olay total 7-in-1 (Total Effects Anti-Aging) - women who have reached menopause, whose aging begins to occur at an accelerated pace. The number 7 in the name indicates the number of potentially possible methods of combating wilting beauty. All of them are collected in one bottle and are aimed at effective hydration, improving complexion, and its relief. Cost - from 700 rubles.

    9. Apilak

    This ointment has been produced since Soviet times and since then has not lost its relevance as a means to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, the fight against acne and acne. It is based on royal jelly, known for its disinfecting and nourishing properties.

    The price is about 100 rubles.

    Vichy Neovadiol PHYTOSCULPT Cream for Wrinkles

    Vichy Neovadiol Cream Fitoskult from wrinkles for the neck and decollete zone takes the third place in the rating of this brand. It restores skin during menopause.Thanks to the extract of fern leaves, the Pro-Xylan complex and hyaluronic acid, the first results can be seen already 4 hours after application. After 2 months of using the cream, wrinkles are reduced, the neck and décolleté are tightened. It is recommended to use in combination with Neovadiol cream for the contour of the eyes and lips, as well as with serum and compensating night cream-care and Neovadiol balm.

    Rating of the best remedies

    In this category of cosmetics, the French are at the top of the ranking, but the pharmacists of Israel and Germany are not far behind them.

    Among them:

    • Ducray Cosmetics - This is more than 60 products for the care and treatment of delicate skin. Ducray keracnyl pp acne-prone skin is one of the best face care products. Its price is not overpriced - from 900 rubles. The product is a support for oily skin, has a cumulative effect and a pleasant texture. For doubters, it is possible to purchase a 5 ml probe, after which it is worth taking the full size - 30 ml.
    • Filorga I am ready to present to my customers many forms of caring cosmetics - from a scrub mask to a micellar solution. One of the company's most popular products at the moment is a pop mask that cleanses pores. This became possible thanks to a special mineral complex, which is part of the product.
    • French cosmetics Noreva - a tool that women around the world trust. Restorative cream Exfoliac reconstructive promotes protection and hydration, and a remedy Exfoliac acnomega keratoregulating Matifying Care can help heal problem areas. Apply the product 1-2 times a day on cleansed skin. The composition of the product includes: salicylic acid, matting powder, zinc. Cost - from 1000 rubles.

    Rating for problematic skin

    Firms that are involved in cosmoceuticals, without fail, also produce products that set the goal of treating problem skin:

    • Brand Aveneit is an anti-inflammatory, anti-itching effect, which is achieved due to the high content of the cream. For problematic skin, it is worth using Antirougeurs, the price of which is about 1200 rubles. The components of the mask help moisturize and regenerate the skin. Useful for skin prone to rosacea.

    • A-Derma company produces products that heal sensitive areas of problem skin. The age of product buyers ranges from infancy to old age. Exomega is a treatment for atopic dermatitis, the restoration of the epidermis layer responsible for the barrier. The quick elimination of inflammation is the main advantage of this product. Price - from 600 rubles.

    Rating for sensitive and dry skin

    This type of skin requires careful care, combining both hypoallergenic and moisturizing properties:

    • Bioderma took care of sensitive skin carriers and launched a line of products that help people to restore their normal lives, in which there would be no discomfort. Hydrabio Masque It has anti-allergic composition, moisturizing components, and agents that restore the elasticity of the integument. The product requires regular use. Price - 1700 rubles.

    • Emulsion of the company Uriage "Hyseac A.I." supports the skin in the fight against inflammation, provides oily skin with the necessary attention, matting it and eliminating inflammation. One of the minuses is the need for prolonged use.

    Early Aging Rating

    • Vichy - A world-famous brand whose main area of ​​activity is the production of cosmetics that prevent early aging. Their cream Liftactiv supreme has no analogues in the whole world. Its main action is improving skin elasticity, correcting crow's feet and fine wrinkles. The action of the French product can be observed throughout the day. Price - 2500 rubles.

    • Firm Lierak noticed what caused early aging in women. Experts agree that this is due to an insufficient amount of the hormone estrogen that supports youth. Pharmacies recommend cream Arkeskin + Hormonal Skin Aging Correction those women who are on the verge of menopause, but have not yet reached its onset. The product contains products that restore the necessary amount of hormones at the cellular level. This action also leads to reconstruction of the tone of the skin layer.

    Rating of remedies for age spots

    Pharmacy cosmetics (whose popularity rating was compiled by analyzing customer reviews), which is an effective rebuff to age spots, is produced not only by foreign companies, but also by their Russian colleagues.

    This means:

    • Kora Cream combines the benefits of natural ingredients and vitamins. Thanks to the derivative of the constituents, the product is an active fighter with excessive pigmentation that irritates carriers, and additional hydration caused by the union of the components will only benefit. Extracts of lemon and frankincense play an important role in the process of solving the problem. The price is about 500 rubles.

      The company Uryazh is famous for its high efficiency, which presented its answer to this problematic question. Emulsion Dep> Acne Pharmacy Rating

    In adolescence (and not only), many people often encounter a problem that arises against the background of hormonal changes and malnutrition, poor hygiene - acne.

    There are several tools that will help to successfully defeat the disease:

    • Products of the French company La Roche-Posay - one of the best in the world at the moment. Thanks to the thermal water included in the gel Effaclar gel, the latter foams well, penetrating deep into the pores, cleansing them, exerting an antibacterial effect. Pores are cleaned not only from blockages, but also from makeup and any other contaminants. Successfully eliminates acne, removes excess sebum. Use the product a couple of times a day, for fear of the area around the eyes. Does not contain alcohol, colorants, parabens. Price - 1,500 rubles.

    • Avene Cleanence K Cream-gel includes several acids (salicylic, glycolic, lactic). Thanks to the pumpkin extract, the release of sebum is limited. It is recommended for the treatment of acne, deep cleansing. In addition, it has an exfoliating effect and mattifies the skin. The presence of acids in the composition requires the use of sunscreen during treatment. Price - 1250 rub.

    Overview of pharmacy cosmetics for problem skin Avene Cleanence:

    Rating of pharmaceutical products for hair

    Ducray Anaphase + shampoo for the care of weakened hair prone to loss - one of the best pharmacy care products (according to buyers and dermatologists). It is suitable for both men and women, easy to apply thanks to its creamy texture. It is applied to pre-washed hair, thoroughly washed off. Used for frequent use. The price fluctuates around 1000 rubles.

    Pharmacy Productivity

    The effectiveness of pharmacy products has been proven by leading world cosmetologists and people who practice similar products on themselves. Pharmacy cosmetics is a combination of useful qualities, raised to the absolute, and the popularity rating becomes an important help when choosing this product.

    Article design: Svetlana Ovsyanikova

    For sensitive and dry skin

    In this category, you can highlight cream La Roche-Posay brandwhich in the segment of sensitive skin products reached 11.3% of all global sales.

    The products of this brand do not cause allergies, are easily and pleasantly applied, do not clog pores. Funds are created on the basis of water from the company's own thermal springs, which allows cosmetics to achieve quick and noticeable results.

    You can also mark products companies Avene (Aven). The composition of creams includes thermal water, and is able to gently care even for hypersensitive skin.

    Preparations of this brand have at the same time a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.


    Note in this category pharmacy creams of the Lierac brand (Lierak). The composition of the preparations contains natural components, extracts from herbs and flowers. Cosmetics are extremely effective since parts of plants with the highest concentration of nutrients are used for its manufacture.

    For problem skin

    To deal with the problem of acne, acne and acne, you can use a pharmacy like Apilak. The product contains natural royal jelly and other valuable components. The price of the cream is inexpensive - about 100-150 rubles, and the effect of the application is amazing.

    Cream from a pharmacy from Galenic Also great for treating problem skin. The drugs are created taking into account all the latest innovations, therefore they are considered “smart”: the active components independently find the cause of the inflammatory process, and eliminate it.

    Elevator asset from Vichy

    As already mentioned in the text more than once, perhaps there is no company equal to this company in the quality and effectiveness of skin cosmetics.

    Especially popular is the Lift Asset series.aimed at fighting wrinkles and toning the skin.

    Note that the creams of this series are able to successfully cope with both shallow facial and noticeable senile wrinkles.

    Ideal from Vichy

    This gel cream contains the rarest Kombucha extract, a full complex of vitamins, as well as fruit pilanogovy acids. Thanks to the effect of this miraculous remedy, it is possible to restore the epidermis, even out the skin, and even eliminate quite deep wrinkles.

    Ideal Cream is designed for a wide age audience - from 30 to 60 years, which partly explains its popularity.

    As a result of using this drug, it is possible to achieve, indeed, a visible rejuvenation and healing of the skin of the face.

    Vichy Purete Thermal Cleansing Creams

    Creams and other products of this series are great for problem skin: prone to inflammation, acne, acne.

    The preparations gently and thoroughly remove all impurities from the surface of the skin, with regular use bringing its surface to perfection.

    Note that soft fruit acids in this caseremoving dirt from pores.


    This tool is used to treat certain eye diseases, but at the same time it can be used as a lifting cream. Under the influence of the active components of the drug wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin of the face and eyelids is noticeably tightened.

    The gel contains hyaluronic acid, which explains the anti-aging effect.

    Avene Ystheal Anti-Wrinkle

    The rating of the best pharmacy creams from Aven company included therapeutic and preventive cosmetics for wrinkles of the Aven Isteal line, which included:

    • Anti-aging cream for wrinkles and aging of the skin of the face,
    • Anti-aging serum
    • Anti-wrinkle cream for the contour of the eyes and lips,
    • Emulsion for wrinkles and aging.

    The product is suitable for all skin types, including allergic, suitable for use from 25 years and older.

    La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Anti-Wrinkle Serum

    La Rocher has developed the best anti-aging serum, which is the leader in the ranking of sales of pharmacy creams of this brand. Wrinkle serum for sensitive skin with vitamins B5 and hyaluronic acid supplements two face creams and eye contours from the same series. The whole line improves skin elasticity. Panthenol in their composition soothes and restores the skin, and two types of hyaluronic acid reduce wrinkles and moisturize. Wrinkle serum is suitable for all skin types, applied twice a day - morning and evening.

    D`oliva VITALFRISCH plus Q10 from the brand Pharmatheiss cosmetics

    Pharmacy cosmetics from the German company Pharmacyss Cosmetics has developed an anti-aging series of Doliva wrinkle creams. The list of the best wrinkle creams includes day, night cream and cream oil, which moisturize, restore elasticity and increase skin elasticity. Results are visible after 4 months of use. Olive leaf extract, shea butter, jojoba, cocoa and kupuasu along with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E have a regenerative anti-aging effect on the skin.

    RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging Series

    The company RoK was included in our rating of the best pharmacy creams thanks to its anti-aging series Retinol Correxion against deep wrinkles. These included a day cream with UV-protective skin spectrum SPF30, a night cream with retinol and corrective filler for deep wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid in the composition of these products moisturizes the skin, and retinol reduces deep and fine wrinkles.

    Nuxe Merveillance Expert - Anti-Aging Series

    Nyux pharmacy natural cosmetics is the best-selling brand in France. In addition to the homeland, this cosmetics is sold in more than 50 countries of the world, and therefore it fell into our rating. Merveyans Expert is an anti-aging lineup designed to combat the signs of aging, expression lines and deep wrinkles. Cream, emulsion and serum rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level, moisturize even the driest skin, nourish and tighten it. The lifting effect lasts 8 hours. The composition includes natural components: extracts, oils and acids. Suitable for all skin types.

    Nuxe Nirvanesque - from facial wrinkles

    Another excellent tool of the Nyuks pharmacy brand was included in our rating - this is the Nirvanex line from the first facial wrinkles. This series includes emulsions, face cream and skin around the eyes. Cosmetics designed for dry skin, promises to smooth out the first wrinkles. Funds can be applied both in the morning and in the evening.


    We hope that our article from the ranking series of the best pharmacy creams for wrinkles was useful to you. Draw conclusions, be always young and beautiful. And in the end, one piece of advice from us - before buying any product, ask probes in pharmacies for free - it's free. So you can evaluate the quality of the cream and understand for yourself whether this cosmetics is suitable for you or not, especially since the price of some products “bites”. The second advice from us is to try to use the entire series as a whole if the brand brand suits your skin. Thus you strengthen the result.

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