Wedding makeup 2019: everything the bride needs to know

Preparing for the wedding is a very reverent, but at the same time wonderful moment, especially for brides, because they, in addition to organizational issues, need to choose wedding dresses, hairstyles, wedding makeup, accessories, etc.

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, one should never forget even the smallest details, such as buttonholes, a buffet for a walk, wedding makeup, manicures and pedicures, a guest list, and invitations.

Of course, it is better to entrust the organization of such an important event to professionals and turn to a wedding agency, but if you decide to get down to business yourself, first write a list, it will be easier and you won’t forget anything. But now is not about that!

Let's talk about the bride. The bride’s wedding image should be gentle and romantic, like beautiful flowers, and for this it is necessary to create the perfect bow with the right accents.

Both the dress with accessories and the wedding make-up should be in approximately the same color scheme, but bright details, such as red lips, are also appropriate.

Want to find out which wedding makeup is right for you? Read our article and you will learn about fashion trends for make-up for a unique and cool bride.

Fashionable wedding makeup for brunettes 2019-2020: brightness and saturation

Tenderness and fragility in the image of the bride play a big role, but makeup artists advise creating a wedding makeup for brunettes with some zest, for example, bright lips or shadows.

But first you need to apply the foundation correctly, and a brush or a beauty blender will help. Contouring is also good, because it will make the perfect face shape for brunettes.

This season, naturalness will be in everything, wedding makeup 2019-2020 was no exception, so eyebrows should look as natural as possible. It is best to shape them with tweezers and finish with pencil or special mascara for eyebrows.

Next, you need to choose what will be the focus of attention: makeup artists advise to make bright lips that give brunettes attractiveness and seductiveness.

If you want an exquisite and fashionable wedding make-up, you can emphasize the eyes with a thin arrow and lengthening mascara, then one look of the bride’s brown eye will enchant all guests.

A magnificent and bright make-up for a wedding that emphasizes all the advantages of a brunette bride can be viewed in the examples presented.


“In my opinion, the main trends of wedding makeup in 2019 are minimalism, naturalness and freshness. Now it’s fashionable to be yourself. Graphic and hard make-ups that greatly change the appearance are no longer relevant. ”

“In 2019, makeup is relevant when the shadows, lipstick and blush are the same color. Laconic makeup with a well-defined eyelash area. "

“There are no bright trends in wedding make-up, as it is always more light and gentle. We can say that nude images are always relevant. This year there is a trend for translucent lip gloss on natural lips: beige, pink or peach. If the texture of the lipstick is matte, then it should be applied with a fluffy brush and shaded so that there is no clear contour. "

Beautiful spring makeup for the bride

Spring is the perfect season to get married. It’s not cold outside anymore, and it’s not too hot yet, which means that your hairstyle and wedding make-up are not threatened by cold wind and rain.

Spring wedding makeup 2020-2021 should look fresh and not boring. In the spring, stylists suggest focusing on the lips by choosing the option of wedding makeup with gloss or leaving the lips in a natural shade, choosing a nude shade.

Sparkling skin, light smoky eyes, elongated eyelashes and natural lip color - a wedding make-up with which you will look perfect. For the lips, you can use a balm that gives a light shade or take lipstick in nude shades.

If you want to do spring wedding make-up with arrows, it is better to make lips shiny using gloss. Also do not forget about the eyebrows, they will help make make-up perfect.

Wedding makeup in monochrome style (eyes and lips in one color) will look very romantic and gentle. In the spring, brides use pink or peach shades for such a make-up.

Nude style wedding makeup is perhaps the most fashionable make-up option for the bride 2020-2021, especially in the spring. Just a couple of strokes and you look unsurpassed. Such a wedding make-up is suitable for brides with healthy and well-groomed skin, as a natural make-up can emphasize problem areas.

Wedding makeup 2019 - fashion trends

Wedding makeup trends in 2019 include several of the most trending and popular solutions, but all the tricks will come to naught if you do not adhere to some tricks and rules of perfect makeup:

  1. Cleansing. This is an important step in preparing your skin for applying makeup. Daily cleansing should become a habit and carried out on autopilot. As cleansers use a gel for washing, foam or ubtan.
  2. Scrubbing. The most important preparatory step for the skin before applying cosmetics. A scrub will remove dead cells, nutrients will better penetrate into it and the skin will transform and shine with health and cleanliness. For peeling, it is recommended to choose products without coarse abrasive particles, so as not to damage the integrity of the skin.
  3. Face masks. Masks are an express method for improving skin quality. They are designed to moisturize, nourish, nourish the skin and their action is several times more effective than cream. Especially before an important event, they like to use alginate masks based on algae, for their miraculous properties. Hydrogel patches under the eyes will not be superfluous - they will eliminate the traces of sleepless nights in the form of bruises and swelling.
  4. Toning up. Before applying the cream, it is advisable to use a face tonic. He will remove the remnants of cosmetics and close the pores.
  5. Moisturizing. The main attribute of a daily skin care ritual is a moisturizer. It is necessary for any type of skin: oily, dry, combination. Moisturized skin - a guarantee of flawless makeup and a healthy appearance.

With the important aspects of preparing the skin for applying makeup figured out, it remains to determine the fashion trends of the make-up, which are relevant in the new wedding season. The bride should look perfect and fashionable. This will help some of the latest trends in wedding makeup:

  1. Bright lips. A good choice for makeup in restrained nude tones as an accent. Preference is given to wine shades and dark red. If you want a bright, but natural look, you can carelessly shade the red lipstick along the contour, creating the effect of kissed lips.
  2. Wet skin effect. Natural radiance is the key to healthy skin. Brides are afraid to add a lot of shine to their image, often using a matte foundation and powder, worrying about the quality of photos in which their face will glow with a bold sheen. In everything you need to feel the measure, and the highlighter will not be superfluous in the zygomatic bone, on the tip of the nose and in the bow on the lips.
  3. Frosted shadows. A trendy novelty in the beauty industry is a monotonous matte finish for centuries. Especially good are pink shades and nude brown. The color is selected based on the color type of the bride and groom.

Wedding makeup for blondes: tenderness and femininity

Nature rewarded the girls of blondes with some special tenderness, which must be emphasized in the make-up.

The tonal base is used only in the tone of genuine leather, and if you want to have a tanned look of skin at your wedding, it is better to visit a solarium in a week or two. With a bronzer, you can highlight the cheekbones a bit or use blush to look fresher and brighter.

If you want to make the wedding make-up delicate, then fashion makeup artists advise to focus on the eyes. You can bring your eyes with eyeliner and add several bundles of artificial cilia on the tips of natural eyelashes. Thus, the bride’s look will become deeper and more chic.

When they focused on blue eyes, we paint our lips with delicate pastel shades that will make the bride more tender. And if you want to emphasize chubby lips, then they need to be painted with bright lipstick, and only mascara should be applied to the eyes.

You can also create a fashionable wedding make-up for blondes more radiant, and try adding a highlighter over the cheekbones and lips, on the forehead, chin and nose. Easy, romantic and gentle make-up for the blonde bride is ready!


“Today, half of the brides increase eyelashes, as it is convenient enough not only for the wedding day, but also for further travel. In other cases, I glue small bundles to make the look more expressive. Most often I use all shades of brown as shadows. When the makeup is minimal, then I try to focus on the color of the bride’s eyes: if the eyes are blue, then these are all shades with yellow pigment (brown, gold, bronze and peach shades), if the eyes are green, then all shades with red pigment (pink, brick , burgundy)).

“I will always recommend nude to brides, because it is easier and safer with him - all day you are kissed and hugged, it’s easy to lubricate makeup. I recommend beautifully accentuated lips to my brides, to sculpt and apply a delicate peach, pinkish or brownish tint, depending on the type. Accent lips are also relevant if the wedding has a certain style. The bride can apply red or brown lipstick, but in this case I advise you to remove the accent from the eyes and do a laconic hairstyle. "

“To prepare the skin, I always advise you to give up two weeks before the wedding from intense tanning, injections, peeling and cleansing. Refrain from any new procedures in order to avoid allergic reactions. An important role is played by a full sleep, so I recommend that all brides get enough sleep before the wedding. In order to avoid edema, it is better not to drink water, tea or alcohol after eight in the evening on the eve of the wedding. ”

“Dry highlighter fades into the background, it is better to use liquid highlighters and primers. They give the skin a natural, healthy glow. ”

Wedding strobe and sparkles - absolute makeup trends 2019

Strobing or a unique skin highlighting technique is, without exaggeration, a must have wedding makeup 2019. While matte leather is rapidly losing relevance, a stunning effect of gloss and natural moisture comes in its place. The bride's face should not only have an impeccable tone, but also shine, exuding delicate overflows. This is achieved by applying shimmer products, weightless powders and highlighters.

Perfect strobing directly depends on the condition and health of the skin. Therefore, in order for the shine on the bride’s face to be organic, it’s worth a few weeks before the wedding to take care of the procedures (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing, peeling, etc.).

Easy summer wedding make-up

Sunny weather creates the perfect backdrop for any wedding, but if you intend to spend a lot of time, or even a whole day outdoors, it is important to do the wedding makeup correctly so that by the end of the celebration it does not “float”.

Before applying wedding makeup, moisturize your skin well. For oily skin, use an oil-free cream. Use a matting agent and an oil base that allows you to hold makeup longer in any conditions.

Most bronzers do not stay in the heat, so it is better to use powder and blush in wedding makeup. In eye makeup, avoid creamy eyeshadows and be sure to choose a waterproof mascara.

Beautiful options for summer wedding makeup 2020-2021 can be very different. Nude wedding make-up remains relevant, red lipstick as a classic can also be used in summer wedding makeup, pastel shades, a shimmering liner and a light smokey also do not lose their popularity.

The perfect combination in wedding makeup in the summer will be bright pink lipstick, pink smokey, eyeliner and a light blush. Wedding makeup with delicate pink lipstick and an accent on the eyes will look gorgeous (elongated eyelashes, arrows and light gray or brown shades, blending with a haze effect).

Wedding Makeup 2019 - Blue Eyes

The image of the bride 2019 makeup plays an important role in creating impeccable onions. For beauties whose eyes are bottomless like an ocean, any makeup is suitable, because this shade has the use of all kinds of colors in the palette of shadows. However, not all brides decide on drastic measures and prefer natural nude makeup. It is performed in beige colors, you can step back a bit from the classics in favor of light pink shades, without fear of getting a painful look. Blue shades are chosen so that they are a couple of shades different from the color of the eyes.

It is worth noting that this version of the make-up will turn out beautiful only in the case when the skin does not have any flaws and diseases.

Wedding Makeup - 2019: Fashion Trends

The bright spring-summer trend - 2019 - radiant skin: evening the tone on the faces of the models, this effect was received by makeup artists who worked on the David Koma, Michael Kors, Noon By Noor and many others.

Perhaps the radiance could refresh the wedding image, but for such a holiday this is still not the best solution, given how many times the bride faces the camera during the holiday. To shine does not turn into a greasy sheen in photos, it is better to choose a matte cream.

And complement it with a trendy golden glow on the cheekbones. Altuzarra, Alberta Ferretti, Badgley Mischka offer to emphasize them with a bronzer, achieving the effect of a “sun-kissed” skin.

Nude style makeup - current classic

More and more brides prefer naturalness. A light wedding make-up in the style of nude perfectly emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride. Its distinctive features are even skin tone and perfect eyebrow design. Nude also involves a gentle emphasis on the lips, long eyelashes and a little blush on the cheekbones.

Bold autumn bride makeup

Fashionable autumn wedding makeup 2020-2021 can be both very bold and bright, and soft and delicate. It all depends on the color scheme and preferred style.

Autumn is a time of saturated colors, so most autumn brides prefer a bold and spectacular wedding makeup. All shades of red, purple, pink and brown colors blend perfectly in bridal makeup.

Usually the emphasis is on the lips, so we can safely say that bright expressive lips are the most popular idea of ​​autumn wedding makeup 2020-2021.

If you are not ready for bold experiments, choose a natural and neutral bridal makeup with which you will look gentle and feminine. Particularly relevant this fall are beige and golden shades that blend well with a neutral shade of lipstick.

Wedding Makeup 2019 - Brown Eyes

Beautiful wedding makeup 2019 on brown eyes is performed to emphasize their brightness. It’s very good to have brown shades in the arsenal, because they fit perfectly with the same eye color. Brown eyes, in themselves a bright accent, in order to smooth out their brightness, you can resort to neutral makeup. Smokey Ice will add languor to the look and luxury in the image. It is better to paint lips with natural tones of beige, pink or cover with a transparent gloss.

Smoky Eyes in a new format

Interestingly, the trends in makeup 2019 do not welcome any aggressive tones characteristic of the smoky technique, but only soft transitions. Use all shades of gray, brown, and blue. By the way, it is the last color that is considered a hit for this year's smoky eyes.Particular attention should be paid to ideal shading, it can be performed in horizontal or vertical direction.

2019 bride makeup for brunettes

Makeup bride 2019 for owners of a resinous shade of hair has some differences. Girls with crow-colored hair initially have a very bright appearance and there is no particular need to focus on makeup. Make-up can be done in pastel shades, add a little pink, purple, blue, if necessary, or if it matches the color theme of the wedding. It is good for girls with such an expressive type of emphasis on the lips - red, burgundy, cherry lips will look amazing.

We offer you the most current trends in wedding makeup 2019-2020 and the best options for beautiful bride makeup.

Perfect wedding makeup in winter

Winter trends of wedding makeup 2020-2021 are also bright and bold, as well as autumn make-up options.

In addition, the aristocratic pallor of the skin appeared in the bride’s winter makeup. The main emphasis in wedding makeup can be both lips and eyes.

Gorgeous wedding makeup in the winter of 2020-2021 is an expressive shade of blush that allows you to adjust the contour of the face. A fashionable palette will allow you to choose the perfect blush to match your skin tone. The most relevant shades will be peach, coral and ash pink.

In wedding makeup, blush will help to set the necessary accents, expressive cheekbones will make the bride's face more elegant.

Natural wedding makeup remains in demand in the winter season, allowing you to make the image unusually delicate and charming.

Smokey eyes

Despite the completely opposite effect of naturalness, Smokey eyes is one of the main trends of this season. At the same time, it goes well with the gentle image of the bride. With the help of bright colors in your eyes, you can make bright accents, emphasize some details of the costume or just maintain a single color concept for the wedding day.

When doing this makeup, there are two options:

  • horizontal shading,
  • shading in the vertical direction.

Spectacular arrows and bright lips

A new idea that won the hearts of many brides. Black, brown, blue or other bright arrows will give the bride's image delightful tenderness and mystery. The length of the arrows, as well as the thickness, must be selected individually for each woman.

This makeup is very curly and accurate. And it depends on the skill of the makeup artist: whether it will be a gorgeous make-up, or a sloppy attempt. Indeed, both the arrows and bright colors on the lips do not tolerate the slightest error in their geometry.

Actual wedding makeup ideas for brunettes

Brunette girls, having dark bright hair, already have some brightness in their image. Therefore, it is best for them to complement this feature with a bright emphasis on lips or eyes:

  • The first step of a fashionable make-up will be an even tone. Do not try to give your skin a tanned appearance with a tonal foundation. This is basically impossible. But such a step can create a funny and awkward look.
  • Then draw eyelids with the help of shadows. You can choose a not very bright shade, but emphasize the eye with an arrow.
  • Eyebrows should be made in advance, and during wedding makeup only bring the shape and color to perfection. For girls with dark hair, the color of the eyebrows should be slightly lighter than the tone of the hair.
  • Further lips. A bright catchy accent can be made on the lips. Do not neglect the color of the lips if you have dark hair. Believe me, as soon as you give your lips at least a little color, the whole image will sparkle with new colors.

Actual wedding makeup ideas for blondes

Girls with blond hair from birth are awarded with special tenderness and charm. It is these features that makeup should strengthen:

  • The foundation should be the same tone as the skin, or just a little lighter. If you want to brighten your complexion, use a small amount of bronzer and highlighter - they will emphasize the cheekbones and make them more voluminous.
  • The emphasis on blonde girls to a greater extent should be placed on the eyes. They can be summed up with dark shadows, for example, dark blue, dark green.
  • The eyebrows of girls with blond hair should be a couple of shades darker. The main thing is not to overdo it with color.
  • Finally, lips can be tinted with a nude shade and a little shine can be added with lip gloss. Such an image will create a whole cloud of tenderness.

On such a significant day as the wedding day, the bride must be 100% confident. A dress, shoes, a bouquet - everything will be ready and familiar to the bride, but the fate of makeup will be decided directly on day X. Therefore, it is so important to choose a specialist with whom you will find a common language, as well as know everything about wedding makeup 2019-2020 years, all fashion trends, trends, have your own ideas, images and photos for examples.

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Wedding Strobing: Wedding Makeup Trends 2019-2020

Wedding strobe is a modern trend in makeup for the bride, when the emphasis is on radiant and glowing skin.

Unlike matte makeup, when any shine on the skin is excluded, strobe is created so that the skin “glows” and shines.

Wedding makeup for the bride using strobe allows you to create a natural and natural image of the bride.

For such makeup, it is very important that the skin is pre-prepared - properly cleaned and moisturized. This allows you to achieve a better result, and to create a truly delightful bride’s wedding makeup.

Strobing bridal makeup is a classic option that is perfect for both evening and daytime makeup.

A special shining face powder will help to create the strobing effect, and you can complement this 2019-2020 wedding make-up with mascara and a gentle shine of natural shades.

Such a bride’s wedding make-up looks very gentle and lovely, creating a natural and natural look.

What new trends appeared in makeup in 2019?

The spring-summer season 2019 brought with it a lot of ideas. For example, classic black arrows can be replaced with graphic “corners”, like those of Rahul Mishra and Rochas. Or the broad arrows, decorated with glitter or rhinestones, almost the entire eyelid and with “tails” on the temples.

Watercolor make-up, like from an artist’s canvas, made with colored shadows, is another trend in which there is freshness and novelty (an example is provided by Lanyu and Esteban Cortazar). By the way, to obtain such a result, there is a technique with a suitable name - watercolor.

And in the makeup of the lips from the new - the addiction of makeup artists to purple shades. Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Marta Jakubowski are among those who offer to focus on lips with lipstick from this range.

In wedding makeup, these ideas will come in handy if the bride does not recognize everything that is “accepted” and likes to surprise and provoke - even on such a day. But for girls who are more important to show femininity and beauty in the traditional sense, such a make-up is hardly suitable.

Fashion makeup - 2019 for a blonde bride

For a blonde with light (for example, blue) eyes, makeup with golden shades is perfect. They will attract attention and make your eyes shine on a holiday. An example from the Monse show is vivid proof of this.

Blonde girls can create a gentle image of the bride with the help of pastel shades. Makeup artists offer to apply them so that you get a mono makeup. Blue, pistachio, mint - in the make-up with the shows Marc Jacobs, Missoni and Peter Pilotto it is clearly seen that these shades are able to emphasize the beauty of the eyes of any color.

The look will be expressive, even if you abandon the carcass - this is another trend.

Blondes should not deprive their wedding image of color. Perhaps bright shades are not the best choice, but gray, golden and gray-brown will definitely come in handy. Nicole Miller, Burberry, Max Mara showed the most successful examples of how they can be used, including in the makeup of the bride.

2019 wedding makeup for the brunette bride

One of the options for brunettes is black arrows or a black stroke of the eye contour.

For blondes, this is not the best solution: too dark and contrasting color in their case deprives facial features of tenderness and softness. Work out the inner contour of the eyes, as in the Tibi show, or experiment with the “corners” like Rochas. We also showed another wedding makeup idea for brunettes with a slight accent on the eyes in this video.

A spectacular and passionate image of a brunette bride is guaranteed by red lipstick. If you carefully apply it on the lips, like Naeem Khan and Burberry, and almost do not tint the eyes, you get a make-up in which there will not be a drop of vulgarity, only an expressive emphasis on the lips.

Many brunettes have vivid facial features that do not need to be highlighted with catchy colors or special make-up techniques. Perhaps the best solution would be to choose naturalness: slightly shimmering beige and pink shades like Giorgio Armani, transparent shine like Versace, neatly combed eyebrows like Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta and Max Mara.

Arrows and velvet lips - stylish and stunning

In 2019, the bride can safely move away from the usual black arrows and red lips. Use brown, gray, blue arrows to draw a captivating look - then you will be in trend. The arrows of the color of the wedding dress (white shades) will create an unusual and original wedding image.

Pay attention to the double arrows, which are rapidly gaining momentum. They can be made with eyeliners of different colors, and also have straight or curved lines at the temples.

Bright lips of ruby, burgundy, wine, raspberry and plum flowers in a matte texture are gaining momentum. They look most spectacular in wedding makeup for brunettes.

Pink is the main color of the wedding make-up 2019

For lovers of romantic images, the portal recommends to carefully look at this trend. Pink is everywhere - on the cheekbones, on the eyelids and on the lips! This color is universal for any color type of appearance, it is only important to choose the right shade.

Wedding makeup bride 2019-2020 in the style of nude

This trend in makeup is as natural and natural as possible, and requires considerable effort to achieve the desired effect.

Nude-style bridal makeup requires that the skin is in excellent condition, without flaws and imperfections.

To create a perfect even complexion you should use a foundation under a foundation and a loose foundation to create the most natural effect.

In nude style wedding makeup, it is very important that the eyebrows are beautifully shaped and well designed, then the wedding nude makeup for the bride will look especially beautiful.

Nude wedding makeup also requires long eyelashes, a gentle accent on the lips and a small amount of blush on the cheekbones.

Nude-style wedding makeup for the bride is the perfect choice for brides who want to look gentle and natural on their own wedding day.

2019 bride makeup for blondes

Wedding makeup for blondes 2019 should have an accent detail. Such a gentle, airy, light appearance requires bright colors. Smoky ice that is too bright will not suit the color type, but it will not be superfluous to lighten the outer corner of the eye with dark shadows or bring it with a black pencil. So the eyes will become more expressive, and the look more open. Red lipstick will make the perfect tandem with white hair, and in combination with arrows on the eyes, they will turn their possessor into a fatal beauty.

A great idea for a fashionable and harmonious wedding makeup of the bride 2019 will be the monochrome style - eyes and lips in one shade. In the spring, pink or peach is most often used for this.

The favorite among the spring make-up, of course, is nude. Just a few touches - and you look amazing. However, it is suitable for brides with absolutely healthy skin, otherwise such a make-up may emphasize facial flaws.

Wedding makeup bride 2019-2020: makeup smokey eyes

Smokey makeup is a very popular bride’s wedding makeup, which has become softer and less aggressive in the new season.

Also, makeup artists from popular fashion houses decided to add new color accents to the bride’s wedding makeup - these are blue, gray-black and brown shades of shadows that look much softer in smoky makeup.

“Smoky” makeup can be created by blending the shadows in both horizontal and vertical directions. Smokey-style bride’s wedding makeup looks very beautiful and spectacular.

Bride makeup 2019 for fair-haired

The perfect makeup of the bride 2019 for brown hair should be restrained and neutral. Carefully shaded eyeliner, matte shades of olive, purple, light brown and light pink nude lipstick will help. Red shades in the eye area are best avoided, they will give a painful, tired look. It is preferable to choose a blush to match the lipstick - this will add freshness and lightness.

The perfect “summer” combination will be lipstick or shine of bright pink color, pink eye shadow using smoky eyes technique, eyeliner and a little blush. This is the perfect makeup option for blondes.

Wedding makeup trends of the bride 2019-2020: wedding arrows and bright lips

The arrows are an important accent that is used in the bride’s wedding make-up for expressiveness and more dramatic effect.

The arrows in wedding makeup can be made not only charcoal black, but also brown or other shades.

The trends of wedding makeup 2019-2020 are bright saturated lips that are especially relevant for creating a spectacular make-up for the bride.

Bright lips of berry shades should be either completely matte or surprise with an excellent glossy gloss.

Autumn bride makeup 2019

Depending on the color scheme and the style of the celebration, autumn makeup 2019 can be both gentle and bold.

The rich shades of the golden season allow the bride to choose bright and spectacular colors for herself. All kinds of shades of red, brown and purple are perfectly combined with each other and enable the bride to create a memorable image. The most striking touch in the autumn make-up is rightfully considered to be lips.

If bold experiments scare you, stop at the gentle option. The most relevant in the fall of 2019 are golden and beige shades that are in good harmony with the lips of a neutral color.

Wedding makeup of the bride 2019-2020: photos, beautiful ideas for wedding makeup

We offer to see the bride’s fashionable wedding makeup and the trends of wedding makeup 2019-2020, beautiful and fashionable ideas for the bride’s wedding makeup - photo in the gallery ...

Winter makeup for the bride 2019

The main emphasis in a winter wedding make-up can be both eyes and lips. In addition, in 2019, aristocratic pallor of the skin, relevant for winter, appeared.

Luxurious wedding makeup at this time is impossible to imagine without expressive shades of blush that perfectly correct the contour of the face. They will help to place accents, and the expressive lines of the cheekbones will make the face more elegant.

We hope that the 2019 wedding trends regarding makeup have inspired you to create a unique look. Be sure to make a trial makeup to avoid unpleasant surprises on your wedding day, and be the most beautiful on your wedding day!

2019 bride makeup for red

Owners of burning fiery curls should choose wedding makeup in 2019 with special care. Mistresses of red hair often have light porcelain skin, so tonal products should be light translucent structure of light shades. Eyebrows are dyed according to the color of the hair or one tone darker. As shadows, the choice should be stopped on light green, gray and sand tones. It is better to replace black bright eyeliner with lighter and carefully shaded analogues.Brides with copper hair can choose any shade of lipstick.