What is a Dream Friend dream about?

Seeing friends healthy and happy in a dream portends good news. You may soon meet someone you love.

To see that your friend is upset, or that his face has darkened, promises illness and suffering.

If you see your friend in the form of an animal - it means that the enemies will soon part you with your loved ones.

If a friend is unexpectedly dressed in bright red clothes, this promises you anxiety and anxiety of loved ones.

If you are dreaming of your friend standing high on a pedestal - you have to accomplish a lot of what you have planned, and a sense of justice will always be inherent in you.

If you see him far below - it portends that at the time of your future successes you will neglect your old attachments.

If in a dream you go away from your friend - this is a sign that, breaking the bonds of friendship. You will begin to look for new experiences.

Shaking hands with a sad and dejected person - to separation from a friend or his loss.

Friend by dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

To find new friends in a dream is a sign that you can discover hidden talents or stumble upon a successful thought. Often such dreams portend participation in a new business, which promises to be successful.

In a dream, to meet an old friend whom you have not seen for a long time indicates that you have to return to business that was once postponed or forgotten.

If in a dream your friends are in a bad mood or upset - such a dream usually warns that in reality you made some mistakes that could harm you.

The mournful look of friends indicates that soon you may have to fasten yourself in some kind of ordeal, but in difficult times you will not be left alone and can count on the support of others.

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Dream friend from A to Z

Making a new friend in a dream - in reality heralding the birth of a child. To see long absent friends is for the upcoming separation from loved ones.

To see a dying friend in a dream - to well-being, to see him dying - means that in reality he will receive something very good. To be a friend of some obscure creature is a sign of illness.

Seeing your friends in a dream healthy and happy - portends good news, perhaps a quick meeting with someone from relatives who are on a long trip abroad.

If your friend in a dream is saddened or upset by something - this is to illness and suffering. To see angry friends, but at the same time to maintain self-control - such a dream promises you mediation in a quarrel between two close friends, whom you will finally reconcile safely.

Seeing a dream about the treachery of friends is a sign that in reality you will be surrounded by their attention and respect, and for lovers, this is a harbinger of a happy ending to their romance.

To dream of hanging a friend’s execution - predicts that if you do not want misfortune, you must make a daring decision in some desperately difficult, almost insoluble matter.

Traveling in a dream in the company of cheerful friends means that you are lucky in creating the perfect family hearth, where the children will be happy, and even more so the couple.

To lose your best friend in a dream and to worry greatly about it - portends a lot of emotional suffering and a hard fight with someone who once was a source of joy and prosperity for you.

Seeing your friends turned into dwarfs in a dream - portends you a long and good health both physically and mentally.

Seeing a friend paralyzed in a dream is a sign that a strange uncertainty will develop in your waking relationship with him, which will make you both worry.

Seeing your friend as an animal - portends that subsequent events unfold in such a way that for a while you will have to part with your relatives.

If a friend is unexpectedly dressed in bright red robes - this promises you anxiety and anxiety of loved ones. A friend standing in a dream on a high elevation beyond your reach - this dream says that you have to accomplish a lot of what has been planned, without compromising your principles and always with your sharp sense of justice.

If on the contrary - you see him somewhere far below, then such a dream warns that, having achieved significant success in life, you can forget about your old attachments.

If you dream that your friends are talking about you, it means worries and anxiety from colleagues and children.

If in a dream you see your friend in the role of a snake charmer, it means that in reality some powerful organization will act in your interests and protect you from the arbitrariness of representatives of the official authorities.

Leaving your friend forever in a dream is a sign that in reality you crave new impressions and sensations.

In a dream, resorting to lies in the name of protecting the interests of your friend - portends that you will cause a lot of undeserved criticism, but, feeling right, keep calm and self-control.

For a young girl to sit in a secluded cave with her friend means that in reality she will fall in love with a dishonorable person and lose true friends.

Often in a dream that you receive a letter from a friend - portends his appearance or leads from him.

To shake hands with a dejected friend when you meet a friend - to separation from him, if not loss.

To be ashamed of the indecent behavior of our generally well-behaved friends - this portends you unfulfilled hopes in the future, which will seriously affect your condition.

The dream in which you are in the most friendly relations with a person whom you do not bear in life - portends that you may be subjected to public ridicule.

Dreaming naked friend

Dream Interpretation Oracle describes a naked friend as a warning. For men, such a vision portends the theft, for a woman it indicates the presence of her sexual attraction to the person she saw, although she is trying to hide it with all her might.

Be more attentive to personal items, do not leave valuable items unattended. Try to control your own feelings if you do not want to complicate the situation.

Friend by dream book Fedorovskaya

You dreamed that your friend was dead - soon you will be at a banquet or presentation, have a great time.

In a dream, you found yourself a new friend - you will soon find yourself in a new company.

If you dreamed that you had a fight with a friend, then you have to spend a few dull days.

Betrayal of a friend in a dream - warns of treason.

Dead dream book friend

The dream of a dead friend portends the appearance of serious obstacles, overcoming them you can continue to move forward. It is necessary to cope with many tasks, but loved ones will not stand aside.

Do not be afraid to ask for help from friends and relatives, you can always count on those whom you fully trust.

Friend by dream book of a modern woman

To see friends healthy and happy in a dream - portends good news, meetings with people you love.

To see a friend upset or sick - to illness and suffering.

If you see your friend in the form of an animal, an early separation with loved ones is possible.

If in a dream you leave your friend, this is a sign that you really will leave him in search of new experiences. To separation from a friend or his loss, there is also a dream in which you shake hands with a sad person.

If your friend dreams of you standing high on a pedestal - you will be able to accomplish a lot of what was planned earlier.

If you see it far below - it portends that at the time of your future successes you will neglect your old attachments.

I dreamed that I put up with a friend

She dreams that they put up with a friend - a prophetic dream that promises similar events in reality. It is necessary to sort out a long-standing quarrel with one of his friends, to reach an agreement on a controversial issue.

Try to restrain your own emotions and not show them too clearly, otherwise there will be no truce.

To dream many friends

Why do many friends dream? One of your buddies is going on a trip. Also, the vision indicates a neglect of your person from a loved one who decided to reconsider his views on life.

Treasure existing relationships with those who are dear to you. Try not to provoke scandals and not be a source of problems.

My husband’s friend

Dream Interpretation Oracle considers a friend of her husband as an alarming sign. You are sexually attracted to this person, but try to hide it in every possible way.

Think about your own behavior in the company of friends of your spouse, your feelings may be mutual.

What is the dream of a friend who has not been seen for a long time

I dreamed of a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time - waking dating is coming. It is likely that you will hear news related to your past. Someone from old acquaintances will make themselves felt.

Do not be afraid to meet new people, but do not forget those you have known for a long time. They will return to your life.

Family dream book

These predictions have been collected for centuries, they contain the great wisdom of the people.

  1. If in a dream you leave your friend, then in real life you will have a long separation.
  2. If he was extravagantly or unusually dressed, then your best expectations will come true in reality. Time to make wishes - and they will certainly come true, because you have fallen into a powerful energy stream.
  3. If you look at a friend from top to bottom, you will soon reach a high financial position. You have huge potential that you will finally notice. You can realize any of your talent and earn good money on it.
  4. A sad and sad friend dreams of unpleasant news that will upset you greatly. It is possible that this news will cause disappointment in a loved one. You will learn some unpleasant facts from his life.
  5. If in a dream you made friends with some stranger, then in reality you will become a victim of deception. For a while, you should stop trusting people and be wary of any offers that come from them.
  6. Walking at the funeral of a loved one in a dream - in reality he will live happily ever after. Most likely, in the near future you will find out that he was going to get married. Such a dream promises love and happiness.
  7. If you dreamed of a friend whom you had not seen for a long time, it means that he is bored and often remembers you. Call him or go on a visit, it will be a joyful and pleasant surprise.
  8. Sometimes a close friend dreams when you really need his help and support. Stop looking for her in dreams and ask for it in real life. He will not refuse, and you can quickly get out of the black bar.
  9. If in a dream a friend asks for your help, then in reality he needs support. While he does not confess to his problems, he will soon tell that he is tormented and makes him worry.

Miller's Dream Book

These predictions are suitable for people who do not really believe in mysticism and magic, but trust psychology.

  1. If in a dream you see your friend climbing a high pedestal, then in real life you will very soon become a successful person.The stars came together in such a way that you will have many opportunities for happiness and prosperity.
  2. If the friend is far from you and a little below, then in reality it's time to draw conclusions from past mistakes. You need to rethink your actions in order to choose the right direction for further growth and development.
  3. If you were running away from your friend, then in reality you have long wanted to end this friendship. Communication with him weighs on you, but you are afraid to put an end to, offend and disappoint. It is time to take a decisive step without regretting anything.
  4. A friend in bright red clothes is a symbol of the dreamer's inner anxiety and anxiety. Too many problems have accumulated in his life that poison the whole existence. We need to try to look at what is happening more positively and change everything for the better.
  5. Sorry and frustrated friends are an unfavorable sign. Soon you will fall ill and will be bedridden for a long time. Take care of your health in order to avoid illness and remain able-bodied.
  6. Healthy and happy friends dream of good, but very unexpected news. Perhaps this will turn your life upside down and take you out of your comfort zone. But as a result, you will take a big step forward in your development.

Dreamed of a friend with whom you do not communicate

What is the dream of a friend with whom you do not communicate? The plot indicates your excessive resentment. If your separation had other reasons, you will meet an important person or receive the long-awaited news.

Do not keep evil in yourself. Perhaps it’s worth forgiving the person you have been offended for a long time.

Friend in Modern Dream Book

To dream of happy friends in good health - predicts that they will receive good news from them. You may soon see them or any of their relatives.

If you see friends in distress or exhausted and sick, they will have illness and misfortune.

Seeing your friends with a darkened face portends a serious illness or trouble.

To see a friend in the guise of an animal warns that your enemies seek to sow discord between you and your friends.

Seeing a friend dressed in bright red clothes - prophesies that some unpleasant events will cause you anxiety, even loss. Friends may be involved.

If you see that your friend is motionless, like a statue, standing on a hill - such a dream means that you will achieve more than you wanted, but you will retain your previous worldview, impressions and knowledge.

If a friend’s figure is lower than you, having achieved success, you will forget about your old friends.

If your friend’s figure is on a par with you, you will fail to reach higher realms.

If you dream that you are moving away from the figure of a friend - in reality you will strive for changes in your life, despite the loss of friendships.

To see that a friend is hiding his face under white clothes means that a person who seeks to be your friend will do harm to you.

If in a dream you shake hands with a person who is unpleasant for you and who looks sadly at you during parting, such a dream warns you about the loss of a close friend.

Dreaming new friend

To meet a new friend in a dream means to reveal extraordinary abilities in oneself or to mature for procreation. All undertakings will be able to be successfully completed, and serious obstacles will not arise.

Properly use the noticed talents. Do not waste them and do not bury yourself.

21st Century Dream Interpretation

What does the Friend dream of and what does it mean:

Friend - A Dream in which you see a friend - as a rule, a reflection of upcoming events, that is, what you see in a dream - will happen soon in reality.

To dream of a friend and laugh with him - to separation from him, to help him - to receive long-awaited help, to argue with him - to his infidelity, to see him dead - to unexpected news, to speak with a dead friend - to important news, his words - true.

Dream Interpretation AstroMeridiana

Why dreamed of losing a Friend

Former friend - to see your former friend in good health means receiving a gift or good news in the near future. Seeing your former friend sick means you have to let go of your memories and enjoy the pleasant moments of the present. To see your former friend and yourself in some new unfamiliar place - get ready for trouble at work. You also lose interest in real-life events.

A girl’s former friend may dream if you haven’t let go of his relationship with him. If he constantly dreams, you need to call him, make an appointment and figure it out completely so that dreams no longer repeat. Having sex with a former friend in a dream - you are sexually unsatisfied. A former friend may also dream of a quarrel with the present.

A boyfriend’s friend - to see him cheerful, joking, to have a good time in his company - you and a guy are in for a good relationship. If a boyfriend’s friend leaves you somewhere, then such a dream can mean a change in life, up to parting with your boyfriend. Also, seeing a boyfriend's friend in a dream may mean that he will become your patron.

Best friend - in a dream, it means that everything in your relationship is cloudless, he will always provide you with the support you need, you trust each other in everything. Seeing a best friend sick, sad, poor is an unpleasant surprise. A quarrel with a best friend in a dream to a waking quarrel.

Old friends - banal nostalgia overcame you. You download from the old days when everything was simpler. If they are healthy and they have everything in order, then pleasant changes in life await you, if you receive disappointing news about old friends in a dream, then you will have to prepare for troubles and waking illnesses.

Psychological interpreter Furtseva

According to dream book Friends

  • The dreaming friend is cheerful and healthy - to the good news, a meeting with a dear person.
  • A frowning friend or with a darkened face is a harbinger of illness, concern.
  • Shake hands with a friend - to break ties.
  • friend in the image of an animal - enemies seek to separate you from their close circle.
  • Why see a friend on a dais - all your plans will come true, you will be fair to others on the way to the goal, achieve success by honest work.
  • Seeing a friend far below is a warning. Achieving success, you forget about old ties, true friendship, move away from loved ones.
  • Seeing many friends in a dream - you are too jealous.

East Dream Friend

Happy friends - dream of good news, even a meeting with someone from your family or friends is possible.

To see friends in trouble or in illness means that they face health problems. The same means a dream in which you see a friend with a darkened face.

If you see a friend in the guise of an animal - be careful: the enemies are trying to bring discord into your relationship.

A friend is dressed in bright red clothes - you are in danger of trouble and loss.

I dreamed of a motionless figure of a friend, located on a hill - you can count on great success, while maintaining the same outlook on life and not losing good relations with friends.

However, if the figure is located lower, you will have to pay for success at the cost of losing a friend.

If the figure is located on the same level with you - you should not count on success.

If you see how the figure of a friend moves away from you, then you will try to make changes in your life, at the risk of losing friends.

I dreamed that a friend was trying to hide his face - be ready for deception on the part of someone who pretends to be a friend.

If you shake hands with a person who is unpleasant to you, you can lose a loved one.

Dreams that a friend is crying

Dreaming like a friend is crying - it is possible that in reality you do not treat your loved ones the way they deserve. Think about it, perhaps recently you offended someone or did not live up to expectations.

Find a way to improve the situation, do not quarrel with someone who is really dear to you.

Dreamed a lost friend

Dreamed a lost friend - an alarming sign. In the real world, you may be in danger. It’s better not to tackle things that seem risky or dishonest.

In the near future, you should not risk it and get involved in adventures. If possible, it’s better not to go out and start new business.

Dreaming of saying goodbye to a friend

Why dream of saying goodbye to a friend? In reality, meet a nice person. But if you were sad at parting, in reality you can lose something dear or fail. If a girl says goodbye to a friend, your relationship will deteriorate.

New acquaintances can be very helpful. But despite this pleasant episode, it is better not to spend large sums and not to undertake large projects.

Friend according to the dream book of Catherine the Great

Friend - The friend you saw in a dream is healthy and cheerful - you have reason to expect good news. You dreamed that a friend was upset or sick - a dream portends you a disease, pain. A friend appears to you in a dream in the form of an animal, he wants to say something, but he cannot - a dream warns you of an imminent separation from loved ones, the separation will be long. On a friend it’s like red clothes - close people will worry about you. Your friend sits motionless on a chair and does not pay attention to you - you will receive bad news about your friend, you will try to help him. A friend stands high above you - perhaps on a hill - everything that you have in mind will happen. A friend is standing below - perhaps in a valley or in a ravine - a dream warns: do not forget your friends when everything is going well for you. You quarrel with a friend - you quarrel with him in real life, another interpretation of sleep: you are tired of your usual environment, you want new experiences, you want a change of scenery. You shake hands with a friend, and he is sad, silent, looks away - there is a chance that your friend will die or leave forever, in any case you will lose your friend. You see that your friend is dying - well-being awaits you.

Why dream a drunk friend

You see in a dream a drunk friend - you will soon begin to sort things out. It is possible that you will become the initiator of the quarrel. Try not to conflict with friends, especially because of the little things.

Try not to provoke a comrade to harsh words and not to infuriate him. Swearing will not work.

Dreamed that they were arguing with a friend

She dreams that they were arguing with a friend - they have to experience frustration and disappointment due to the person who visited you in a dream. You cease to control what is happening and are not able to change anything.

Pull yourself together and concentrate on the main thing, try to keep the situation at least in its present form.

Romantic dream book

What is a Friend Dreaming of

  • The dreaming home of a friend - to near happiness in love.
  • To make a new friend is a new acquaintance, it promises family replenishment in the family.
  • Why see a sharp change in the face of a friend - a partner will betray you, and you will part with him.
  • The girlfriend dreamed - quarrels with the loved one are possible from scratch.
  • To see an ex-girlfriend in a dream - to parting with a loved one due to misunderstanding, listen to the words, surround with care.
  • A girl seeing a meeting with a friend in an unpleasant, secluded place is a warning that soon she will be visited by love for a bad person.
  • Traveling in the company of friends - the future marriage will be happy.

Why does a friend dream about Miller’s dream book

If a friend dreamed happy and healthy - you can count on getting good news soon. In addition, such a dream promises a meeting with a person dear to the heart.

To see that a friend is very upset or that he has a painful complexion is a bad dream, portending illness and suffering.

A dream where your friend appears in the form of an animal means that enemies or ill-wishers will soon separate you from your near and dear one.

Seeing a friend dressed in red or bright clothes you need to be prepared for imminent troubles and worries.

Seeing in a dream a friend who is standing on a podium means that soon you will have a lot of things to do, which will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of everything conceived.

To leave a friend in a dream means that in real life you will have to break off a long relationship with someone and go in search of new acquaintances and impressions.

Freud's Dream Book

This psychotherapist interpreted dreams in terms of sexuality.

Here are his predictions:

  1. If in a dream you had fun with your friends, then secretly dream of trying something new in sex. But your desired experiments are condemned in society, so you have not yet decided to try.
  2. If you dream of a closest friend, then in reality you are a very jealous person. It is difficult for you to stop controlling your partner; you are constantly trying to limit his freedom. But if you continue to strangle him with suspicions, you will part, so you should work on yourself.
  3. Sometimes a friend is a symbol of a competitor and rival. You are not sure of your second half, you think that someone is trying to take her away. or unsure of themselves, which, in principle, is one and the same.

What is a Friend Dreaming of

Having a close friend in a dream means that you can count on the help of friends in a difficult situation. A dream in which you unexpectedly meet a friend predicts that you will soon hear from him. Eating or drinking with a friend in a dream is a harbinger of great trouble.

Sometimes such a dream indicates that you will have to share his adversity with a friend.

To see a friend in a dream - to gossip, contention and family squabbles, sometimes to receive news of this person.

To dream of a friend who has not been seen for a long time means that he remembers you. To find out in a dream that your friend is dead is to receive news of his marriage. Seeing your friend joyful in a dream - to receive good news and a good day.

Seeing him sad is a bad day and bad news. Being in a dream in the company of friends and enemies together is a sign that soon either one of your friends will become your enemy, or vice versa. To dream of your friend in a different guise - expect deception from your loved ones, the disclosure of which will lead to a break.

Pay attention to how your friends are dressed in a dream. If their clothing attracts your attention in a dream, then See interpretation: clothing. Look at each other from the bottom up - to fulfill the bold hopes that you will strive to achieve, as well as the same position that your friend has reached, look from top to bottom - a harbinger of the fact that because of your arrogant behavior or selfish motives you can lose friends .

Leaving a friend in a dream (or seeing a friend leaving you) is a sign of separation from another.

Female dream book

If a girl dreamed of her friend, this could mean:

  1. Happy and in a good mood - wait for great news that will lead you into complete delight.
  2. Sad and frustrated - to illness, ill health and loss of energy. You worked too much, now you are exhausted and need a rest. Try to find time to restore strength and avoid the sad consequences.
  3. In bright clothes and a little clownish look - you care too much about what impression you make on others. Perhaps they are dependent on the opinions of others and lose yourself in it, forget about your true desires, needs.
  4. You quarrel - in reality, exciting adventures await you, which will present a lot of unforgettable emotions. It's time to go on a trip or get to know new people more actively.

Intimate dream book

If I had a dream about a Friend

Seeing a friend in a dream means that in the near future fate will seem to lead you by the hand, bypassing all possible obstacles. For relationships with your loved one you will be provided with excellent conditions, you can realize all your long-dreamed dreams and plans. You will find several wonderful days that will help strengthen your relationship.

Interpretation in popular dream books

The images that arise in a dream can be completely unexpected, as well as the circumstances in which they are formed. Indeed, in this way a person receives the necessary information from his own subconscious and the information field of the surrounding world.These waking oddities will be a great clue.

The interpretation of night visions is largely dependent on the emotional mood with which the sleeping person woke up. When unpleasant images appear in a dream, taking on the appearance of friends, then you should not be scared. These signs should be interpreted as a warning that in reality you will have to survive the negative events. In the case when such images carry positive emotions, then this is good.

However, the answer to the dream will be more complete if we turn to its details. Here is what the famous dream books will tell:

  1. Miller's Dream Book. Funny, happy comrades in a dream - this is great news. If a friend dreamed with a sad face, the color of which also darkened, then this is a bad omen. Such a dream indicates negative events, diseases. Shaking hands in a dream sad friend promises his loss. I dreamed that you were leaving him, turning away, which means that in reality you will break your friendship with him. When a companion comes in a dream in the form of an animal, then separation will be necessary from those who are close through the fault of detractors. A friend dressed in red - in reality, experience anxiety for family people. He appeared to be standing high on a pedestal. Such a dream means that everything conceived will be fulfilled in a wonderful way. The decision that a person will make will be fair. When the dreamer observes himself, standing on a dais, and the friend is far below. Such a night story means that you will neglect him when you achieve great success in life. A former friend is dreaming - the past is haunting. It is possible that conscience woke up and the person is tormented by the fact that he is not able to receive forgiveness for his bad deed.
  2. Dream Interpretation Longo. To see a friend in a dream, means, very soon to meet him in reality. If this happened recently, then a similar picture predicts life difficulties that threaten a comrade. Need to help him.
  3. Modern dream book. To see friends joyful and healthy - to receive good news, there is a meeting with loved ones. I dreamed that they were in trouble, which means that in reality there will be serious problems. To observe the plot that the comrade took the form of an animal, in reality someone hostile will try to quarrel the sleeping man with friends. To see how a comrade covers his face under a white blanket - in reality there is a person next to the sleeping person, only pretending to be his friend. In fact, he wants to do a lot of damage.
  4. Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov. I dreamed of a friend whom I had not met for a long time. In reality, well-wishers will remember the good deeds that were committed by the sleeper. If the death of a friend was dreamed in the night dreams, then in reality he will soon marry. Watching him sick - to the bad news, healthy - to the good.

What does a friend dream about in the Great Encyclopedic Dream Book

The dream in which you travel with friends is very lucky in creating a happy family. If you dream of a friend (or friends) who looks like a dwarf, then your health will not leave you for a long time, both mental and physical. A dream is considered favorable in which you visit a friend (at his home, or even in a hospital).

If a girl sees in a dream a friend with whom she will sit in any secluded and terrible place, she needs to be prepared that soon she will fall in love with a bad person and at the same time lose all her friends.

A dream in which you are friends with a person you hate in real life warns that there is a high probability of being subjected to public insults and ridicule.

Why many friends dream

When many friends dream, they are joyful and healthy - this is a good omen that promises a meeting and great news. Some of the nuances seen in a dream may emphasize its interpretation. For example, if it seemed in the night story that the sleeping man is having fun in the company of his friends, this means the well-being of the most diverse aspects of life, satisfaction with one's own situation and complete contentment.

Such a dream has another interpretation - very soon a wonderful festive event will take place, which will bring the dreamer a lot of joy.

What a friend dreams of - English Dream Book

A dream in which a friend cries does not bode well; problems or illnesses will not pass by. Seeing a dead friend in a dream is a good outcome, everything will end in a fun wedding.

To see a friend sick or weak is a sign that it is necessary to change, a quick-tempered and inanimate character will not bring to good.

If a friend appears in the guise of someone - you should be careful, the enemy or rival will do everything to separate you from your loved one.

To see that a friend wants to hide from you or covers his face is a sign that this person is only impersonating a friend, but he is actually plotting you.

What does a friend dream of a dead, deceased or friend’s death

Unfavorable is a dream in which you see the death of a friend. But on the other hand, in dreams, death means renewal and a symbol of new life. Having seen such a dream, you should be prepared for the fact that significant changes will occur in life, which must be calmly accepted.

If in a dream your friend commits suicide, then in life you will have to be very worried about some kind of event.

Hug a dead friend in a dream - get rid of fears in reality. If the deceased calls you somewhere - you cannot follow him, otherwise a serious illness or depression will seriously destroy you. Hearing in a dream the voice of a deceased friend, you need to understand that he gives some sort of warning.

Had a dream about killing a friend

It is a dream that they killed a friend - to the appearance of serious troubles, dangers for one of your close friends. If the murder of a friend happened before your eyes, you will find out information about your friend that will upset you very much.

Do not remain indifferent, give your friends all kinds of assistance in difficult times for them. Your help and support will be very important for them, and your disinterested attitude to what is happening will receive a worthy reward.

Unique dream book of Tatyana Radchenko

Friend - Intimate conversation. If you dreamed of a friend whom you had not seen for a long time - a recollection of previous merits. Seeing a friend sick is disturbing news. If you are moving away from a friend - a break in relations due to a combination of circumstances. If you shake hands with a friend - absolute mutual trust. Saying hello to a friend is a pleasant surprise.

Big modern dream book

Friend - what does the dreamer dream about?

The friend you saw in a dream is healthy and cheerful - you have reason to expect good news. You dreamed that a friend was upset or sick - a dream portends you a disease, pain. A friend appears to you in a dream in the form of an animal, he wants to say something, but he cannot - a dream warns you of an imminent separation from loved ones, the separation will be long.

On a friend it’s like red clothes - close people will worry about you. Your friend sits motionless on a chair and does not pay attention to you - you will receive bad news about your friend, you will try to help him. A friend stands high above you - perhaps on a hill - everything that you have in mind will happen. A friend is standing below - perhaps in a valley or in a ravine - a dream warns: do not forget your friends when everything is going well for you. You quarrel with a friend - you quarrel with him in real life, another interpretation of sleep: you are tired of your usual environment, you want new experiences, you want a change of "scenery".

You shake hands with a friend, and he is sad, silent, looks away - there is a chance that your friend will die or leave forever, in any case you will lose your friend. You see that your friend is dying - well-being awaits you.

Seeing a school friend in a dream

A school friend dreamed - a favorable sign. Soon you will receive a gift or a substantial sum of money. Be that as it may, the vision foreshadows exclusively positive.

Properly dispose of the funds received. Avoid unnecessary waste and extra purchases.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the most profound and important clues.

Everyday Dream Book

Household Interpretation of a Friend's Dream

Friend - If you dreamed of a friend, you can soon expect a pleasant surprise or a long-awaited meeting. This, of course, is true, but only if your friend is cheerful and healthy in a dream. But if you see a sick friend, or a friend with a darkened face, you should expect unpleasant news. By the way, quite often a sick friend can be dreamed of by a person with subtle intuition even if he is really sick, or your friend has some major troubles. In any case, you should call and ask about his well-being, his life.

If in a dream you see a friend’s figure, which is located on a hilltop, it means that you will be promptly moving up the career ladder without any troubles and losses. But to see in a dream a friend whose figure is below you - a very likely career advance will be accompanied by the loss of people close to you.

If you are standing at the same height with a friend, no changes in your career are expected in the near future. If a friend hides his face in a dream, we hide his face, then in reality this person will bring you trouble, knowingly or not. If in a dream you say goodbye hand to a sick, exhausted person, most likely this means death, a serious illness or a long separation.

Dream Interpretation - old friend, childhood friend

In all dream books, an old friend who dreamed in a dream bears a good sign. Such a dream portends pleasant surprises and meetings in the near future. But, it is worth paying attention to the state in which a friend is in a dream, if he is healthy and in a good mood, then the dream is favorable.

In the case when your friend appears in a sick and sad state - this indicates a possible family quarrel. It is also worth taking the time to meet or call this person, most likely he needs your support or help.

Friend of the great dream book Phoebe

What does Friend mean in a dream - you will receive some extremely important information for you, on which your further success depends. Imagine one of your trusted trusted friends (it must be a real person, not a fictional character). Imagine that you met him after separation, and both are happy to see each other. You hug amicably, greeting each other, and then talk, sharing news.

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dreaming of a dead friend. you know, such a dream is vivid, he says that he remembers me, and I miss him, and he’s alive ...

This is my dream, only the last time I accidentally sent him under a different name.
I dreamed that with the same friend (paraglider) we live in different worlds. And we visit each other. In his (other) world we got married, and the church marriage. (I am not a believer). It would be necessary in ours, and it is necessary to conclude secular. But for some reason it doesn’t work out. Then I dream of a device with which I communicate with someone distant. It seems to be with his relative from Latvia. Which, with the help of the device, reports that she is constantly drooling and she does not know what to do. Mouth watering. The device is a vertical stand with some wooden handles (square in section). Several rows of pens. They must either twist or tilt.
Actually not a very confused dream.

I think that contact with a parallel world reflects a real event according to the ideas of quantum physics. You really have something to do with it. The image of the communication device (the device is a vertical stand with some wooden handles (square in cross section), several rows of handles, whether they need to be twisted or tilted) indicates the interest of an alien computer hostile to your body. “Current drooling” confirms someone’s desire to profit at your expense.

Sorry, Analyst, but I don’t understand whether you seriously or yourself want to have fun at my expense. Are you fooling me? Do you really believe that I have contact with some other world and that some device is hostile to me? Maybe you will advise me to turn to a fortune-teller? I read one of your transcripts in which you scare the girl, saying that she is under the strong psychological influence of another person. It would not be possible to turn in this way our already unbalanced ladies, who write here, into complete neurasthenics. By the way, why did you decide that the device is hostile to me? It was not at all hostile. Is this not from your unconscious?

Parallel worlds are like dreams or the Internet, or both at the same time. For example, a device with square handles is very similar to the web page of this site, then square handles are pictures with the inscription “hint of the oracle”. It seems like the truth, considering that at that moment you were passionate about this site. Or this is e-mail - there are also a lot of "square pens." Thus, a relative whose saliva (dreams) is drooling is possibly one of the friends on the site who would like to receive your comment personally (or someone was really looking forward to your letter). And a delta glider friend is then something similar (church marriage, for example, may indicate that you agree on one another). As for the hostility of the “device”, if we assume that my interpretation of this dream is correct, then the “device”, for you personally, is really more likely positive than vice versa.

Many thanks. Very interesting. I also thought that the device is, perhaps, email. As for a relative from Latvia, this is really a relative from Latvia.

Unfortunately, the dream is long-standing. I think maybe again to start recording and sending new dreams here?

Many summers to those who sing in a dream. All parts of the world can lie at the bottom. All continents can burn in the fire, But all this is not for me.

I had a dream. that I was informed that my best friend died (as I did not understand, most likely tragically) then I see a coffin, in a coffin my friend, people around, our common friends. I cried. the thoughts were: firstly, it was a pity, there was a good person, and secondly, with whom I will now communicate, he was the only friend. Then I went to smoke, look, and he stands alive. I could not believe my eyes, I was very happy, I say that you died, he says no and didn’t think I said you are lying in a coffin, he came up and looked, and then I woke up.

The image of death has two meanings: the end of a previous experience and the end of life. Since here you can show a friend how he lies in a coffin, this means that we are talking about the end of a previous experience in a relationship with him. As before, it will not be anymore. Because Because we grow Someone grows faster someone slower Tree that has become taller than others is left alone But for him it is a valuable experience

such a mystical dream I had a dream here about me and my friend.
about the murdered professors. I don’t even know what to think. a dream like that.

I’m sitting at home in the evening, it’s already dark, and suddenly I start to worry about my friend. I get up, go to him.
to go close. the house is small neat (as in general, everything related to my friend: he is very
neat!), in the middle of a well-kept garden. there are many such houses, but in reality he takes pictures
an apartment. the windows are glowing. he opens the door for me, silently, without greeting, and goes deep into the house. he
very calm, even too much.he is dressed at all in a non-domestic way: everything is very light (light
ocher - his favorite light in clothes), freshly ironed. I enter, I see his mother. that is, in fact
in fact, I never saw his mother and, moreover, I’m sure that she looks different:
the woman who met me looks rather young and energetic, and his mother is over 70 and, according to him
stories, she walks with difficulty. nevertheless, in a dream I know for sure that his mother is. I ask
what happened. she doesn’t answer, she just makes some kind of gesture, such as “walk, ask yourself.” I go to
into his room, but I don’t go inside. he goes to meet me. I go to him, hug,
literally hang on his neck. he hugs me too. I ask: “dear, what are you with yourself
did ?! ”he says:“ I ended up with myself. ”I’m upset, I’m starting myself
blaming that I had overlooked, left a lot in difficult times ... but it seemed somehow very calm.
rather sad than nervous. he comforts me and says that
it’s not scary, and if I want, we can spend four hours a day together in my sports club
dad. I agree, realizing that it’s kind of like a deal with the devil, but it is more dear to me. we are flying out
at home. not just through a window, not just through a wall. we’re either flying or walking along the empty nights
to the streets. We are in the club. Dad conducts classes (it really has nothing to do with reality).
we sit down in a corner, hug, chat. they don’t seem to notice us. at some point the coach
(it seems he’s not dad anymore) tells him that he’s interfering here. we get up and go. here I understand that
everyone sees him, but I do not: he says something to me, I answer, and my voice turns around in
the hall. they clearly do not see me and do not understand who he is talking to! with us from the club, like,
the dog comes out. we are flying to my house. now, it seems, we are both invisible. flying not very high.
fly to my house. part of the house is destroyed. open some door, go into someone’s picture.
from that moment in my head it’s as if someone is reading a book describing what is happening in style
Bulgagova (I re-read it on the eve of the “Master and Margarita :) :) in general, some sleep episodes are strongly on
whip away plagiarism :)). we find ourselves in a rather large room. sleeping on two large beds
people. the moon shines through the window. from our manipulations with the doors, someone wakes up, goes to see if everything is
in order. he does not see us (we are invisible!) and falls asleep again. we go to the next room, go to bed
on a free bed and probably fall asleep. anyway, the next moment that I remember
that we are lying on the bed, the moon is still shining, and all the same voice says that in the afternoon no one
I didn’t notice anything unusual. didn’t notice how we flew out the window. under the word we
indeed we fly out the window. and here I am left alone. my friend is sought. zhmsij on this occasion zero,
the feeling that it is necessary. I find myself alone in a small courtyard with some trees and lights in
tubs on the bars of the yard. here from the house where I just flew out, a little runs out
a red dog and starts barking and jumping at me. there is no feeling that she is evil, but I still
I try to rise higher (I'm still flying!), but I can’t rise above the level at which
the dog almost gets me. I grab the trunk of some tree in the tub, hoping to catch myself
taller and wake up.
(with transliteration)

I dreamed that my friend, with whom we had almost parted, hugs me, as in the midst of our romance, and explains that he tried not to meet with me, because he had to figure out himself, divorce his wife and settle his affairs. The action takes place in an unfamiliar hotel, which is either unfinished or dismantled: some walls are missing. We speak English (We speak English in life, because it is his native language. We almost always meet at a hotel, because he lives in another country, and comes here on business trips).At the end of a dream (I don’t remember the transition) I pack my things, even go to my first place of work to take something as a keepsake - I am clearly preparing for departure. In a dream, no one made offers to me - for some reason it’s clear that I’m going to get married. No evocations, as if I had received what I had been waiting for, and took it for granted. Very clear dream, no fiction.
In life it was like this: He was my boss, we had an uproar. Mutual love, trust, expectation of a meeting. He is married. Divorce is possible, but very problematic. I never raised this question, but sometimes he himself spoke up on this topic with half-hints, in some roundabout ways, as if figuring out what I expected from him. As if he constantly faced a painful choice. I changed the job. The beginning of resentment, the clarification of relations, mutual accusations. He began to spend less and less time with me, which he really has not enough, but recently he has been deliberately not looking for him, not trying to see me. So we part for a year.
Where did such a dream come from?

Mne snilos chto u moego druga, prosto druga, dlinnuye resnitsyi, ya s nim govorila na raznyie temu. chto byoi eto znachilo?

Hello! I'd like to hear your opinion about what happened.
I had a dream. My friend tells me that he found a girlfriend. Her name is Tanya. And he tells me that he needs to talk to me, and he will call at 11 o’clock.
At that time (when I had a dream), I was in another country. Upon arrival to Russia, a friend came to visit me, we chatted and I told her my dream, we laughed and looked at the clock, it was about 10 a.m. when at 11 ( exactly!) the doorbell rang was no longer funny. My friend came in and said that he had a new girl and her name is Tanya. I was surprised not so much by my friend as a dream come true. I did not believe that this could happen. It was pretty for a long time, but still now I'm married and all the unpleasant dreams about my husband I perceive very leznenno.
Although, again, my ex-boyfriend was with his girlfriend Tanya for a very short time and still begs me to leave her husband and return to him. I will be very grateful for the clarification.

I had a dream about my friend who died two months ago. I saw him alive, allegedly after a long illness. There were a lot of people around him, vanity. I could not get to him in any way. Then we were at the table, we ate everything and I could not eat, I looked at him with eyes full of tenderness in love, and I could not understand how you can eat when he sits nearby, alive. Then I escorted him home, on an evening winter road. The lanterns shone softly, I told him how happy I am that he is nearby. And he suddenly began to insult me, saying "what do you think of yourself, leave me alone, I never took seriously interest in you, I just used you" it really hurt hear all this, but I didn’t believe his words — I looked at him and didn’t recognize — apparently it was him, but the soul was not his ... It seems that all those doubts that I had about our relationship were awakened and expressed to me .. Then I cried and tried to leave, but he wouldn’t let me go and said that I would not disgrace he was in front of his neighbors ... it was night, he offered to put me in a taxi, but I refused saying that I would get there and it wasn’t his problem ... then I remembered that I didn’t have a penny of money, and I don’t know where I was ... I went down the stairs on the road flooded with lanterns, but he didn’t even look after me ... I woke up in strange feelings, I began to doubt his sincere attitude towards me during my life, I was confused and lost and did not know how to cope with this sudden variable in his attitude to me ... maybe he just wanted me to move away from him, and oetomu pushed me?

For a year now, an old friend has been dreaming of who has been courting me for a long time, offering his hand and heart, and I refused him. Now he appears to me in a dream in different images, pushing up to the half-beast of the half-man he is being chased. I'm trying to protect him. We have not seen each other for a long time and I don’t know anything about him, and I don’t even know where to find out.I cannot find common acquaintances in Moscow and Russia; he does not live at the old address. This dream confuses my soul, it rushes about and worries, it hurts, if in a word.

My man and I came to visit his friend (I know this family in reality - his friend is a Kabardian-a very rich man, bright, polite and powerful. His wife walks along the string). We came to a dark room - a small one, but with a very high ceiling and one large and high window. The room was hung with rags of motley fabric, rags were lying on the floor ... On a wide windowsill lay a long black whip, with a twisted handle. Long - longer than a regular stack, and with a thin tail at the end. Very beautiful - I wanted to pick it up and examine it better. My man said that I would stay here and he would leave. I was left alone with the owner. In obedience to his order, I was on the bed, naked, a hundred-something like a roller was placed under my hips, so that the buttocks were held high. I knew that the owner of the house was going to chop me with this whip, and I knew that my man at this moment was doing about the same thing with the owner's wife. I had no fear of pain, nor was there any particular embarrassment ... There was only a strange feeling of “excellent student” - I wanted me to be able not to scream loudly. because then my man, returning, will not praise me ... I remember the excitement of pain, concentration, cold ... I remember that I tensely listened to what my man was doing at the back of the house with that other woman. But there was no blow, instead I turned out - I don’t remember how, - hurrying to the station, running through the square, through the damp snow, going down the long stairs down, down, several floors underground - in search of a metro station, the ladders went further and further and there was no metro. The clock is everything. I missed the train. I thought that I needed to get a cell phone and call my man who stayed in that house to say that I was late ... I am 32 years old. What to associate a dream with? I often dream of being late for the train, but what came first ...

For a long time I lived in Ukhta (the city where my best friend was born), where I did my business, and then I came to St. Petersburg, went to see him, but he was not at home, I asked his parents where he was, they replied that he was at work. And then I came to his work and asked how much he earned per month. To which I answered him, come with me and you will earn the same amount only in dollars and per week. He went. My business was that I built houses for the "new Russians." I had a 3-floor apartment. I brought him to his new apartment (she was next to mine) from my house I could go through the door to him. Then we walked and went to a very expensive restaurant, I gave his parents a ticket to the resort.

I stand on the sidewalk and my friends come to meet me. One of them I have not seen for 11 years and the other died 8 years ago. They go see me smiling and we talked about something. Moreover, my first friend never dreamed about the second I clearly realize in a dream that he died and therefore I am very glad to see him.

In a dream, I am a young man. I dream (in a dream) a man who, supposedly, is an ideal to which he should strive. And that pushes me to argue with my best friend. We board a boat and try to fish. The debate erupts, we are talking about archery. He gets excited, marks into one of the tree trunks growing in a group on the shore. He fires an arrow, but it behaves very strangely. As if under the influence of a strong wind, it deviates and flies in the opposite direction. I feel that the young man holds her with his attention, not taking his eyes off her for a second, she describes the circles around the lake, as if on an invisible thread, approaches us, but then he directs her towards the target, and she hits the trunk of a tree, the truth seems to be not the one. Which he outlined, but the closest.

Next, my other friend dreams of a perfect woman, and I also see this dream. The woman is pretty scary. She is in purple and her face is hidden in the darkness. Something bright yellow is present.The second man, that is, I, walks around the room of the awakened dreamer, portraits of a woman from a dream are hung on the walls. These are blurry pictures, black eyeliner without eyes, for example, everything is purple-black with yellow. I see how this woman appears through a dreamer, I come closer. It is as if she is separating from him, I am sexually aroused, trying to connect with her and wake up

He dreamed of a friend whom he had met before. He was drunk (although he doesn’t drink in life), smoked (he doesn’t smoke), was gray-haired and stood with a dog. He talked with me. Then he came to me and disappeared.

I dreamed that I was at home, I needed to pass the documents to my ex-husband, I really did not want to do this. My friend snagged on to visit, in any case, I felt that it was my friend, but I saw him for the first time. he just lives in the house of his ex-husband, and I asked to give him the documents, he agreed. Then, in a conversation, I asked how my ex-husband was doing (he was interested in me in the city or not), to which my friend replied that he died, smiling, as if laughing (I experienced a strong shock). Then my close friend joined us (but she is not in the city right now), with a friend of mine, they brought me a rat as a present. There was a lot of sand in the box, and digging it out I found several small rats and my rat (he is very sick now), I wanted to take a small rat, but when I saw all of them (including mine), I was unsettled, and my friend’s friend said that I can take only one, I took my rat in my arms and said that I could not take anyone, that Hans had not died yet, and that would be just a betrayal on my part.

I have a friend - his name is Victor - a very nice talented person. I rarely communicate with him, we meet mostly by accident. So, I dream that I meet him after a long break, and he invites me to his home. Until that period, when we did not see each other, we had a romance (in fact, we had no relationship except friendly relations), but we broke up - I don’t know for what reason, but I know that peacefully, without scandals. And in his apartment (and in a dream, and in fact he lives with his parents), a child of two or three years old runs around. I look at the child and understand that he is mine, and the behavior of others confirms this. It seems that the child, seeing me, speaks. At the same time, I don’t remember being pregnant, bearing and giving birth to him. But despite this, I clearly know that I am his mother! Thus, I find myself in the position of a man who made a child and left without knowing it, and Victor - in the position of a woman who does not want to have an abortion or return a man because of the child (but at the same time he is a man, I'm a woman). I'm in shock, I say:. He seems to be saying that he did not want to burden me with his problems. In the end, we both regret that we broke up and live happily all together. I had this dream for a long time, but still memories of it make me feel strange. Explain, please, what would all this mean?

My friend, with whom I live, did not sleep at home, and in the morning he wakes up not next to me, but in the bed, which stands at my headboard. He says hello to me in a gentle voice, as he always does. But I already know that he was not at home at night. We go in the kitchen, the phone rang there, I hear a woman's voice talking to him, then I turn around and say that I'm leaving. He says he does not know who it is. But she says that the girl is seeking a residence permit. I can already hear it at the door. I open the first door and ask him: "You weren’t alone tonight?" He replies: "Yes, not alone." Then I hit him on the shoulder and say that I'm leaving. He says: “Go away” (calmly). here the dream ends, I wake up. Throughout my sleep I'm jealous and angry. I was very surprised that he calmly said: “Go away,” he usually stops me (in life). It seemed to me that he was joking, but somewhere she believed him.

I also had this dream a long time ago, at the end of winter.I dreamed that my friend gives birth to a child (most importantly, without pregnancy without any), doctors come to the ambulance man and woman to help him give birth, a wild disorder forms in the apartment in the process, in general he gives birth to a weak child, and here I recall about the Nobel Prize for the first man who gave birth. And as soon as I begin to talk about it, as a child before my eyes turns into a wooden baby doll brown and shiny and very unpleasant. I am annoyed. All.

I quarreled with my friend and after that I went with my beloved girlfriend (which I don't have in real life) to the dental office. The comrade with whom I quarreled went ahead of me, too, with his girlfriend. We walked, it was something like a square. At the exit from it (there was a turn), a friend disappeared somewhere, I lit a cigarette, in my dream I had only one. I didn’t see the comrade who also went to the polyclinic in a dream, we walked with the girl and talked about something pleasant and romantic

I dreamed of my friend with whom we studied together at the university, he then drowned. I saw him and spoke a little, he had a knot on his feet that I untied, after that we parted, strange, but I perfectly understood that this was just a dream. male sex, 29 years old, without a week of 30, the last time I have been quite stressful at work ....

We walked with an old friend of mine, along the alley and talked. I asked him how he lives and how his girlfriend Julia is doing. He became sad and said - so, I’m waiting for her to be very beautiful. I ask: why? he answers - so let's go: I ask again - where are you going? And then, after a short silence, he suddenly says - to Warsaw. I ask again in surprise - to Warsaw? He says yes. And then he seriously adds - come with us? And then I fall into a kaleidoscope of confusion, scraps of thoughts of sensations begin to appear in me - and how :, and why. but like:, so am I: and so very long and many and tedious. And through all this one complete thought breaks through - to Warsaw. Yes. Right Wow. To Warsaw. Must go. You can’t refuse.

Yesterday I listened to Vysotsky. "_But that she before me_on already in Warsaw_we speak again_ in different languages." In general, I immediately realized that Warsaw in a dream came from him, from Vysotsky.



Over 4 years, the image of a person undergoes a logical transformation in our consciousness, regardless of the intensity and direct contact with the mind, it is somehow not the same, eyes and hair are of a different color, but I know that it is him. In your case, ideas about this man gave an impetus to the development of something new, he holds a stroller that looks like an invalid, and in it a child is a boy of 10 years old, I understand that this is his son, but not taken seriously by you, but his son is not real. Any complex (read: totality) of representations has a phenomenon of its own consciousness and this consciousness can send you signs. In this case, the message is contained in the bathing of a child, he goes to a stream with huge stones and knocks a stroller with a boy right there, or to be more precise, he is transferred to the will of fate, fate, chance, giving himself but no water, only the huge light brown boulders. An ex-wife who is jealous of a certain Berthe may be related to your shadow, as she expresses a negative emotional affect, an ex-wife appears again and tells him you are hiding, but you live in this city and you have a wife, her name is Berta and you you carry it in a jeep. That is, in spite of everything, some kind of dynamic process continues in your consciousness between the totality (of ideas about this man) and other layers of the psyche (shadow personality, in particular).

October 21 (21.10) will be marked by some significant event in the internal reality, I will definitely meet with you and we will talk about everything.

Since, apparently, such dreams are repeated in you, the image of a deceased friend is associated with your own stereotype of regressive behavior. I TAKE A GREAT RELIEF, THAT WITH ITS APPEARANCE MY PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED. All this is very childish, that is, indicates a halt in development. This stop is also symbolized by a building with a round hall where the party takes place. You froze in a state of emotional-sensory arousal, and your process of self-realization is suppressed. The numbers that your friend tells you in different dreams is just an indication of the technical accuracy of the Super-I, that is, it is a deformation mechanism that intervenes in real life to empty it. Stroller - symbolizes the semantics of service, that is, knowingly or unconsciously, but your friend led you to recourse during your lifetime. Maybe he tried to spoil, offered to live "behind a stone wall", not knowing the worries. Or promised to get stars from the sky. In any case, it's time to tell yourself that you are you, and he is he. It is unlikely that the dead can teach something good to the living. He died because he made all the mistakes necessary for this, but you are alive.

I constantly dream of my friend, I have not seen him for two weeks, since he left to earn money. Just recently, I dreamed that he came home, I don’t know how I ended up at his house.His mother was glad that I was with them. She seemed to come from somewhere and gave me a present. It turned out to be a red sundress. My boyfriend (Vladik is 21 years old) asked me to try it on. I went into the room, and my mother was there and she helped me to dress him. At first glance, it seemed to me that he was big, but when I dressed him he was just right for me. When I showed Vladik, he really liked it. Such sundresses are not worn in everyday life now. I do not know what this dream means, I would like to know very much. I have been friends with him for about 3 months. My parents are against our friendship, and his mother (he only has a mother) as he says, doesn’t care. I myself did not notice discontent on her part. Whether it’s important whether it’s important or not, his ex-girlfriend sticks to him, her name is Marika (16 years old). And my name is Natalya, I’m 18 years old. I love him so much. Please decrypt my dream.

I dreamed of my friend with whom we recently broke up, as if we were together again, and before everything was bad because of his mother, about whom I managed to find out that she had been drinking his life energy since his childhood. We are together, we feel good, though my friend is somewhat depressed (this often happens with him in reality), and then his mother appears, who turns out to be a very young woman (although in reality she is very elderly) and begins to almost squeal about that we are together again. I try to resist her, but she wins (as always), and my friend does not argue with her at all. In desperation, I cling to the last arguments and find undeniable evidence of its devastating effect on my son and my friend - this is his bed on which he slept all the time, living in his parents' house. The fact is that the bed is made of copper and is a plate with recesses in the middle corresponding to the shape of the body, and it is this design that is ideal for pumping energy from the person who is sleeping on it. The discovery that I make makes some impression on my friend, but it doesn’t change anything, I can’t convince him that his mother brings him evil and everything is going to make us part again.

I dreamed of my friend with whom we recently broke up, as if we were together again, and before everything was bad because of his mother, about whom I managed to find out that she had been drinking his life energy since his childhood. We are together, we feel good, though my friend is somewhat depressed (this often happens with him in reality), and then his mother appears, who turns out to be a very young woman (although in reality she is very elderly) and begins to almost squeal about that we are together again. I try to resist her, but she wins (as always), and my friend does not argue with her at all. In desperation, I cling to the last arguments and find undeniable evidence of its devastating effect on my son and my friend - this is his bed on which he slept all the time, living in his parents' house. The fact is that the bed is made of copper and is a plate with recesses in the middle corresponding to the shape of the body, and it is this design that is ideal for pumping energy from the person who is sleeping on it. The discovery that I make makes some impression on my friend, but it doesn’t change anything, I can’t convince him that his mother brings him evil and everything is going to make us part again.

Again a dream about my ex-friend, (had a dream after I went to his house to return the money and pick up my last things, I threw the money and the key to his apartment on the floor and began to collect my things, behaved like a policeman in a search of the apartment , when everything was assembled, she went to the door, and he decided not to let me in, wanted to talk, started to grab it, then I began to beat him with my fist and then darted my foot in that place, I don’t know if it hit or not, but he bent or pretended that he was in pain. I stopped, and he began to say "What should I do so that you Didn’t hate me? ”Then he still let me go out, saying, “I will help you carry it”, I told him that he should still return the card to me, he went to look for it and slammed the door, then I left and went to the car. He soon came after me, gave me the card and did not leave, even though I said that he could go. I began to pack my things, and when it came to the most difficult things, he made a move to help, and then I sent him with all the rudeness I am capable of, he began to leave and said, "I’m at home, you can get up," I sent him more once he left. When I beat him, it was great.) Dream: he and I came to some place, like a street between two elevations, it seems to be a city, but it seems to be not. I went ahead, maybe there were shops and stayed there for a long time. He began to ride a bicycle (in reality, we were passionate about this sport together) back and forth along this street and singing his song. I knew this song well and waited when it ended. And he rode and sang, as if introducing himself to other cyclists who were sitting on a hill along the street. I kept wondering if he would call me when he was about to leave. And more inclined to the fact that he would not call. And then two short teenagers come and say that he is calling me, we go together to the place where he was, and they point me to the bus and say “There he is”, I ask why he got on the bus before we got to me they say that here is a very dangerous place, the border, and at any moment because of the hill (the opposite of the one next to which the street and where the cyclists were sitting) can rush and start shooting, but it’s safer in the bus, then I thought that here he did not think of me. He sits in the driver's seat and is about to taxi out and it is not known whether he will wait for us while we are running.

More than a month and a half ago, a very good friend died in a car accident. Often worry. He began to dream of me as soon as I found out about this death. In a dream, we meet him and just talk. In my dream, I know that he is dead and trying to make up for the communication that I lack in life. We meet in some unfamiliar places, in an unfamiliar city. Today she asked him: “How is it?” - and pointed to the sky, and he replied: “But she hasn’t reached her yet, a quarter of the way, it’s difficult.” I asked: "So you are among us, and can I talk with you yet?" "Bye, yes. I have a lot of free time. ” I wanted to tell him something else, but he left. In a dream, I cry and tell him that I miss him, he doesn’t answer anything, although during his life he was very emotional.

I am in the country. On the garden you can see the railway and the peron. I look at the clock with impatience - my friend Novosibirsk will be coming soon. We met on the Internet and must meet today. The train arrives at 14:55. I entered the house for a meal. After a while I looked at the clock there without 3 minutes 3. I ran out from home and running around the garden to the back gate. I run up, I see that he stands on the peron alone. I joyfully begin to call him "Lord! Vladyushka! Chester! ”He notices me, waves to me, crosses the rails and walks toward me. We go with him to the garden towards the house, chatting about something merrily.

communicated with a deceased friend, hid from the chase. 33 years old woman, I don’t know

I had a dream about my friend who went missing 4 years ago. I and he were on the shore of a reservoir, or the sea, and in my hands, it seemed, was a fish, only rotten, black and almost eaten.

Again I had a five-part dream ... At first I dreamed that someone was trying to get in through the tris, but I didn’t let him go, then I saw fire behind the tris, I opened them and poured it. Only after I noticed that my friend was standing outside the window. I let in him into the house and we sit in the kitchen, drink tea and listen to wonderful music. The second part, I come to my parents, I go into the barn, and there my old things are so light and clean everywhere: my booties, sliders, great, things connected with me. Near the entrance lies a very beautiful sword, point to the entrance, I I look at it for a very long time. The sword is really just gorgeous. All my things are guarded by some kind of dwarf hunchback. I go further and see things that belong to my dead aunt and decide to take something as a keepsake. I take her amber pendant and jewelry from beads. The third part, I see my dead girlfriend. Naked and with hair fluttering in the wind. She holds out her hand ... opens it, and there is a wedding ring. MY ring.I shy away, and she says- “You have to marry ... For a pregnant man ...” (nonsense, yes ?!) I tell her- “So I made the right choice?” (Why, I don’t understand ...) and throw myself on her neck and kiss her, very pleased. The fourth part, I have to get married ...., and the dress is somehow dirty, I put it inside out and I ask someone to lend me my dress. Fifth, I see my brother and his wife (they just got married recently and I haven't seen her yet). We are sitting in a restaurant and I run over my daughter-in-law ... in the end, she angrily jumps up and runs away from us. Here is such nonsense. Elena. 27 years. I’m tying it up ... I can’t decide whether to leave my husband or not. In my sleep it turns out no.

I went to rest, and did not want to sleep. And they immediately began to clap me on the shoulder, to engage in conversations. I pretend to be sleeping, wondering how they all get here, familiar and unfamiliar, the door is locked with three locks. Then my friend Ilya came. We chatted about something, but I didn’t even look at him, I was always sitting at the computer. Ilya entertained himself somehow, I turned around and saw an interesting fake structure: he blocked the high doorway between two adjacent rooms with a certain architectural composition with bells at the level of sight. The bells were soft and furry inside - it turned out when I, bending down, went under them into the next room. But from a meter you can’t say, they look very convincing ... How did he do it? Ilya said goodbye and left, and after myself, I later discovered that I had left some other building in the middle of the room and just separate items of a mysterious purpose. I also found one detail in the same room, previously somehow inconspicuous: this is another door to the corridor, small-sized, half-glued with wallpaper, half-peeled, with a large hanging scrap of wallpaper, ajar. While thinking about how to benefit from this circumstance, I had new guests. They were three pro-Indian young people, they waved to me from afar with some papers with a seal and demanded my documents. I was not scared or upset, but was puzzled. It is hard to believe that they will be convinced of the paperwork and leave, especially since one of them for some reason directed a large black revolver at me. I climbed absentmindedly for a passport, then I caught on, asked to show closer their own dubious document, they said a business card with a seal, a roofing pass is unknown where, but what's the point if I still don’t understand anything in the documents and cannot do anything to convict. The most important one was a pimpled slippery blond (the appearance was copied from a very real and neutral character), an uncertain but serious threat came from them, and I thought I should run away, or better to stay. I always remembered my secret trump card: an inconspicuous door in the corner of the next room. I managed to somehow take their evil attention and take advantage of the situation for flight. The door was not needed, I went out the usual way. Not even in a hurry, and going down the stairs, everything hesitated, where and why to run and is it better not to return? But when hasty furious steps were heard from behind, I hurried. Dilem simply decided: budding in half. One I ran away in an unknown direction, and the other remained to see if something would become clear? That disgusting blond came down with a gun. He paid no attention to the rest of me, but immediately set off in pursuit. We must stay at a distance of a shot from him. That's where flying skills come in handy. I fly over the beautiful monumental city of Moscow. Silhouettes of towers, sleeping areas, skyscrapers. I look like a proud bird of prey from top to bottom. The Kremlin is very beautiful and interesting from a bird's eye view. I come back to better consider it. The lion's share of buildings is not enough, but there are many wastelands, ravines and dense thickets of shrubs. I managed to somehow track down that blond, we have a game of catch-up. I flew into his house, there are cheerful households, women and children. In order to attract less attention and quietly set up an ambush, I pretend to be a bird.Yes, a big white bird that accidentally flew out the window. However, their attention to me is a burden anyway, I'm not a very convincing bird, and my enemy has returned, so it's time to run away again, that is, fly away. But I’m such a big bird that I don’t crawl into any window, - oh, yes, it is possible through the glass. Here it is, freedom and security! In flight, I use my hands, waving them energetically, but how little they look like wings! That’s why my body is not always controlled by me in the air. By that time, I already understand that I'm lying on the bed. You just need to spread your arms to the sides, like a hang glider, and catch the ascending currents of warm air. I spread my arms to the sides and on both sides rested on something soft and fluffy. On the right, of course, is my cat. And on the left? Lively, fluffy ... Well, of course, a rat! She jumped in horror, but the rat was already digging into my finger. I woke up from pain, resentment and disgust. (Comment. In the house where I was sleeping, a week later, traces of the presence of rats were discovered. 04/30/2002).

Friends came to my house. My beloved friend arrived (she lives in another city), an old friend (also very significant and nonresident), friends who live in our city also came. When I saw this friend, I started to cry with happiness. (In fact, I had never cried in such situations, even if I was extremely happy) They all stay overnight and everyone needs to allocate their own room. The apartment in my dream is not the same as in reality, it has a lot of rooms (actually 2), and while I go and think about whom to settle, new rooms appear, old ones disappear, in general the layout is constantly changing. The girlfriend is in bed with makeup eyelashes, I ask if she needs to wash. ”Why? - she says, - from these washings there are only more wrinkles, and tomorrow again to be painted. Again I wander from room to room, by the way, there is a mess in them, everywhere there are some things, bed sheets are piled in heaps. It depresses me, I'm a little ashamed of my apartment. I try to put one acquaintance in the room next to mine, in the secret hope that sex can take place at night, although in my life he doesn’t provoke such desires in me at all, I know very little about him. Then I find myself in a small, very nice little shop. This is the exit from the room where I settled my girlfriend! It leads to a narrow street with beautiful houses like in Riga or Vilnius. I walk along this street and I really like it.

as if my friend was going to marry his ex girlfriend

I dreamed that my friend jumped out the window from the fourth floor and allegedly crashed. I was very scared, ran out into the street, and he got up on his elbows and looked at me as if asking for help, but I felt guilty, told him that I would not leave him, that I love him, just don’t die. However, I could not do anything, I was very scared, I thought he was dying. I am 24 years old, female, I associate a dream with the feeling that I want to leave him and don’t know how to tell him about it, and in this way he ties me even more.

I dreamed that he treats me with great love. He kisses me, hugs me, never takes his eyes off me. And I'm in the 10th heaven from happiness. I am a girl of 13 years old. I believe that this dream is connected with my friend and with me.

I dreamed about my school friends. One of my acquaintances was especially remembered by a guy whom I had not seen for a very long time. Then I ran after my very close acquaintance, who died in September 2002, when I caught up with him, it was not him, he was a complete stranger. Previously, Vova (a dead friend) dreamed very often, I was very worried about it, and then stopped dreaming. And now again, what does that mean?

I am sitting at the festive table, engagement with my friend, with whom we have nothing, I am very surprised, it turns out his mother likes me, even his father comes from abroad, my mother is also present.

My friend with whom we parted for a long time comes to me and takes me away.

I drove a car with a man whom I love, but no longer meet, we broke up with him half a year ago. In the car sat my former classmate, one of my best friends. We drove along a dark road. We drove up to some dark courtyard, they told me to go see .... I ran out, didn’t run for long, then ran up the stairs, found myself in a huge audience with a huge staircase, there were people there, among them were my best friends, but whom I hadn’t saw in a dream, I was very glad to see them, we smiled, laughed, then I don’t remember a piece of sleep, but I remember how I first got out, was afraid that they didn’t wait for me ... came to the car, my friend was sitting there, said, that she would never leave me, my girlfriend was not in the car, I was upset, asked where she was, he didn’t answered, then we drove back along the highway, talked as before, like close people, I saw some strange pictures on the side of the road: people with dogs, all orange, walked in some kind of pit decorated with many flowers. Then we stood, someone told us that the traffic was blocked — we were sitting with him in the car, I flirted, he answered my affection, but something seemed to hinder us from being together, then he unfastened his bra on me and at that moment we went, he was distracted and I was disappointed, took off my bra completely, I don’t remember any more sleep ... I am 18 years old, female, I think that these are my dreams that will never come true, this person is different now, but it seems to me that I love him, although I’m not so sure about it

Dear Yaroslav! Over the past few days, I’ve been studying a collection of dreams on your site in the hope of finding at least something similar. A similar one is found (in general terms, a dream is associated with the death of a loved one), but not quite so. I beg you to explain to me my dream, which literally tormented me: it leads to terrible thoughts, made a VERY bad impression and left an unpleasant feeling. The dream is full of all kinds of signs, which in life are often interpreted as the approach of bad news, sadness, death. I dream that I'm in a room with my mom. A dove flies into the room and walks on the floor. Mom tells me that this is a very bad sign - to the death of loved ones. And the feeling that something is about to happen does not leave me. The next episode: a bright, sunny day, green foliage (in general there are a lot of bright colors, which makes everything seem an absolute reality), we are walking with my beloved man along some low buildings. Suddenly a man in a dark suit runs up to us and throws black cloth over my friend’s shoulders, as if trying on. We try to drive him away, and he leaves. We go further, and I know that in no case should I leave him alone, otherwise misfortune will occur, but some unknown forces do not allow me to go next to him, and I am several steps behind him, he turns the corner buildings and I hear screams and female crying. I run up and see that my friend is lying on the ground unconscious, I pick it up and see that there is a blue spot on his forehead that looks like a bruise. I cry, scream, knowing that it was I who could not save him and that he died because of me, although in a dream it is not clear whether he died or was simply unconscious. From these screams I wake up in a dream. The first feeling is that in fact he (the friend) is no longer there, and what was in a dream is true. For two weeks I hadn’t dreamed of anything like this, which is why the dream began to be forgotten and I calmed down a bit. But just the other day, I dreamed of a room very similar to a hospital room, I was sitting at a table, a nanny was knocking on the door and asking for permission to clean the floor. He comes in, washes the floor and suddenly shows me a large safety pin, which she pulled open from the seat of another chair. And he says that this is a bad sign of us (me and my friend) trying to jinx it. I run out of the room and see a woman behind the door in the corridor, who is twirling something in her hands and whispering, as if reading herself something under her breath, is clearly not good. I wake up again in horror. And it is precisely because the pin pinned onto the clothes is considered by the people as something like a talisman from the evil eye.I tend to relate these dreams, because and in the first and second - signs that have their meanings in reality. In real life, a friend and I recently began to quarrel often, and I would like to change our relationship, changing myself, because I know that in many situations I am wrong, but because of my pride (= stupidity) I can not (and more often I don’t want to do anything) admit it. And I myself explain the reason for my sleep precisely in experiences due to conflicts. But something very terrible he was.

On my birthday, I had a dream that my former friend had given a man in the face to a man on the street who was harassing me. He fell without feelings. It made a big impression on me. We used to ride a motorcycle with the same friend. All this happened in the city where I was born. Now I live in Moscow. Then we rented a bus and suddenly his teeth ached He asked me for a pill, I didn’t have one, and my friend gave the pill. We asked him to show us his bad tooth. He showed me. His teeth were loose. My mother died 1 year ago. In a dream, she gave us bed linen, while She looked very recent. It is so impressive that she was offended by me. Then I would I went down the stairs in the stadium, where there were a lot of people. ”The steps were normal, the third was curved, but I straightened it with my foot, stepped on it and went on. Next at the stadium I met two of my old friends whom I had not seen for a long time. At one 2 of them had heads. They were glad to meet with me and kissed me. Once again I will say that the dream had on my birthday and made a big impression on me, you can say it shocked me. So many events in one dream, so many characters took part . I thank you in advance for the analysis and the answer that you will send to me. Please give an answer and a definition for each episode of my dream. I am female, I am 40 years old. I am unemployed, I have a good nose. I have a bright appearance. I am a family man with children. I wish you good luck in interpreting my dream. Please send a faster reply. TAMARA

Homeland. Mom’s apartment. I am with a child. Have a friend. Once something invisible spoke to me. Just a voice. It was He (a friend) who said that he did something there and became invisible. I clearly felt how he hugged me and all the time imagined how it might look funny from the side. Curious feeling. Feel the warmth, touch .. out of nowhere. Once I woke us up with a small doorbell at 3 a.m. We went out into the corridor. They talked. We returned to the room, at home were parents% mom and for some reason two dads. Stepfather and father. Stepfather and mother were drunk. They began to swear where I wandered so late. I introduced them (air?) Saying that this is my friend, but he is invisible. He said hello. Everything was taken for granted. Parents began to swear, as I am not ashamed to drag a man all night into the house and so on. He asked to be held. It turned out that dad still said something to him is not good. Large room, like a school gym. My friend and I are in it. Suddenly a lot of people come in. They say that now they will have a worship. What are we? - We will pray to God Shiva - I smirked. But since it was no longer possible to get out (for some reason) we stayed. A man came in, pumped up so big, began to say something. Type of prayer. Then they all mats and lay on them. It became uncomfortable for me to rise above all of them and I took out 2 towels from somewhere, corroded them, getting ready to lie down. My gaze caught the kid lying behind me, I thought I had to be careful that the dress didn’t get lifted up there or something. He seemed to have read the thoughts and grinned. Lay down. She felt ironic. They did something, I don’t remember. I noticed that all those present take out some kind of ointment and rub it into different parts of the body. We stand. Indoors, water reaching the hips. Transparent. I see that right in front of me, under the water there is a huge pumped-up torso with a dog's head. Something like a current bulldog with big cheeks. I must say that I do not understand either Gods or dogs. He surfaced, standing upright.I know - this is God Shiva. No fear. He begins to say that I should join them, only in this way I can help myself. I am skeptical, politely listening. I’m trying to explain that I don’t consider myself a religion, and even if it’s Christian, I’ve never read books about Shiv and Bud. He takes out the ointment, it reminded me very much of the color and consistency of wasabi (seasoning for sushi) or of my favorite chocolates with pistachio filling of greenish color. So, he took out the ointment, took my hand and carefully began to rub it somewhere in the wrist. I think I liked the feeling and I asked where you can get such an ointment. He said - to buy from them at such a price :) Throughout the whole dream I did not feel a sense of fear, only a slight surprise, irony, tenderness (in the first passage of sleep)

a friend dreamed of being homeless (homeless), I asked German what the answer was: life failed, everything was bad, I picked it up, washed it, fed it

A dream from the words of my friend. Name: Tanvir (A man in his prime) D.R. 10/30/1981 (Scorpio by horoscope) “I remember the beginning of sleep vaguely. I was visiting my childhood friends (when I was about 10 years old) in Bangladesh (then I lived there). I went out from them and went to other friends. He turned up with my classmates (friends from school, I'm 12-15 years old). Then I find myself on the train, going south (Korenovsk, Krasnodar Territory). I meet other friends there (13-17 years old). Then I suddenly find myself in the apartment of my friend in Moscow, with whom I studied in the same group at the institute. I see all my friends from the institute there (18-21 years old). Then I remember that I need to go somewhere and a car is waiting for me downstairs. I get down, look at the wheel, my friend from Vorkuta is sitting (14-22 years old) (I did not sit there :-). He and I went to my country house, where my friend was from work (20-22 years old). ” I'm 22 years old at the moment. In the dream there were no my parents, brother, or females. Each time a picture changed, a feeling of anxiety and fear arose. Woke up in a cold sweat.

I dreamed of a friend and his whole face was covered with red bug acne, such, after which the face was pockmarked. Although in reality this is not. Pah-pah-pah. What is it for?…

dom, vstrecha s druzyami, v meste sideli horosho razgovarivali, druga mama prisnilas. prosto ya ne mogu seichas ehat "domoi.

I had a dream about my siblings, seated in the ground (chernozem) on the neck. It’s like a flare on a flower bed. It was beating on a flower bed. It doesn’t matter, but it sounded alarm, it sounded a sad voice. It was dark, but dark .I am 27 years old, wives, so this person is leaving for another city to work.

At home, next to each other he carries a medical hearing aid and laughs. At this time, I have thoughts that enough to go there should stop.



I came to the village where we spend the summer and there my friend runs away from a car that I didn’t see for a year, when he was running, I thought what was happening to me, but he runs by and I: hey! well! and he ran up and hugged and said: Vlad, his brother, has his birthday and he forgot, although he has a birthday in winter!

I dream that I am with my friend, who actually moved from our city to Moscow a year ago, where I plan to return, we return after a working day, it happens on Friday, from the company where we work (we did not work in one place before ) We are returning to a large spacious sports car, which belongs to him. But I control the machine, and I manage in some strange way: I sit in the back seat, hold an object of indefinite shape and to go forward I move the object forward, turn - I move in the direction where we need to turn, etc. Then we drive up to some cafe, we go into it and for some reason we start spreading the bed on the floor.After that, I talk on the phone with another close friend of mine who died in a car accident a year ago. We agree with him that he will soon come to us, I tell him the address of the place where we are - st. New. After that we are waiting for him. I don’t remember what happened next.

Sleep is implicated in the reverse sequence of events. At the very beginning, I received the news of the death of my friend, Ian. Allegedly he was killed (I don’t remember anything) Then I dreamed that I was traveling with Yanov in the same bus, only in front, and he was behind. He notices me and we, embracing each other, hug. Ian tells me how much I mean to him. In the end, I run after a cart with peasants (Ian is not here). She rides across the field, then across the river and turns left. Wolves appear. A girl from a wagon throws me clothes stacked in a pile. Wolves notice me and ... awakening. During the news of the death of a friend, I felt sorrow. During our meeting with him ... hmm it was love (horror, yes * smiling *?) And when the wolves attacked me ... there was no fear. I wanted to save people on a wagon.

Please, remove my previous dream, this is a mistake, not everything was copied there! I haven’t recorded dreams for a long time. Recently, one after another, I had three dreams that made me remember my oracle collection. Suddenly, places and motifs appeared, which for me had already become some kind of travel marker. If anyone read my collection - understand. So, in the collection, dream number 1. The real background. Shortly after the divorce, I had one absolutely fiery and breathtakingly passionate romance with one person. Unfortunately, my friend was not completely free. Those. he no longer lived with his wife and his divorce proceedings had already begun, but nevertheless formally he was still married. I left the country for a month, and when I returned my friend disappeared, i.e. for a long time did not answer calls and did not appear. Then he called and explained his behavior by the fact that before my departure he decided that our relationship (in his opinion) had become too serious and developed into a painful addiction, and he decided himself gradually from them, taking advantage of my absence. He said that he was not ready for a new serious relationship and wanted to be alone, that his father was dying, he was overcome by family problems, etc. All this turned out to be a pretty big blow for me, because before I left I couldn’t think anything like that, as they say, nothing boded: Some time passed, I came to my senses after the blow, I was quite optimistic and here I am dream such a dream. I'm on a ship, we are floating on the river with a crowd of friends. Among them is my friend, let's call him M. and, oddly enough, my best friend, with whom we have long lived in different countries, but nevertheless see each other regularly. I am not trying to make contact with M., but he himself searches for me in the crowd and takes me aside with the clear intention of telling me something. He looks at me somehow cunningly and mockingly and declares: I am in indignation and bewilderment (How ?! She is MY girlfriend! Mine! It just cannot be!). I turn around and want to leave, but he pulls me back and continues to tease me with a mocking tone: I continued to run away from him and then woke up from an influx of emotions. Such a wild cross between indignation, indignation and surprise. I was still surprised in the dream that he was chasing me and simply insisted on telling me this. I think that this is somehow connected with the insult and the remnants of the feeling of rejection-inferiority, but there was still something in this. Something strange that I can’t formulate in any way, so I’m writing.

2 weeks ago my friend and I died a best friend, without whom we can not only live, but even exist. His death was not a surprise, since 3 months ago the psychic said that he had little left to live (he was a drug addict, but, probably their best representative). So about a month ago, a friend had a dream where we went four together (still his best friend) and a friend and our beloved friend hugged goodbye so tightly and there was such a pleasant and strange feeling of love, kindness and understanding, chtoli like never before lo. We had a strange relationship with him in life — we could never get along without quarreling even for several days, but we couldn’t live without each other, but we never told him or him about this. And when her friend woke up, she felt that something bad would happen and that the sensations that accompanied her dream were also unusual.But today she had a dream with the same sensations as that one, only about his friend and we are now afraid if this is a bad sign again ... In a dream we walked with him, he stood on the balcony and with extraordinary love, tenderness and affectionately looked at us in a red T-shirt and a podugug says, a hundred even in my life I have never experienced such a thing. Please tell us what you think about it, that’s how we are afraid of losing the last person who linked us to him. And another question: earlier, during his lifetime, that friend both of us dreamed every single day of God, and after death never, although now we think about him no less! Why doesn’t he come to us even in a dream.

The connection between "extraordinary love, tenderness, affection" and death does exist, but not in the sense that you are thinking about. From the point of view of the unconscious, a state of complete openness to another person can harm a person if he opens in front of a “sick person”. Imagine you are talking to an enlightened sage who sneezes and coughs. First of all, you will catch the flu from him, and then wisdom. The bad is transmitted faster than the good, because otherwise it would not have a chance of existence. When we dream of a deceased friend, this usually means that we ourselves begin to resort to an erroneous model of behavior that is not capable of bringing us any benefit. Suppose your second comrade can die too if he does not want to change himself. In any case, the unconscious tells your friend the following: “You are in contact with forces that are a reflection of human mediocrity. Do you want to learn how to control these forces? Then start with yourself. Can you demonstrate to the addict the superiority of your own existence? ”

Today I dreamed of one of my close friends (at the moment we are not getting along too well), but everything was wonderful in my dream !! I dream that I came to him in a car to get a trailer, and he seems to have a furniture store at home, he calls me to see we go out to the street I look, the moon is unusually large close-close, but he doesn’t notice it, drags me to the field, for some reason there’s a ravine near the field, I fall there, he wants to save me but does not have time, but I fall on the sand and he jumps to me, suddenly we have some documents in his hands, supposedly he has a testimony that I am his wife, and I have, in that APU at all empty !! all around are wondering how we got along with him, and we supposedly don't care !! this dream unfolds in nature, but when we find ourselves in a noisy city, it disappears from my sleep in pursuit of money and all my attempts to find it turn out to be futile ...

We go home with a friend after school. He decided to go to the South-West and I go home. After 5-6 hours we all met at the school together. At first we sat next to him and then, for some unknown reason, my class teacher put me to her, and Lyosha sat down with her friend. Tamara (class hands) first started telling me that I often drop out of school. Meanwhile, I sat and looked at Lyosha. And he sits smiling and hugs his girlfriend. And there were obviously no friendly hugs. And he sits and smiles. Skotina. And everyone is sitting looking at me and smiling. I get up on my desk and show everyone the middle finger and they started to laugh even more. Then I get up sharply and run out of the office. I ran to the toilet and cried, 2 girls followed me and began to calm me down, but I didn’t open the toilet door. Then I was suddenly at home. I was looking at the pipe and there was water flowing out. I called out the plumbers, there were 3 of them. bus. One of them gave me his jacket and said to warm up baby. oh they left. **** the phone rings, it’s Lyosha. He said that after 15 minutes we were meeting at the store. I wanted to send him and he still has the conscience to call me after that. I remember very well his grin when I was sitting cried and he sat and smiled. And then I realized that I was no longer sleeping. The call was actually. What is this: jealousy ?? love. But why.After all, we are friends ?? Keywords: Piano, desk, door, tears, phone, bus, jacket, water, pipe. And: MENTAL PAIN. I am 16.Girl.

I had a dream: “I’m sitting on the sofa at home in the dark, then a friend whom I know very well (we’re just friends) comes up to me. He asks how I am doing and, waiting for an answer, kisses me on the lips (he grabbed his lips completely mine, after a kiss I smiled sweetly, and he also has a girlfriend whom he loves). then it shrinks in height (in real life we ​​are the same height, and then he became my waist). we went to the balcon, I said giving a look at the window, there were flowers on the windowsill. but my friend could not reach the windowsill and there were 2 stools, (one slightly larger than the other) he was on a low, but still could not, therefore, I offered to stand on a lower stool. we looked out the window ... it was dark and nothing was visible. after that he turned to me and said come on you will be my girlfriend (but I have a boyfriend and he knows about it) I refused ... after that I somehow wake up in a dream in a room where my friends are sitting, we were hiding from someone, we sat near the stool and burned something beneath it, then I climbed under the table, and then we all ran from some beast. ran into a dead end, saw the door at the door was the staircase she led down. I started down the stairs with a friend. but before we closed the door behind us (it was wooden). but it didn’t close well, so I got up and wanted to better close it, but the woman in glasses knocked out the door for a long time shouting something to us ... ”there were no sounds (or I just didn’t hear them) if someone said something about the phrase, I guessed by the lips. my name is Snezhana, I’m 17 years old, and I can’t connect this dream with anything, that's why I write ...

mu and mogem returned ”late home! and unexpectedly under the "exhale soon! ja obernylas" in her direction and tytge turned away ": it became somehow insurmountable, but mygu calmly said:" and these are my jerky toms. " after his words I was seized by igas (I don’t sleep, I didn’t see Tomi but one race and she knew badly ohen). Ja ran bitterly crying to the Germans, but he hugged me and all the time said that everything was normal "but! his body was bullshit "but long: roars, legs long and ohhen hidumi! but the summum scurnum bula his head! she’s bula vutjanyta, and the top of the bula is depressed on the sides! and someone said that the doctors deleted his brain partly, as he had epilepsy! (And where's the brain?), but Tomi was calmly looking at me for a long hug! his glance was so givum and good-natured, I felt that if my losses were unstable! before me there are vivid pictures of my dream before it! as if byd it was a close person! I am 20 ja giva with mogem! Could Daghe present this dream to Chemi!

If your friend Tomi really exists, then you saw his mental deformation with the help of intuition. Tomi is deformed due to his gullibility. He is a victim of heterodoxia (from the words: hetero - another, doxa - opinion). Doctors symbolize the Dox that he trusts. Often people seem to us surprisingly kind because they do not have an opinion.

My friends and my friends dreamed; she grew up in one yard. One died 3 years ago. I had a lot of glvloil. The conversation was sincere and pleasant, the other was drunk and bum with him. I had pleasant sensations, we held hands and didn’t like stroking his hand, there was a third I haven’t seen for a long time, but his first child died and he studied with me in class and talked with him about school, a girl from our yard too, she was married to a guy from our yard in her life, and in a dream she was paired with the first one, he served in Afghanistan and died of tuberculosis.

There is such a forest in which I live. Forest on the shore of a huge lake. I live there not alone, but with the same: cell phones, like me. We are quite cheerful such telephones with plastic handles instead of legs, we run to the lake to swim. We have a common bosom Friend, we all love and respect him very much. We just call him that - Friend.He looks like a fluffy snake with a mane, but still I can not understand: how he moves through the air. Still, he is not like us. A friend announces that his time on earth was limited to 30 minutes and asks us to spend the last minutes of his life with him. But we don’t feel like wasting time on our former Friend, and we are running in a crowd of swimming and swimming! We run along a narrow path between the reeds through the water, on our plastic handles, and I feel that there are skeletons of crabs at the bottom. I’m running and feeling on my palms. The water in the lake is incredibly warm, and the sun is so gentle, the water glistens and shimmers. I dive and swim underwater. I see the sun's rays through the water, and how the Friend glows in the water. He says: no, he does not speak, but telepaths to the brain that in fact he has long been gone with us and this is his holographic image: I lie on the surface of the water for a long time, look at the sun and cry:

I had a dream on the night of March 16-17, 2005. I with my good friend (I don’t remember exactly which of my friends it was) was in a room with three beds. On the far right bed sat another bent my good friend (I know exactly which of my friends it was). In a dream, he was the owner of the room where everything happened, though it was not the room in which he lives in real life. In real life, he is a bachelor. As far as I know, he has no girlfriend and no wedding is planned. In a dream, I knew that he had lost his engagement ring. I saw the ring itself, but I don’t remember exactly where and how. The ring was golden, but very simple, without stones and without any patterns. He sat hunched on the bed, I did not see his face. I helped him look for this ring. I looked for him on the floor, where there were a lot of either old things, or some old piece of iron. I could not find him. There was nothing besides the beds in the room where this was happening. There were no windows, there was only one door, and I do not remember me entering through it. In a dream, my friend did not marry and did not intend to marry. My date of birth is 05.25.1982.

My friend came to visit me. At first everything was fine, we were fooling around. Then my brother came and started to find fault with me. I rude to him. My friend stood up for him. He started yelling at me. I told him let's go talk to another room in private. There he told me that I treat him not just as a friend, that I am in love with him. I tried to refute this. He got up and left. And I was left alone. I sit on the floor and cry. And when I woke up there were tears on my face.

I recently had a dream, and it’s not a simple dream, But it’s very connected, it rarely happens in dreams ... At first I dreamed that I was at work and my boss makes a remark, then a friend calls me (I used to love him (I'm gay)) And he says that he is in big trouble. I tell him that I'm busy, so that he calls in the morning. In the morning his mother calls me and says that he committed suicide. I understand that I am to blame for his death, I suffer because of this. When I woke up, for a long time I could not recover.

that my friend helps me in everything

DREAM I dream about my friend who loves me and I don’t have him and he comes with a basket in his hands, she has a couple of flowers and several different idols nearby, he kneels down and takes out a ring and makes an offer, while he is crucified I have a big plate with yellow-red apples, I look at them and start eating ............ why would it?

Recently, I dreamed that we were walking with my best friend (I don’t know where) and a gopota got to us and my type friend went over to their side and said he didn’t know me at all. Maybe I don’t need to communicate with this person?

It is necessary to clarify: who is the leader and who is the slave. If in a dream you “followed another,” then in reality he can lead you “not there”. And if in a dream he was a slave, then perhaps you are setting him insoluble tasks, testing him with excessive radicalism and driving him into the role of a victim.

My mother and I rode a trolley along Malyshev in the direction of Rubin and beyond. The trolleybus was half empty.Mom and I were sitting in the rear seats, which are located opposite the movement. At one of the stops, a father and son came in. And we started a conversation with them. The father said that, they say, they are going to the exam, the son is passing something there. And that he does not know a single ticket. Only the 19th knows and his son has a cheat sheet on him. Then a son comes up and gets something from under the sweatshirts, either like an old book with pages already yellowed, or a decrepit newspaper folded into four. Father said that, from time immemorial, his father and grandfather all the time pulled out this ticket, 19, and that this is still great-grandfather's cheat sheet. And that they are sure that he, that is his son, will get the 19th ticket. Father was telling something else. And the son left and sat on the front double seat of the trolley bus. Mom and his father chatted. I looked around. He sat there. I thought it would be nice to meet him, because, firstly, I’m bored of listening to my mother’s conversations with a man, and secondly, I really liked him. Here I must make a digression, because whenever you are in the world of dreams, there are two levels of thoughts: the level, directly the sensations, emotions and thoughts of the hero (me) who is in a dream, and the level of thoughts that occurs behind a dream. That is, the thoughts of the observer (sleeping, or me, if you like). It's hard to explain. Let's say you dream that you choose a wedding dress, and you liked everything pink. At the first level of thoughts, that is, the thoughts of the sleep hero (you), you think that: “Oh, what a beautiful dress. ". But at the second level of thoughts (from the side of the observer) you think something like: “Pink !? Horrible! In real life, I wouldn’t choose a pink wedding dress. ” She explained it roughly. Second thoughts can be very muddy, that they are almost imperceptible, or they can be pronounced, that is, the main ones, but this most often happens when you think and analyze your dream consciously through a dream, that is, you are half asleep. So, at the first level, the level of the hero of sleep, I liked this “unfamiliar” young man, whom I, for the first time, actually see. And on the second level, I realized that this young man is not at all unfamiliar, that this is my lover from the so-called “inner world”. And at the second level I was very surprised when I saw him in reality, that subconsciously I believed that he could not move from that world to this one and here ... .... on you. Here he is, sitting in the same trolleybus as me! And that it would be unforgivable if I had not noticed my loved one in this world! What you need to get to know him. But now, at the level of the hero, I was afraid to do it .... This dream very accurately represented our world and me, living in this world (in which you are now). Therefore, as notorious in this world, I was notorious in that. And, just like in this world, I was afraid to approach him and get to know him. Because inside I am very driven and afraid of everything. It seems to me so liberated, but in fact, that would compare any action, for example. come up, get to know, I need to gather so much strength .... therefore, very often I consciously do not let myself think “to do this or not to do it” and immediately do it. Otherwise, the longer the delay, the more difficult it will be to do it later. So it is in a dream. At the first level, at the level of the hero, for some few seconds I doubted and was afraid to approach him. But at the second level, at the level of a sleep observer, I remembered that if you do not think, but do, it will be much easier. Therefore, I just got up and went to him! I got up quickly, so as not to change my mind, otherwise my complexion could easily put me back. I got up so quickly that when, after a split second, I came to my senses, I was already going to him. Yes! It was decisiveness and the prevention of internal fears that allowed me to do this. Once again: in the foreground I was a notorious girl and would not have come up if not for the background.And in the background, as a sober-minded observer, I realized that you can’t hesitate, it’s time, but two that he was my lover from another world, and if I did not come to him, I would simply not forgive myself. This is precisely the moment that most struck me in this dream. I don’t know how you can more accurately convey the feeling that my act aroused in me - on the one hand, a girl with inner fears, and on the other hand, a deliberate spit on these fears and determination. Moreover, when I got up and went, I had thoughts: “It's too late to change something! Like, she’s "to blame." That is, it’s too late to think about those complexes and fears that tormented you a second ago, you can’t change anything. And I am glad to say so, they kill worthless stupid doubts that they did not allow me to do this or that. And I also thought that getting up and going to get to know each other, in principle, was not realistic. And when I got up and went, I was so surprised at myself! Well, let's go back directly to bed. I came to the front seat, brave, such and not forced, and sat down with him poison. I asked his phone number. He began to speak, and I wrote in my hand. Moreover, the hand was smeared with a black pen. Then I asked his name. it turned out to be too complicated. And I, in order not to create an uncomfortable situation, asked him to write it down better on my hand under the phone number. Even when I was sitting with him, growing up in my eyes because of this act, I imagined what would happen if the complexes and fears prevailed and I stayed there. I would blame myself and despise me for not coming up to their stop, but, on the other hand, I was afraid to come up, and then, when they left, I would have excuses that it was too late. And I would be miserable. And that I’m well done, that I changed my Fate. With a capital letter! Oh yes, when I arrived, he was glad. And I subconsciously (in the background) knew that this same friend was a loved one, but there, in a dream (at the first level), he was unfamiliar to me. Perhaps he, too, did not know that he was from another world (did not remember?). I remember a cat still lying between us. In my opinion, Vicki. and I periodically squeezed it. We talked with him and I didn’t want him to get off at his stop, which was supposed to be soon. Therefore, I, again, from the second level remade that the trolley goes like an electric train, somewhere out of town, where he will need to get out ... Hurray! We could still be together! I was even more sure that they were (from another world), because together we were so good .... although we only “met” (in quotation marks, since in another world we knew each other very well). So, as I said, although we only met, we were very well together. And it was good for us to sit and talk to each other. I remember that it occurred to me that I “remembered” that he hadn’t got the 19th ticket on the exam, but 36. But since 36 is twice nineteen (do not think anything, it was like that in a dream, despite the fact that 2 * 19 = 38), then he partially knows this ticket. (somehow, by intuition, a ticket whose number is two times more similar to the one whose number is taken into account). For some reason, I decided that there was something about dolphins. I remember we began to communicate further, and one of the times we met in the park of the Palace of Pioneers .... then i woke up.

I had a dream about my former friend, who had a towel on his hips, and some girl said to me: “He is impotent.” What does it all mean.

This dream is about how you really value the potential appeal of a relationship with your ex-friend. They (relationships) are impotent. But it’s not known where the reason is, because by hanging the label “impotent” on another person, we thereby acknowledge our inability to cope with it.

I have a friend on the Internet, we have been a sign for more than a year and a half. The other day I dreamed about it. He sits and draws a horse, for some reason starting from the back. I must say that horses are his passion in life. I come up and offer him paints, pastels, an easel. And I myself leave for another room. There my husband sits. Suddenly this man comes to us (in life he does not know that I am married) and asks who it is, I tell him that this is my sister’s husband, but he will turn around and leave. my husband remains indifferent, and I run after this man, I’m catching up and trying to calm him down. He cries and says that he is very ill, that he wants me.And at that moment no one else interests me except him. I rush into his arms and experience a real orgasm. What is not clear to me is that my husband is beautiful compared to him, we live 19.5 years and have no problems in sex. And everything else, he is successful, unlike my Internet friend, plump and unfortunate. Why in a dream I am ready to change him and maybe even leave with this person. I thought a lot about it, maybe in life I would have done the same. What is it, pity?

This is hardly a pity. Generally speaking, any relationship is primarily a way of knowing yourself - what you are capable of and what you are good for. Even relationships with fat and unlucky ones. In a dream, such people can personify the shadow (see Shadow in the dictionary) sides of the personality of both yourself and your loved ones. Then hugs, sex, an orgasm will mean the integration of these suppressed characteristics with the main parts of the mind, and an orgasm - the energy released at the same time, which previously went to maintain distance.

In your description, the play on words “I offer him p (ao) stel” is interesting - most likely this is the result of your fantasies on the bed theme, since the horse is an old Russian symbol of sexual power

I dream that my best dead friend is alive. I meet him and his friends with him. I say you died, I was for 40 days. I start screaming, crying and blaming his friends for deceiving me. They say it was necessary. As a result - I am very glad that he is alive, although offended by everyone - because he is a very dear person to me. I am a woman, I am 27 years old. I think that this dream is connected with the death of my friend November 27, 2006. He was very dear to me. He left a wife and a son, with whom I continue to communicate and help as much as I can.

Most likely you are right, and your friend dreams alive, because you are dear. But in general, the image of the deceased must be checked, because dead people in a dream often symbolize regressive forms of behavior. The exceptions are those cases when we encounter the positive aspects of departed people. It is important to understand what they want to tell us.

thanks Arseny. I can only say that he stood and looked at me not knowing what to say (it feels like he couldn’t open his mouth), but at the same time he looked at his friends asking them to answer for him. Can it mean anything?

Last summer, a close friend of mine died suddenly and early, who was both his first love and then his lover and just a friend; almost a whole life was connected, but in recent years we have not communicated. And now I dream that he has gathered us all, relatives and friends, to announce that he is dying. Everything happens on a bright sunny day near the sea. All sad, but not crying. I take him somewhere far away from everyone and start asking everything that tormented me, everything unsaid, and he answers me calmly, hugging me and comforting me. And I woke up from crying there in a dream ..

02/03/07 DREAM Today, in the morning, I had a meeting with a friend. We met in the city where he is currently studying and living, on the street, most likely, in the morning. A friend came neat and well-groomed (however, as always in reality). What immediately struck me and simply struck me was his new coat. Beautiful and certainly expensive. He looked very stylish and slender in it, and now, a few hours after waking up, this coat is in front of my eyes (ribbed fabric, overall tone is dark, but near with transitions - from light to gray-black, with a stand-up collar , fitted, to the knee). I immediately asked where this coat came from. A friend very restrained, and even constrained, replied that they went shopping last week and chose (“they” meant he and the girl whom he had recently started dating). I became unpleasant, he also felt awkward - therefore, he avoided the direct mention of the girl. I said: “You have a good coat, why else?” (The coat that he really has, he bought a few years ago after discussing with me.) From the answer that came from him, it turned out that this girl advised the purchase, because considered his coat to be old and not too fashionable (a new one and a half times more expensive). I was upset, but tried to control myself.She only asked: “Why did you tell me again about the girl?” He somehow gave a confused answer to something like “what’s wrong here”, but he was tense and embarrassed ... The dream was short, but throughout it I felt unpleasant, excitement cooling my soul - I woke up with the same thing, continuing to experience the same emotions and in reality ... The last thing I visually took out of my sleep: a neat haircut, a dark gray collar of a stylish coat, a tense and gloomy expression on his face ... In the background are city buildings , somewhat blurry, as if in a fog ... (I also know that there were tram rails nearby, although they were not striking, there were no other people). REALITY A dreaming friend is my favorite person with whom we met seriously for more than 4 years, but, alas, broke up (because of the age difference: I am 35 years old, he is 23, still studying). For ten months after the official break (the initiative came from him) ... they could not see at all, feeling the mutual need for it. They always met when he came home. But in December, he met the same age, seemed to have fallen in love, said that he valued these relations very much ... They decided to avoid personal meetings for now, as it hurts too much. That was a week and a half ago, and since then I have not even called. But he suddenly began to call. He says that he warmly remembers our days ... That he is dissatisfied with himself, feels confused and insecure, cannot express emotions, asks for my advice, thanks for the conversation ... We avoid talking about the girl. The dream described above is the first dream about him in recent months. For many months I was wondering why he didn’t dream, because I only think about him, and now ... I’ll pay attention to such a detail. Coat! In fact, he would not have bought this coat (if only because he has it, and, moreover, good), because very thorough in such things, makes purchases infrequently and very deliberately. In addition, he is a student, and there is simply no extra money. And one more thing: it’s very stylish, as from the picture ... What can symbolically mean such a coat here? What does my friend really feel? ...

Quite often I dream not full dreams, but as if pieces ... Some mini-plots chtoli ... Today I dreamed the following: I am walking along an unfamiliar street, the sun has already set quite low, that is, it is already somewhere around 18-20 hours, but less still light enough. In the evening I would say. And then a friend runs up to me and says ... I don’t remember the content exactly, but the meaning was this: Guy, why are you so calm then? Look over there! I look where he pointed me and I see a fungus from a nuclear explosion ... Then the general panic begins, but I don’t panic (:. I tell him: Type .. without panic, I need to find a car and get out of here. I quickly found a car, but as soon as I got into it and went ... the alarm clock rang .. I chopped it off and went to sleep further. From my next dream, I only remembered that ... In general, somehow I died and asked to be buried. I went to a friend and asked her about her, but she type burst into tears and started screaming, and off topic ... Then it started to rain ... and that's it Then there was some nonsense ... some sobranie..tam were my friends and we said something ... then I woke up ...

I dreamed of a deceased friend who was flying on a plane with his father and even with someone else. I was in a hurry to go to the airport to ask him, I was late, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have time. but in time. I ran to the runway, He stood on the ladder that began to rise, grabbed his hand, asked: how is he? He shrugged. At first I was glad that I saw him, but the next second I was not pleased that he was sad, tortured and thinner. Acceleration has occurred. the ladder began to go after the plane gaining speed I ran after him. Then he released his hand and it took off. the feeling of emptiness and fear remained. Denis is a 23 year old actor. I connect with problems in the theater.

Hello! I dreamed at first that my friend whom I once loved loved her girlfriend because of her money. I see that she has a new Mercedes. After that, I write something to the girl .. a little trick. And my friend comes furious to the horror they say how I could offend his treasure. I find in the trash my photos that he threw out (he doesn’t have my photos in his life), as well as one photo that shows him with his girlfriend. I look at my photos on which I look good .. distinctly and beautifully. Although they are supposedly torn I’m completely unaffected there. And d May he could so postupit.On offends me and offends once despicable and not manly. After I had another dream where he asks for a petition and says that he was joking. Just before bed that day, I was disappointed in him, because there is a rumor that he uses his girlfriend and cheats on her, although he screams about love for her to nausea, to the public.

my boyfriend’s friend kissed me in the presence of a guy and said that we would live in three. I washed my hair before the wedding and my hair was pulled very straight with curls. and my girlfriend dressed my wedding dress to measure

I very often dream of my best friend, here is one of the dreams: he comes to me and confesses my love. But I reply that there can be nothing between us, because I have a loved one. On the one hand, I was pleased that he had any feelings for me. but on the other - I felt sorry for him. After my words, he was upset and left. In reality, my name is Elena, I am 18 years old. I have a young man, everything is fine with us, but he often goes on business trips, so he asks a friend to look after me, to help me with anything. Of course I often see a friend, but we have no reason to declare love to each other, we are friends!

help me please. I had a night mare. everything happened in the evening. I saw my friend. he was with his wife and small child. which surprised me because he is not married and there are no children either. his wife is a blonde with a very aggressive look. before my eyes she poisoned him, poured something into vodka. and he was slowly dying. it was evident that he was suffering. I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t even move. and he called me for help. I saw him die. The dream was from Thursday to Friday. woke up all in tears, it was so realistic

my close friend and relative got drunk after drinking vodka and drove a man to death (he got mad at him because of something) I tried to stop him standing on his road but he didn’t stop and if I hadn’t jumped to the top he would have moved me trying to stop his second time, the story repeated, after which I was very offended and by feelings we became enemies, and he was sent to prison! and I was left alone! help decrypt plizz!

I dreamed about how my friend was dying and they were trying to save him, but I couldn’t save my friend, I stood and stupidly watched his pulse decrease.

my close friend comes to me early in the morning, sits by my bed and is very upset (with his words, his wife and mother went for walks of two (alien) fighting breed dogs and these dogs bit them almost to death) They are in the hospital and they have there are no noses or ears, a mess instead of faces. At the same time, we stay with him and love each other as before.

I often dream of my friend. Already had a few dreams about him. And n so real! It seems like everything is true, but then you wake up. For the last time I dreamed that I was going, and he was coming to meet me. My name whispered, I looked at him, and he smiled at me. I met him before. And here are all the dreams on this subject.

I don’t remember the beginning of sleep ... I practically didn’t perceive it visually, I didn’t listen, I just felt and felt ... I met two friends Sasha and Vlad ... I sat on some seat with Vlad, and Sasha stood across from me and started to tell something ... Vlad sat on my left side at some distance ... And then I felt that he gently takes my hand (left),he puts it on his lap and holds it tight, as if he doesn’t want to let go ... I was pleasantly surprised and did not resist at all, but held his hand ... At that moment it seemed to me that time had stopped, that there was nothing and no one around ... only he and I sit, holding hands ... And I feel so good my hand in his hand ... In my soul only lightness, warmth, happiness and many other positive emotions ... A sense of security ... And as if mutual need ... This ends my dream and I woke up with a smile on his face ... But in real life I am 20 years old and I seem to be in love with this very Vlad ... I often dream, but for some reason this one is very hooked ...

If this feeling ("... in my hand, what a miracle, your hand ...") were experienced by you in real life, then there would be no need for such a dream. The desired reality must be helped by its actions, otherwise it cannot be realized.

I almost every night dream of my Internet friend, with whom I often communicate. I have a sympathy for him, but he loves another. I dream that we are together, that we are happy, hug, kiss, but no more. after these dreams I wake up very pleased, I feel very good. my age is 24 years old, a woman. we communicate very closely, I know that he is disappointed in his beloved. sometimes it seems to me that he also has sympathy for me.

Grab it, just like that it’s bad)))

If he shares his disappointment with his Internet girlfriend, then “holy place” is empty. Arrange networks, show understanding, the main thing is not to overdo it so that he does not notice the game, and he is yours.

You’ll just do something with him later - I don’t know that)))

Several episodes end in a very original way. First: I am in a European city of the late 19th century, I serve in a bakery, and my friend, who is older than me, is a mathematics student. He completed his studies at the university and went in search of work. We met with him in a tiny square, from which two streets diverged at an acute angle. He went one by one, and I went the other. And suddenly I seemed to have become invisible and appeared next to him. At first he wandered for a long time, then went to the bakery (where I work), but my landlord said that he had no work, but another shopkeeper did. For some reason, my friend returned to the “sharp corner” and went along another street, although I could see the shop he was going to from my workplace, it was enough for him to cross the road! When he came to the shop, its owner handed the alien a black cube with numbers and said: “This is the task. She has no solution. ” A mathematician acquaintance declared that he would find a solution, and set about on the threshold of making cube with a cube, in the evening he declared that he had not found a solution, the shopkeeper, crossing his arms, said with a grin: “But I said that she has no solution. Why look for something that isn’t? ”So, my friend didn’t get a job, and I, already in my physical body, crossed the street and approached him, and he was literally killed by the answer of the shopkeeper, because, it turns out, I tormented all day in vain. I told him: “Why were you toiling? He immediately declared that there was no solution. If you told him what you want, there would be a result. I wouldn’t waste time. ” My acquaintance was very upset. And then we ended up in parliament, and he turned into my fiancé, but for some reason I felt a sense of disgust when he spoke to me. My mother was in parliament, I won’t know how she got to the second floor (again, "number of storeys.") The three of us, with the groom, left the parliament, and not without difficulty, and went along a street covered with autumn leaves. The groom called me to get into the rusty frame of the car, but I couldn’t, I saw that we won’t leave anywhere in it. We hit the forest. The groom was transformed, something soft and at the same time predatory appeared in him. I liked him that way. We went far into the dark autumn forest, and although we felt that the city was very close, we still felt that we went far. The darkness has thickened.I saw a small old collar from the explosion, and at the bottom there were bright dolls, very richly dressed and overly painted, but with ugly palms. There were several of them. I wanted to consider them, I came closer. They were very eye-catching, and at the same time there was something repulsive about them. I guessed, these are dolls of those women who fascinated men, because they are so ugly. Despite the rich brocade of gold embroidered brocade, one of the dolls got sick. However, in the evening, at home, I covered the table with black cloth, lit two candles, put a naked doll in the center, a little manly in appearance, and began to speak a spell so that this doll would become my assistant, at the same time I would drop a candle in the corners of the doll so that the vertices of the correct pentagram were formed. In a dream, I even christened the doll, gave it a name ... and then woke up with the feeling that the doll is here, nearby, it came to life and will help me. In real life, I never did anything like that. What is this?

I don’t completely remember the beginning of sleep .... I only remember that my friend and I started to rent an apartment somewhere in the wilderness, and not an apartment, but a house (you can imagine what it is for cadets to rent an entire house) from some granny! Two days passed a good life, as some strange things started to happen! Initially, we started to come home from school .... and day after day, window after window began to be swayed in with simple split boards! Then, waking up one morning (in a dream) we left the house, it was terribly gloomy and scary on the street! Of all the birds, only crows flew! there was no foliage on the trees ... we went out on the road from the house, and began to understand that our legs were moving, but we were not walking, as if in some kind of swamp! starting to drown, we tried to go back, but it got worse! (pinched in the chest, and breathing became complicated) ........ (in reality, our dying faces were visible, and the face of this granny - she said something not in Russian .... it turned out that in Old Slavic .... I don’t know why it seemed so) .... suddenly, (we’ve almost drowned) everything disappears, we find ourselves in the house with friends and with the bosses (we show the apartment)! having told that we hadn’t been at school for a week and a half, they stay with us for the night (anyway in an eerie light)! In the morning, going out into the street, there was nothing new ... ..as it is not strange, we went out to the main street and went to school ... .. and suddenly, almost reaching the university, all friends disappear, and I alone get on the road in a forest filled with snakes and lizards ... I have the courage to walk on them, feeling how they all climb up their legs higher and higher. ....... I, shaking and shouting, I go on ....... it all disappears, I found myself in my home with my parents and my family ... ..there I can not stand it ... .. I leave the room and scream out loud. ... after that I wake up screaming and then. ((((

Hello! Most recently, I was visiting my friend, whom I have been dating for 1.5 years. He lives together with his grandmother. And now I have a dream: we are sleeping together, his grandmother comes to bed, leans toward me, and seems to be trying to wake me up. When I wake up, she says: “Why do you need him (her grandson)? Look, he even sleeps with your back! ”After that I woke up ... But I am still in a state of shock from this dream ... What is this? Dream or reality?

Waking up in a dream can be considered as maneuvering a variety of ego-associations, some of which claim the status of full waking consciousness. But the complicated structure of your dream exposes them as just a part of that psychic self-integration that you can and should be experienced. In other words, in your psyche, you have several strong government factions, each of which claims to have full power, but is not able to use this power. So they succeed each other. It's not about a split personality, rather, about choosing the dominant Eg’a (with its values) for the next stage of individuation.

This dream fits the category of things, especially if you find out upon awakening that your friend really "slept with your back." Prophetic dreams, as I have already said, do not so much predict events as they return consciousness to moments that have received little attention - in this sense, the indication in a dream “he even has his back to you” serves only one thing - the psyche recommends that you take a closer look at your relationship. Maybe somewhere you are even blinded by love and do not want to notice (saving your spiritual and other investments in this person) something that requires objective attention.
Grandmother may well symbolize wisdom, intuition. At first glance, the dream seems "bad" - well, then, a wedge is hammered between two loving people, but who knows what will happen in 10 years if you do not change anything that already becomes a topic for dreams? Will you also be happy - that is the question.

Hello, dear Yaroslav! I may be too impatient, but I really want to know what the dreams of my collection mean. In the meantime, I’ll tell you another dream. I lived in a medieval city, gray, stone, with narrow streets and pavements, always wet from rain and fog. I had a friend - a wonderful, amazing friend! He had golden brown eyes and a bright, sunny smile. When he smiled, I wanted to cry with happiness. We did not have a home or family. We spent the night where necessary, ate what we could get. I remember I had a poor dress, a modest scarf and luxurious long hair. Once my friend was gone. I was scared, so scared as ever in my life. I was scared, because without him I was worthless. I searched for him, ran around the city like crazy, and some boy from my vagabond friends told me that my friend was a criminal and should be executed. The most interesting thing is that this terrible discovery about my good and sweet friend did not make any impression on me. I didn't care what crime he committed and whether he committed it at all. He could be at least ten times a criminal and a murderer. One thing scared me: never to see him again. And I looked for him all over the city, ran so that my heart was breaking, and I found him. He sat in a large bright basement with a wooden floor, on a chair, all alone in the center of a large hall, in chains. Along the walls were people. All of them were silent as soon as I entered, but I felt with all my skin how they condemn and hate him. I didn't give a damn. I rushed to him, hugged him, sat on his knees and burst into tears of inexpressible happiness that we were finally together. He comforted me, whispered some kind words, stroked my head, my luxurious hair, and I whispered: “I will save you, I will save. I will do everything ... ", and cried, and could not stop. I woke up in tears. Please, I beg you, write to me. I was so glad to discover this site. After all, there is no one with whom else I could share and from whom I could ask for help. Thanks in advance.

You have conflicting desires in your relationship with men. Fundamentally, this motive has something in common with the previous dream and the Concept of unhappy love - that is, when a man wants you, the prospect of building normal relationships is available to you, then you ignore this moment, caring only about the most routine aspects of life - we didn’t have food / sleep home and family. We spent the night where necessary, ate what we could get. But as soon as insurmountable circumstances begin to separate you, instead of reconciling (see the article on overcoming the Curse of Animus) with circumstances, you go against fate and see your happiness in meetings with a person with whom it is not fate to be alone with him, one thing scared me: never to see him again ... I rushed to him, hugged him, sat on his knees and burst into tears of inexpressible happiness that we were finally together. In short, you love non-possible (which cannot be 100% yours) men.
The background of consciousness (the city you are describing) belongs to the world of Albedo, moonlight, eternal fog, the Middle Ages, read - semi-conscious desires.

My friend in a dream tried to say something important. I woke up all the time because of the cat and could not understand what he wanted. I only remember that he shouted: “Run!”

I am in the store and I see three people outside the window, my friends! I run out to them and hug two (they are taken) and I didn’t remember the third (I know him too and understand that he is my friend), I missed them and was very glad to see them and we stood and talked!

In a dream, I got into the looking glass and saw my school friend whom I love. He came up to me and says that he loves me. Hugs and kisses. Space black people are no more. I felt myself both the first and the third special.

I dreamed of a person with whom I talked, but we did not find concrete contact with each other. He moved away, began to communicate with another girl, and I was deeply disappointed to see and learn about them. Today I dreamed about it. As if he moved to live with me, we talked with him very warmly and sorted things closely. And later, my parents and aunt went into the room and began to interrogate him. Why dream this dream I can’t find anywhere. Not even close.

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Big dream book of Natalia Stepanova

What is the Friend dreaming about?

  • Seeing friends healthy and happy in a dream portends good news, meetings with people you love.
  • To see a friend upset or sick - to illness and suffering.
  • If you see your friend in the form of an animal, an early separation with loved ones is possible.
  • If in a dream you leave your friend, this is a sign that you really will leave him in search of new experiences.
  • To separation from a friend or his loss is also a dream in which you shake hands with a sad person.
  • If your friend dreams of you standing high on a podium - you will be able to accomplish a lot of what was planned earlier.
  • If you see it far below - it portends that at the time of your future successes you will neglect your old attachments.

What is the dream of a boyfriend’s husband?

Of great importance in the interpretation of sleep is the mood of a friend who dreams. If a girl dreams of a friend of her boyfriend who is cheerful and happy, then you can expect good news regarding the young man.

If a friend dreams of sadness and sadness, your couple will face various troubles, which can be avoided if you feel confidence in each other. It is possible that the dreaming friend will be the cause of your disagreements.

We hope we have helped you figure out what your friend is dreaming of and only the positive and the good awaits you.

Friend by E. Erickson's dream book

Friend for what it is. 1. Friends in dreams can mean one of two things: either you need to look at your relationship with this particular person, or decide what the personified image of a friend represents (for example, security, support and love). 2. In dreams, friends illuminate a certain part of our own personality that needs to be addressed, and possibly eradicated. 3. We can continue our spiritual search with the realization that we will be supported.

Friend of the Women's Dream Book

Friend - To see healthy and happy friends in a dream portends good news, meetings with people you love.

To see a friend upset or sick - to illness and suffering.

If you see your friend in the form of an animal, an early separation with loved ones is possible.

If in a dream you leave your friend, this is a sign that you really will leave him in search of new experiences.

To separation from a friend or his loss, there is also a dream in which you shake hands with a sad person.

If your friend dreams of you standing high on a pedestal - you will be able to accomplish a lot of what was planned earlier.

If you see it far below - it portends that at the time of your future successes you will neglect your old attachments.

Magical Dream Friend

You dreamed of a Friend - an intimate conversation. If you dreamed of a friend whom you had not seen for a long time - a recollection of previous merits. Seeing a friend sick is disturbing news. If you are moving away from a friend - a break in relations due to a combination of circumstances. If you shake hands with a friend - absolute mutual trust. Saying hello to a friend is a pleasant surprise.

Cleopatra's dream friend

Seeing a friend in a dream means that in the near future fate will seem to lead you by the hand, bypassing all possible obstacles. For relationships with your loved one you will be provided with excellent conditions, you can realize all your long-dreamed dreams and plans. You will find several wonderful days that will help strengthen your relationship.

Dream friend for women

A dream in which you see your friends in a good mood, joyful and healthy, suggests that in reality you can expect good news or a meeting with an old friend that will charge you with a lot of positive emotions. If you see a dream in which your friend is in sorrow, in reality you will face illness and hardship. Seeing your friend in an unusual guise means that you have enemies or a rival who will separate you from your lover.

If in a dream your friend appeared before you in an unusually bright robe, in the near future you will be anxious, anxious, which will affect the people who surround you. If you are dreaming of your friend who unexpectedly took a high position, then in reality you have to realize all your plans and dreams, your work will be worthily rewarded. If, on the contrary, your friend dreams you are defeated, then during your take-off you will forget about those who helped you in difficult times.

A dream in which you quarrel with your friend promises you new impressions and adventures designed to replace your old attachments.

Dream friend for the whole family

A dream in which you see your friends in a good mood, joyful and healthy - suggests that in reality you can expect good news or a meeting with an old friend who will charge you with a lot of positive emotions.

If you see a dream in which your friend is in sorrow - in reality you will face illness and hardship.

To see your friend in an unusual guise means that you have enemies or a rival who will separate you from your lover.

If in a dream your friend appeared before you in an unusually bright robe - in the near future you will be anxious, anxious, which will affect the people who surround you.

If you dream of your friend who unexpectedly took a high position - in reality you have to realize all your plans and dreams, your work will be worthy of reward.

If, on the contrary, your friend dreams you are defeated, during your take-off you will forget about those who helped you in difficult times.

A dream in which you quarrel with your friend promises you new experiences and adventures designed to replace your old attachments.

Online Dream Friend

To see a friend in a dream - such a dream shows your relationship with friends. The dream interpretation also interprets the appearance of a friend in a dream as your hidden desire to receive assistance from someone.

If you see an old comrade in a restless dream, it means that this friend of yours is really seriously ill with something, or that he needs help.

Friends dream in good spirit and health - in reality they are all very well too, and your friendship with them will be very strong and long-lasting.

To see a drunk friend in a dream - a conflict situation will arise in reality, probably you will quarrel. If one of his parents was drunk

In a dream, to see a friend or friend naked - in reality, in the near future you will quarrel with whom

Swearing with them in a dream means that soon you will find very risky situations with a lot of impressions that will completely replace all your previous preferences.

To dream about how you hug a friend means that in real life there will be a misunderstanding between you, a situation will occur that everyone will perceive in their own way not correctly.

It is a dream that you made friends with someone - in reality you will have a breakup with your relatives.

The loss of a better friend and strong feelings because of this promises you a lot of mental anguish and a long feud with those who were very close to you recently and pleased you all.

A dream in which your friends discuss and spread all kinds of rumors promises you many problems and worries with colleagues or with your children.

Fight in a dream with a friend - in reality you will find a couple of very boring days.

If you had a dream about how your friend cheated on you - a dream warns you about the upcoming betrayal.

To dream that your close friend is crying and does not respond to your attempts to calm him down - in reality you hurt a person who trusted you, betrayed him or deceived him.

To see an old friend in a dream - soon a joyful and unexpected meeting will occur with whom

To see in a dream a deceased friend - in reality you will find difficulties, the fault of which you yourself will find yourself. Reconsider your attitude towards people and life in general. Learn to make concessions and accept people for who they are. If in a dream your friend is sad

To dream of a former friend - dreams in which former girls, friends

If you had a dream about your boyfriend’s friend, you can interpret the dream depending on the mood of your boyfriend’s friend: if he’s irritable, angry or sad

You had a dream best friend - a symbol of reliability. This dream suggests that in reality you will cope with all the problems, overcome all difficulties, and no matter what

To dream of a childhood friend is very difficult to interpret. You probably have nostalgia for the carefree time of your life

If you dream of meeting with a friend - most likely the dream came against the background of real life events. You may have recently chatted or seen each other. Or maybe in reality you met a person who has a character, manners or looks similar to a friend whom you dreamed about.

Talking with a friend in a dream can be nostalgia for a long time, and say that you do not have enough support. Pleasant conversation - you miss your friend and experienced times together. Tedious and boring conversation annoying you

Dream interpreter of the Siberian healer N. Stepanova

For those born in January, February, March, April

Friend - To the enemy with a full set of deceit.

For those born in May, June, July and August

To dream of a friend’s betrayal is to reconcile with him.

For those born in September, October, November, December

Friend (girlfriend) - To see his friend asleep in a dream - to his betrayal.

Universal Dream Friend

The best way to create and maintain good relationships is to be a good friend yourself. If you see a friend in a dream, this may indicate your sympathy for another person.

What do you do with a friend in a dream? Are you giving something to friendship or asking for something? - Describe what characterizes your friend. These are the qualities in which you would like to surpass this person?

True friendship is speaking frankly. Does your dream symbolize your desire to speak frankly, without fear of being reproached or condemned?

Old English Dream Book Friend

If you dream that your friends (who are now separated from you) are sick and weak, this is evidence of your temper and nature of your character.

If in a dream these friends are cheerful and healthy, then their business is really doing well, and your friendship with them will grow stronger day by day.

A dream in which one of the missing friends dies - promises good news related to the wedding.

A friend from a dream book of lovers

If you dream of cheerful and healthy friends, this means that you will receive good news from your beloved. Sometimes such a dream portends a meeting with a loved one (beloved).

To leave your friend in a dream - portends a break with a loved one for the sake of a passing hobby.

Shaking hands with a sad friend - promises parting with a loved one or his loss.

Bitch dream friend

A friend is cheerful and healthy - good news, funny events.

Sad - separation, sadness.

Looking up at a friend - your dreams and desires will come true, thanks to your mind and kindness.

Seeing it below - you have to sacrifice old friendships for the sake of far-reaching plans.

Separation from a friend - new meetings and acquaintances.

A friend from a 21st century dream book

The dream in which you see a friend is usually a reflection of upcoming events, that is, what you see in a dream will happen soon in reality.

To dream of a friend and laugh with him - to separation from him, to help him - to receive long-awaited help, to argue with him - to his infidelity, to see him dead - to unexpected news, to speak with a dead friend - to important news, his words - true.

Friend by Erotic dream book Danilova

Seeing a friend in a dream means that in the near future fate will seem to lead you by the hand, bypassing all possible obstacles. For relationships with your loved one you will be provided with excellent conditions, you can realize all your long-dreamed dreams and plans. You will find several wonderful days that will help strengthen your relationship.

Dream Book Friend 2012

Friend is a reflection of relationships and attachments between people. Reflections of thoughts about a particular person (also subconscious). The need to show positive qualities inherent in a particular person and / or get rid of negative ones. Reflection of the desire to receive help and / or support (not necessarily from the one who dreams).

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