What does it mean to sweep in a dream?

Sweeping is difficult to attribute to adverse dreams. Psychologists and interpreters agree on one thing: this action is a symbol of a new stage, fateful changes that can literally turn your life around.

Miller believes that such an action in a dream portends good changes

Another category of people is inclined to the fact that sweeping with a broom brings exclusively prosperity, peace of mind and even internal purification. It is worth more to understand the issue.

Sweep Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist is a recognized authority in his field, therefore, his opinion should be heeded first of all. In his opinion, this is a safe dream and is a sign of pleasant changes in life. Particular attention should be paid to career success, as it is likely to get a new position. You can also change your place of residence, and do it on favorable terms.

There are several nuances. If a girl sees a dream, she has lost a broom, then this is an indicator of her internal incompleteness. Miller believed that such people are “unassembled” and prone to sloppiness. Now is a good time to change position. It is worth recognizing that you are not considered the best mistress, but it's time to take steps towards change.

Sweeping in Wangi's dream book

The famous seer also did not see anything bad in this dream. Sweeping is an indicator of the nearest career growth, a new position, a comfortable atmosphere in the work team. It is worth noting that there will be no sharp and successful increases. You need to systematically try every day, and management will definitely notice it.

But also the fortuneteller draws attention to personality flaws. Increased sweeping suggests that a person lacks tolerance. You tend to frustrate others, not to listen to other people's opinions and often forget about constructive dialogue. Do not forget about tolerance towards others, and then positive changes will not take long.

Islamic dream book

The interpreter warns that there are too many situations or things in your life that need to be resolved or eliminated. They take away too much energy from you and prevent you from focusing on the main events.

Your task is to deal with everything that you put off, and proceed with what needs to be addressed. The dream book advises to attract your friends for help.

Such a dream promises well-being for women

The man

Although in general this is a positive dream, a man will have to confront people a little. Who is it? It can be relatives, friends or a loved one, as the dream book says that the problems will bring those people whom a man has to see every day.

The stronger sex needs to be patient. All problems can be solved, the main thing is not to conflict and find a compromise.


But for women, this is a good dream promising well-being. Soon the long-awaited harmony will come in the family, stresses will go away, and calm will take their place.

The efforts of a woman will finally be appreciated. She will be helped by housework, supported in business and offered her help. Also, sweeping in a dream is an indicator of respect for family members to each other and better health.

Sweep the floor with a broom

If the house was own, then this is a good sign. Soon you will get rid of the painful problems, a new stage will begin. It is likely that now the circumstances that appear to you seem rather difficult and even unsolvable. It will take a little patience, and everything will be resolved, and soon.

It is also an indicator that you do not have to deal with problems alone. You will receive support not only from loved ones, but also unexpectedly and by strangers.

Especially worth paying attention to the size of the broom. The larger it is, the greater the stress due to the problems that surround you. If the broom was big, then very soon you will have positive changes.

But if you are forced to sweep in your own home, then there will be disagreements with loved ones. Conflict does not need to be resolved. Make concessions, you need to make contact.

Sweeping in a strange house

If you do not know where you sweep, then you need to think more about yourself. At the moment, you are focused on the needs of other people who use your kindness.

In the near future, this model of behavior can lead to problems, so you need to reconsider your approach to people.

But if you clean with another person, then this is a good sign. All current affairs will be completed successfully.

Revenge of the courtyard and the street with a broom (sweeping leaves)

Here, again, it is worth making a distinction by area:

  1. If you swept your own yard, then in a dream your determination and strong will appear. You are pretty strong; other people value you for that.
  2. But if the yard was unfamiliar, then misunderstandings may appear. You do not need to provoke someone into a conflict in the near future, otherwise the situation may turn against you.

Sweeping carpet

Such an insignificant detail indicates great changes in life. You may have a soul mate with whom you will have a long romance. Also likely to move.

The main thing is that all changes will be successful, even if they seem dubious and foggy. You should not lose sight of fateful chances and "seize the moment".

Dead man sweeping floors in a dream

There is no exact interpretation for this episode, but in general such a dream does not bear a negative color. You should remember your accumulated affairs and take the time to help others.

If a deceased person helps to sweep you, then it is also advisable for you to help someone.

Sweep in a dream book from A to Z

If in a dream you see a street sweeper sweeping the street, it portends that soon you will become the owner of a rich inheritance.

If you yourself sweep a broomstick completely covered with fallen leaves - it means that in reality you won’t know how to get rid of an annoying admirer whom you cannot stand.

Sweeping with a broom in the apartment, doing the cleaning - means streamline your relations in the family, where there has recently been a clear discord.

If, sweeping, you find a long-lost gold earring or something like that, you will soon become a witness of how your ill-wishers will expose themselves and put them in an absurd position.

Sweeping on the Worldly Dream Book

Sweeping in a dream is a favorable sign that promises wealth and fame to those who had this dream. If you dreamed that you were sweeping in an apartment or in a house, then in reality you will be able to get out of the most difficult trials without loss.

Sweeping - If you dreamed that someone else was sweeping, and you were looking at it, then in reality you will witness how a person close to you will be able to achieve unprecedented results only thanks to his efforts, and you can be happy for him.

If you dreamed that dust was sweeping you in a dream, then in real life you can become an object of ridicule and gossip - you should not take it too close to your heart, only a sense of humor can help in this situation.

If you manage to laugh at yourself with others, very soon everyone will forget about this situation. What is the dream of sweeping - If you had a dream in which you go to a store or market to select a broom, then in reality with the help of friends you can achieve the result you need. You cannot do it alone.

If you dreamed that you were sweeping, but there wasn’t less garbage, then such a dream means that you will have many obligations that you don’t want to fulfill at all, but you cannot refuse to fulfill them.

Cleaning in various rooms

A dream in which you have to sweep in the stairwell and stairwell portends gossip and intrigue by ill-wishers. For a mature man, a dream predicts a conflict with colleagues or relatives, a deterioration in relations with family members.

The porch is the common territory in the house. In a dream, this symbol means that the dreamer is closely watched by neighbors. In order to prevent gossip, the dreamer should think about each spoken word, but it is better to keep his mouth shut. Also, do not take to heart the angry and envious statements of neighbors and acquaintances.

If a person in a dream sweeping the floor in the workplace, then in reality he will soon quit. The dream signals that it is time to free up space, since there is a job applicant for the position occupied by the dreamer. Before leaving, you need to draw up an action plan, think carefully about where to go further than what to do in life.

Sweep the street

A dream in which one sweeps the street, predicts a breakdown in relations with a friend or loved one due to a quarrel. Sweeping road or paving asphalt is a harbinger of a depressed and non-monetary period of life. If the dreamer sweeps garbage from the house onto the street, then in reality he will be able to succeed in the planned business or acquire something important and valuable. A dream in which a dreamer watches a person throwing a street portends either the discovery of a secret or the death of a relative.

A dream in which you sweep the yard is a reflection of calm and relaxation. The dreamer feels behind himself a defense, knows how to deal with negative influences. If a person in a dream cleans his own private yard of debris, dust and dirt, then in reality he is trying to establish relations with loved ones after a quarrel.

Cleaning place

When you need to find out why you dream of sweeping the floor with a broom, you should take into account exactly where it happened to clean up. If it was your home, you need to remember what kind of room it was. In modern dream books, the following options are offered:

  1. Hallway You have to suffer serious material losses through the fault of strangers. Such losses may be irreparable. More caution should be exercised when dealing with unfamiliar personalities and not disclose information about yourself and your family. Any revelation can play against the sleeper and his family. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and not talk about the personal.
  2. Bedroom. It is necessary to take part in a complicated case, the outcome of which will determine the amount of profit. If none of the partners let you down, you will be able to get a decent reward. Much depends on how serious and responsible the sleeper turns out. Now he has no right to make a mistake; any slightest mistake will cost him dearly. You need to gather your thoughts and concentrate on the most important.
  3. Bathroom. It is worth preparing for fun and entertainment. Prosperity and success are expected. Whatever the sleeper takes, he will succeed. Now is a great time to enjoy your vacation in another city. You can safely go on a long journey. The trip will bring a lot of pleasant impressions and will be remembered by the most unforgettable emotions. If a person goes to rest alone, he will only benefit from this.
  4. Kitchen. If the sleeper wants to reach new heights in the professional field, he should learn to be a diplomat in communication with superiors. It is not recommended to argue and argue, trying to defend their own innocence. It’s best to try to explain your position through a constructive dialogue. If influential people have any significant shortcomings, you need to treat them with great condescension. Criticism will now be inappropriate and will lead to negative consequences.
  5. Children's room. The favorable period is coming. The sleeper tends to stay at home more often to rest from work. This is the right decision, but it’s even better to think about changing your profession. If the old place does not suit you, you should find something more suitable.

Type of garbage

To understand what it means to sweep the floor with a broom in a dream, one should take into account not only the place of cleaning, but also the type of garbage. In dream books you can find the following meanings:

  1. Dust. Soon, the sleeping person will have the opportunity to deal with people who have poisoned their lives for a long time. The dreamer had long dreamed of revenge. When he achieves what he wants, he will feel inner satisfaction, but not for long. A month later, unpleasant people will again appear in his circle, who will annoy. You should completely change your environment in order to stop facing offenders, but so far the sleeping person is not ready for such cardinal changes. As soon as he takes courage and takes concrete steps, the situation will improve.
  2. Sand. Expected to appear on the threshold of unexpected guests. The meeting will be very pleasant, it will bring a lot of positive emotions and make you remember your childhood. Most likely, the dreamer will be visited by a longtime friend, with whom a lot of things connected him before. This is a person whom you can trust any secrets without fear that he will talk. It is necessary to prepare well for the upcoming event and clean up the house.
  3. Clipped hair. Have to do things that in the end will not bring any benefit and cause fatigue. If the sleeper wants to feel moral satisfaction and raise the standard of living, he needs to look for another job. Now he has every chance to settle in a good place. If he misses this opportunity, the next one will appear soon. No need to follow your own fears and concerns.
  4. Spilled salt. The appearance of an interesting fan. For a girl, such a story means meeting an influential, thorough person who wants to get married and is looking for a suitable passion. If the dreamer really intends to marry, she will succeed. It is recommended not to show the character next to this man and try to listen more than talk.
  5. Sweeping broken dishes in a dream. It is worth preparing for the persecution of an unpleasant person. This may be an obsessive boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. If you try to explain to him that there is no desire to communicate with him, he is unlikely to be able to understand this. It’s better to just stay away from the person and not reply to messages. Sooner or later, the persecution will cease, and he will transfer to another victim.

Times of Day

It is very good if you managed to remember what time of day the action took place. This detail can also be valuable during the interpretation and tell a lot. We need to remember exactly when it happened to clean up:

  1. In the early morning - to receive an inheritance from a distant relative with whom communication has not been maintained for a long time. The dreamer will be able to solve his financial problems and buy what he had long dreamed of. He will no longer have to borrow money from friends and look for a well-paid job. However, it is worth remembering that many can envy him, so you should not talk too much about receiving an inheritance. It is better to quietly rejoice in your happiness, without fear that friends will have black envy.
  2. At lunchtime - relations with relatives can deteriorate due to a brewing conflict. If it comes to scandal, the sleeper will have to work hard to make peace. It’s better not to provoke a quarrel. Perhaps one should live away from relatives for a while, so that the situation stabilizes. This is a great way to restore the former harmony and stop scandal over trifles.
  3. In the evening - to a surge of creative energy and physical strength. The dreamer is about to start a new business and he has every chance in order to achieve great success in it.You should listen to the advice of parents and friends, they will allow you to choose the right direction and improve your activities in simple ways. Now is the perfect time for self-development and fruitful work. As for the rest, it is better to postpone it for at least a month, from which the sleeping person will only benefit.
  4. At night - the sleeper will be able to get even with enemies. He has accumulated many grievances and complaints, but so far there has not been a suitable opportunity to defend his own innocence. Soon the circumstances will develop in such a way that it will be possible to regain a good name and punish the offenders. You don’t have to do anything for this, life itself will put everything in its place. You just have to wait a bit.

Miller's Predictions

According to Miller, sweeping fallen leaves on the ground in a dream means that more caution and prudence should be exercised, otherwise troubles in work and personal life are possible. Serious changes are expected, they can be both positive and negative. Any outcome must be accepted. The wish will come true, but not earlier than six months later.

If the dreamer behaves more modestly and stops blaming other people for his troubles, luck will smile at him.

Seeing the janitor who sweeps the dirty linen from the entrance means that you need to work harder to make the plans come true. While there is no need to change something in the usual routine. If the sleeper is too attached to his mother, this can harm him. One must learn to be more independent, one must not give vent to self-interest. Soon, a person will appear in close circle, to whom sympathy will arise.

Sometimes you may dream how some stranger sweeps. If he looked neat, the dream has a positive prediction. It is likely that the current venture will succeed and will be able to get what you want. If the sweeper didn’t look good, one could expect a deterioration in the state of health at home or at close people. It can be relatives, soulmate, like-minded people.

If there was a revenge on the yard with a broom, then some very valuable thing will be lost. It is possible that this item is cheap, but it is very dear to the heart as a memory. It can be a decoration, a gift, a postcard. The sleeper will be upset when he realizes that he has lost a valuable item. However, despair is not worth it. It is better to focus on something positive and not think about the bad. This is not the worst that could have happened.

Sweeping on the street with the janitor - to submission to random circumstances and obedience to children. While the sleeper does not manage to establish life by his own efforts, but soon everything can change. On the way there will meet those people who want to support the dreamer's undertakings not only in word but also in deed. Perhaps a fruitful and very beneficial cooperation, which will bring a lot of positive emotions. Do not refuse an interesting offer, because there may no longer be another opportunity to improve the situation.

It is recommended to value the gifts of fate and not complain about a bad life.

Wanga Interpretations

It would be useful to look into the collection of predictions of the soothsayer Vanga. In her dream book, sweeping a dirty carpet in a strange house means that the sleeping person is always in the same problematic situation. He does not manage to comprehend this lesson and draw the right conclusions. Perhaps it’s worth contacting a psychologist to help him deal with this situation, because there is a risk of losing a lot of valuable time trying to solve the problem alone. This is an important lesson to be learned. Only in this way will it be possible to understand the hidden meaning of the repeating situation.

Sweep a clean broom in a dream - to futile aspirations to improve their own situation. The sleeper chose the wrong direction, he made a mistake at the beginning of his journey. Now you have to do a lot of work to fix everything and achieve the desired result. If there are assistants who, on their own initiative, decide to provide support, things will advance faster.

Notice in a public place - to a closed lifestyle and lack of desire to make new friends. You should be courageous and initiate a meeting with old friends.

Spending time with friends will be beneficial and will allow you to cheer up. Sitting at home is not recommended, as it is a road to nowhere.

Sweeping the fallen snow - to restore order in thoughts. You need to think about whether the priorities are right. Perhaps the situation has changed and it's time to shift the focus of attention. Now it is recommended to listen to relatives, because they perfectly understand what is really happening. If a person looks at everything from a different angle, he realizes a lot.

If in a dream happened to wield a broom or a broom, the plot can have a variety of meanings. It is important to take into account as many details of what you saw as possible, then you will be able to correctly solve the dream and draw the necessary conclusions. Do not be afraid of negative interpretations, they are also designed to help.

TOP 4 negative interpretations

  1. INyenikcrumbled in the hands - to deception and betrayal.
  2. Broom Sweeping someone else's yard - A major quarrel with a close friend is possible.
  3. Drop the broom out of hand - loss of a loved one.
  4. Sweep litter beyond the threshold of a house - the secret of the dreamer can be revealed.
  5. Dirty broom - to failure in business.

TOP 4 positive interpretations

  1. The girl dreams about how she sweeps the road - to soon marriage and moving to a new house.
  2. Watch the janitor sweep a broom - to receive a large inheritance.
  3. Revenge leaves with a broom from birch twigs - good health.
  4. Sweep the stairs - get rid of unwanted friends who dissolve gossip.

TOP 5 Neutral Interpretations

  1. Sweeping floors away - help another person.
  2. Sweep snow with a broom - the resumption of long-term broken relations.
  3. Sweep a large broom - Do not spray your energy over trifles, it is better to focus on important matters.
  4. Revenge the path in front of someone - hidden guilt, as well as a desire to curry favor.

Dream Wanga

Sleeping awaits promotion on the career ladder, if he will not argue much with the bosses.

Sweeping in a dream is not a good sign, foreshadowing the fact that you will be engaged in some not very pleasant things.

In the best case, such a dream will mean that you will get rid of excess. At worst, revenge on the floors is a dream of some person dying.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkova

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, such a vision predicts financial gains or losses.

To understand this, you need to remember in which direction the floors were swept:

  • sweep litter from home to the street - for unexpected expenses, large purchases,
  • sweep towards the center of the room - to receive a large amount, random win.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

According to the dream book of Meneghetti, sweep:

  • a clean and tidy broom means well-being in the family,
  • dirty broom warns of a possible discord.

  • if an unmarried girl has such a dream, then someone is trying to bewitch her.

What do dreams mean? Sweeping

If in a dream you see a street sweeper sweeping the street, it portends that soon you will become the owner of a rich inheritance.

If you yourself sweep a yard with a broom that is completely covered with fallen leaves, it means that you will not know in reality how to get rid of an annoying admirer whom you cannot stand.

Sweeping with a broom in the apartment while cleaning, - means to streamline your relationship in the family, where recently there has been a clear discord. If, sweeping, you find a long-lost gold earring or something like that, you will soon become a witness of how your ill-wishers will expose themselves and put them in an absurd position.

Dreamwalker Dream Interpretation

The interpretation of such a vision according to the Wanderer’s dreambook depends on what is swept out:

  • good, necessary things or food - wastefulness, extra spending,
  • dirt, dust - good luck in business, new contracts,
  • garbage - troubles in the family,
  • shards - you have to defend your point of view.

Healer of Akulina's Dream Interpretation

The healer of Akulin suggests paying attention to the appearance of a broom in a dream:

  • new - promises prosperity, the solution to financial problems,
  • old - to big unplanned expenses.

Ukrainian dream book

According to the Ukrainian dream book:

  • revenge by a broom courtyard means making unnecessary expenses that can lead to disputes and discord,
  • if a stranger sweeps the house - to the dreamer's disease.

Family dream book

  • participation in a complicated case that will affect the financial and financial situation of the sleeping person,
  • relatives and friends will need help,
  • a person’s desire or opportunity to change his place of residence, move to a new apartment.

  • the dreamer took on too many things that he couldn’t do,
  • loss of money, purchase of expensive unnecessary things,
  • the sleeper will do an act for which conscience will torment him.

Dream Interpretation by Numbers: Dream Interpretation Table

Day of the monthDecryption
1The dreamer's family may be in distress
2Sleep boasts a quarrel with neighbors
3Good luck in the game or in the lottery
4Personal troubles await the dreamer
5It’s not worth undertaking important matters today, they may end in failure
6Friends will need the help of a dreamer
7On this day you should not give vent to feelings, only a sober calculation
8The desire and ability of the sleeping person to establish good relations with others, to make amends for past actions and to forget the grievances caused by other people
9There is a high probability of suffering from slander and gossip of others
10Unpleasant showdowns and scandals with people who involuntarily have to communicate every day
11Sleep predicts a conflict situation in which a sleeping person may fall
12There will be an opportunity to find out relations with those who for a long time poisoned the life of a sleeping man with his gossip and intrigue
13Dream portends a long trip, a romantic trip or a business trip
14A quick meeting with a long-time friend, an unexpected appearance of guests on the doorstep
15A favorable offer will be received that will improve the financial situation
16Dream predicts deliverance from disease
17The likelihood of doing useless things that will not bring the dreamer either moral satisfaction or monetary reward
18This day's dream predicts financial losses, expenses and debts
19Family problems will require sleeping attention and an early resolution.
20Dream of betrayal of a loved one or friend
21The ability to look at a specific situation from a different angle, which will clearly change the mind of the sleeping person to the opposite
22Dream boasts success in creative endeavors
23Dreams warn of problems and give tips on how to solve them.
24A vision may dream of moving or lengthy repairs in an apartment
25The family has a serious discord and the dreamer will have to work hard to restore the former harmony
26Dreamers expect fun and surprises from loved ones
27Sleep advises to prepare for disappointment and even big trouble
28Caution of a possible major quarrel with relatives
29A sleeping person is expected to meet a person who can become his patron
30It is time for the dreamer to think about his own health and physical activity
31Ahead there is a calm strip ahead of the person, when he can take a break from difficulties and do more pleasant things

Revenge with a broom or broom

Tools for sweeping in a dream - a signal to the fact that in real life it is necessary to solve abandoned cases, even if it is unpleasant to return to them. Also, a broom and a broomstick mean that it is time to pay attention to the main problems, and leave the little things for later.

A person wielding a broom or broom in his own home, in reality, attempts to establish relations with family members or business partners. A dream is also a reflection of the spleen and emotional fatigue, the desire to bring at least a little brightness to life. But it’s not worth the blues, as the period is approaching, full of turbulent events, in which you have to forget about rest and relaxation.

If a dreamer hits someone with a broom, then in reality he is a victim of an energy vampire. Surrounded by a dreamer, there is a person who consciously and with pleasure feeds on someone else's life force. If a person who is the boss in real life beats his employees with a broom in a dream, he will earn authority and gain respect in the team. If a dreamer drives a certain person off with a broom, then in reality he will part with this person because of a quarrel. The dreamer, beating himself with a broom, in reality feels and admits his guilt, wants to ask for forgiveness.

What and where to clean

In order to learn in more detail what the dream of cleaning is, it is important to pay attention to the place that is cleaned and the type of garbage.

If a married woman had to sweep in a house in a dream, it means that soon harmony and mutual understanding between households will come. The housewife will begin to appreciate and help with the housework, the relationship of the husband and children will improve, all the households are healthy and happy.

In a dream, sweeping the carpet, carefully disposing of the garbage, is interpreted by the dream book as a person’s desire or opportunity to change his place of residence, move to a new apartment. For a girl, this dream means an ambulance in front of her chosen one in her home.

Sweeping in someone else’s house is a sign notifying the dreamer that he pays great attention to other people's problems, it is because of this that he does not manage to concentrate on his own issues and household members suffer from this.

Why dream of sweeping the yard? It has long been believed that the courtyard was the territory of the house, so its cleaning indicates a sense of security and ability to resist danger.

The desire and ability of the sleeping person to establish good relations with others, to make amends for past actions and to forget the grievances caused by other people, is what dreams of sweeping the street.

Sweeping and washing the porch in a dream is deciphered by a dream book as it is more likely to suffer from slander and gossip of others. It is necessary to show endurance and ingenuity, and also to avoid open skirmishes with enemies.

Men who happen to sweep the porch in a dream face unpleasant showdowns and scandals with people who involuntarily have to communicate every day (neighbors, colleagues, relatives). It is possible that during the scandal, these people skillfully appealing with rumors and gossip will cause a lot of trouble to the dreamer.

In a dream, sweeping a ladder is deciphered by a dream book, as an opportunity to get rid of people who for a long time poisoned the life of a sleeping person with their gossip and intrigue.

To find out why you dream of sweeping garbage, you need to look at what kind of rubbish or rubbish you have to sweep in a dream. Watching someone clean up the trash is interpreted as successful completion of any event, achieve great success in the current business.

Many dream books are ambiguously interpreted, why dream of sweeping sand. On the one hand, a vision means a quick meeting with a long-time friend, the unexpected appearance of guests on the doorstep. On the other hand, the likelihood of doing useless things that will not bring the dreamer either moral satisfaction or monetary reward.

For a young girl, a dream in which she has to sweep leaves symbolizes the appearance in reality of a persistent admirer who will by all means attract the attention of the young lady. Successfully remove the entire territory from the leaves, means a dream interpretation of an early disposal of the obsessive courtship of a fan.

Sweeping the clipped hair is interpreted by the dream book as an opportunity to look at a specific situation from a different angle, which will clearly change the sleeping person's opinion to the opposite.

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Why do you dream of trash?

What is the dream of cleaning?


I saw in a dream how I sweeping sand and dust along the corridors and stairs in a large building, like a boarding school.

I had a dream, a friend of mine was sweeping in my apartment, a lot of dust rose, I stopped him.

I dreamed that I was sweeping in my room.

I dreamed that one Indian was sweeping the street from sheared hair, but they all were not swept out. Then she saw herself as if sweeping hair in some temple. What does this mean?

The street was swept barefoot in a nightgown.

It’s as if I’m at home with the bosses, and the stucco fell from the roof and the sky is a little visible, and I began to sweep, I look at the floors dirty and I am surprised that his wife is not cleaning, and she is watching me, which is interesting.

I dreamed that I was sweeping my floor, but there was no rubbish, but I heard the deceased mother's voice and we talked well.

It was a dream that I sweeping the floor in the classroom in front of the teacher. I'm in 8th grade. What does it mean?

My neighbor was grinding the floor and small rubbish in my house with a broom in the evening, I took this broom from her.

I sweep the streets with brooms and a big broom, and it seems this is my job.

I dreamed that I sweeping a carpet and sofas in the apartment of a late friend with a broom. Who knows what this is for?

I sweep the room where I used to work. The floor is covered in sand and dust. What could mean? I already quit this job.

Please tell me why in a dream to sweep the floor on the rug, not at home, there is not a lot of garbage in the circle, in front of the husband and his parents?

I dreamed that I was sweeping out garbage, crumbs from my ex-husband.

Why dream of sweeping stairs in an institution and washing floors, although I do not work anywhere.

I saw in a dream that a neighbor was sweeping the floor in my room, it was dark, I tried to turn on the light, which is interesting.

I dreamed that my mother swept sand around the flowers. What could it mean?

I dreamed that I was walking along the road in a beautiful new coat, and in front of me a man was sweeping the road. What does this mean?

Sweeping the floor with her ex-husband. What does it mean?

Sweeping the ground in his brother’s house.

Had a dream about how I sweep the porch in the house in which I lived as a child. There was a lot of trash.

She sweeping the floor on the second floor and sweeping the trash onto the steps along which the employee descended, why would it?

I dreamed that I had returned to my ex-husband (I do not want this at all), I was very unhappy. In addition, I swept the carpet, and my mother-in-law, as always, stood nearby. What does all this mean? Help me please.

Sweeping the floor in the kitchen after the party.

I had a dream that my husband’s father is sweeping leaves at our place. And she is outraged that I am with another man. My husband and I are divorced, but we live together. What means?

I dreamed for several months that I was washing the floor and sweeping where we lived with my husband, then I began to dream that my mother-in-law was sweeping on my floor several times. As a result, my husband and I left with this scandal from this house, and now we do not live.

Sweeping in the barn in the village. I take one broom - it’s very bad, I take the second, from the rods, it also sweeps badly. In the end, I put one broom on another and throw the resulting double broom.

Sweeping some park.

I dreamed that I was sweeping the dust, small as sand, into a dustpan in my room with my husband. And I think that only soap. How so dirty it became.

Good morning, I see in a dream that I sweep spits from the stairs on my floor.

I dreamed that I was standing on the stairs and sweeping sand into a heap, as if my deceased mother was standing next to me and angrily invites me to go with her, to cook soup felts, to have time for dinner felts, it is unclear. Why was this dream all exhausted?

I sat down and swept the sleepers, what could it be?

Sweeping leaves in the yard.

I dreamed that a daughter-in-law in a strange house was sweeping ...

I dreamed that I was sweeping a wooden, dilapidated floor in an old woman’s house (in a dream, supposedly the grandmother of my classmate). She volunteered to sweep herself, she gives me a short broom, almost a stub, I look in the corner and see old but solid brooms, I take one of them and begin to sweep the floor from street sand, some dried insects, dirt dust ... I didn’t sweep for long , in a dream, sounds from the street distracted, and I went out to see, it turned out that it was a man riding a white horse, the horse was prancing on the rear, and the girls fotal him, I also wanted to. Noticing this, the horse rushed in my direction, I was scared, and I froze, only tried to turn away from his face, instinctively covered her head with her hands from hoofs, and got scared. As it turned out, the horse did not want to flood me or bite me, he was very happy about me and poked his face on my cheek, then in the palm лад

Sweeping at the mother-in-law. She swept the room, went to the kitchen. And there, in a niche, it’s like an anthill. And I'm trying to sweep. Throw sand, a lot of eggs, ants scatter. I scoop them up in the trash bin ... Why?

I dreamed that I sweep a lot of leaves with a broom, what is it?

I had a dream, as if sweeping wheat scattered across the floor in the house of the deceased mother-in-law.

Had a dream, sweeping the floor in the house, we live with a guy, but in a dream I did not recognize our apartment.

I dreamed that I was sweeping in the entrance, but here from the fourth floor I was stopped by my boyfriend with the phrase Lyaz, I'm here ...

I dreamed how a former husband sweeping a broom in a strange house.

I dreamed that I was sweeping the courtyard of the school in which I had once studied. There were mostly leaves and sand. I did it with such great desire and joy ... Why would it be interesting?

I sweep the floor in the room, garbage - household dust, knocked into balls. I do this together with my older brother, and a common acquaintance watches us. In addition to dust, hats are also knitted on the floor. My brother tells me that his colleague came. My question regarding the purpose of the visit of the latter gives an indistinct answer. There is a feeling of great anxiety, which is why I wake up.

Dreamed grandmother's house sweeping dust in a room with a broom.

I dreamed that I was watching a guy who sweeps his yard.

Sweeping husband in the yard.

I swept the floor of the balcony.

And I dreamed that I was sitting in my kitchen, and the whole kitchen was covered with river sand, in a thick layer. In a dream, I try to sweep the sand, I bend the broom, but I still throw it, then linoleum appears, and I feel so happy that I finally got home to the floor, I was also very disappointed where this sand came from, why it is so much like on the beach.

I had a dream, as if sweeping the floor at the former work, this work was about 20 years ago, the garbage was seeds and a little land, then some woman took a broom from me and began to sweep myself, I tell her that I spent all my childhood on this work, my mother worked here and she asked me to work for her.

I had a dream, as I sweep a carpet with a broom, a lot of garbage, sweep, but it does not decrease. Who knows what that means?

Very cool dream book.

Sweeping the floor at work with a broom.

Quit your job. I dreamed I was sweeping at work and after some time quit.

Just quit, it’s checked on yourself, about a year later.

I dreamed that I sweeping the floor, pieces of clean paper were finely torn, and they did not end, but this is not in my house, it seems at work, please answer.


At the subconscious level, the cleaning process personifies the desire to get rid of something. It is possible that in your life there are people who are unpleasant to you, or events occur that negatively affect the emotional state. In any case, you feel that the time has come for a change. Living the same way as now is no longer possible.

Why else dream of sweeping in the house - to the fact that you are haunted by unpleasant obsessive thoughts. You would like to forget about them, but it is not so simple.

Folk dream book

In the classical interpreter, an image can predict negative events in the dreamer's life. He can also talk about whether you can overcome adversity. Here why dream sweep the trash:

  • to clean in a clean room is a symbol of positive change,
  • if you sweep in a dirty room, it means that they will pursue failure,
  • if you sweep in your own home, then you want to change something. Life has become boring and mundane, which does not contribute to a good mood,
  • why dream of sweeping in a strange house - to the fact that you pay too much attention to solving other people's difficulties. And my own problems only accumulate,
  • during cleaning, you realize that there is a lot of garbage - in fact, you will try to cope with future difficulties,
  • sweep him out of the house - you have to hear unpleasant gossip regarding his own person,
  • if you decide to put things in order in the courtyard, sweep leaves and other garbage - a sign that you decide to establish relations with a loved one. There may be a quarrel between you recently, but now you intend to fix everything,
  • if you clean the road, on the asphalt, it means you should get ready for a period of lack of money, for serious financial difficulties,
  • dreams that another person is sweeping - in the near future some secret will be revealed. But sometimes a dream predicts the loss of someone close to you,
  • sweeping the carpet - in reality you have to make concessions,
  • if you’re cleaning not at home, but in some state institution, then you want to completely change your life,
  • to clean at the duty station is a symbol of the threat of dismissal,
  • if the broom was old and disheveled, this promises material losses.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the psychoanalyst sweep the floor in a dream at home is a sign that you are mired in routine. Nothing interesting happens in your life. Ordinary will force to rethink relationships with loved ones, with a partner. After all, you realize that you are not able to continue to live the same boring life. Freud believed that the dream really promises vivid emotions and sensations to the dreamer in the near future.

If you put your broom or broom in a corner, then you’re not ready for the upcoming changes. You want to experience new sensations, including in sex, but you do not dare to do so. It is difficult for you to bring your own fantasies to life, so you can only dream about the impossible. However, it is in your power to overcome fears and do what you really want.

Miller's Dream Book

According to the interpreter, a broom or broom in dreams symbolizes prosperity, the achievement of well-being. But only if the items looked new and beautiful. Then the cleaning process with their help will indicate that you are making efforts to achieve the desired. But see in dream that sweeping with the help of an old and disheveled broom - a bad sign. He portends financial losses and other troubles in business.

If a sweeping janitor was seen, it means that the children will behave badly, will be naughty. You cannot cope with their upbringing, and this will make you feel sad and longing. The girl dreamed that she wanted to get out, but the broom disappeared somewhere - a symbol of what would be a poor housewife, sloppy and unassembled.

Dream Interpretation Longo

As the interpreter pointed out, revenge on the floor in a dream is a sign that you have accumulated many problems in real life. It is necessary to immediately begin the search for a solution, since then it will only get worse.

If after cleaning you feel that you are satisfied with its results, then you have a calm life period. Troubles will be solved by themselves, and you will be able to do what you really want.

Observe how another person is cleaning up - a symbol of the need for help in the implementation of the plans. It is also possible that you will be just an outside observer in an important matter, and those around you will do your work for you.

Dream interpretation for men

  • close dreamer may need help
  • it’s worth doing work that has been put off for a long time,
  • the broom itself in the hands may dream of money, for example, it will be necessary to repay the debt or receive a large amount as a result of a win, inheritance.

Everyday Dream Book

In the understanding of this source, the cleaning process represents a positive change for the dreamer. He says that a person will gain popularity, fame and fortune. The exact circumstances of the vision determine its meaning:

  • clean yourself - in fact, you can avoid losses even in a difficult situation,
  • the other person sweeps the floors, and you just observe - in reality you will watch how one of the relatives is gradually achieving success. It remains only to rejoice for him,
  • dust from cleaning flies right at you - beware. In fact, you risk falling prey to ridicule and gossip. You should not think too much about it or worry. It is best to perceive what is happening with humor. Only in this case, others will quickly forget about what happened,
  • in a dream, you go to the store to buy a broom or a broom for cleaning - in fact, close people will help. Thanks to their support, you will get what you need. You will not be able to solve the difficulties on your own,
  • I dream that you are throwing garbage, but it does not go anywhere - you have to cope with many additional responsibilities. You will not like them, but it will be impossible to refuse.

Intimate dream book

In the interpretation of the intimate dream book, revenge on the floor in a dream symbolizes the search for a new partner.

  • in a strange house - love relationships can crack,
  • in one's own home - the need for diversity in sex.

Winter dream book

According to the Winter Dream Book, a broom or broomstick means problems that the dreamer must solve as quickly as possible.

  • revenge the snow with a big broom - you need to put your affairs in order as soon as possible,
  • sweeping something from the yard out of the gate is a quick resolution to a problem that seemed hopeless,
  • sweep the snow from the porch or paths - the sleeping person may fall into a situation in which he will feel humiliated.

Summer dream book

According to the interpretation of the Summer Dream Book, the dreamer is waiting for big changes in his personal life or at work.

Among the various interpretations of this source, there are others, for example:

  • sweeping sand in a dream - an emergency meeting with an old friend,
  • sweeping dust - someone is trying to trick the dreamer, undermine his authority,
  • sweeping the ground - for a quick divorce,
  • revenge the floor with a wet broom - unexpected guests will come to the dreamer from afar.

Autumn dream book

  • sweep the leaves with a broom in your own yard - get rid of worries, minor troubles,
  • sweeping at night - to the disease,
  • to sleep and see how someone else is sweeping - conflicts with colleagues and misunderstanding on the part of management await at work.

Home dream book

  • sweeping trash on the scoop - urgent matters appear
  • sweep the floor - debts and monetary difficulties,
  • to see a broom in their hands and revenge them in a strange house - to the appearance of the enemy.

Sweeping tool condition

If there are a lot of rods in a broom or broom, then the dreamer is an authoritative and respected person. However, earlier he blocked the path to certain individuals, so now he is their worst enemy. But you should not be afraid of your rivals; it is not difficult to defeat them.

A broom in which there are few or two thin rods predicts unrest and anxiety. A certain situation will require a lot of time and effort from the dreamer. But you shouldn’t worry much, sooner or later the problems will go away, they will be replaced by a bright streak of life.

What is sweeping garbage?

If a person sweeps a garbage in a dream, then in reality he tries either to normalize some situation or to get rid of ill-wishers. If a person dreamed that he had thrown litter out of his home, then in reality he would drown in gossip and gossip. Also, a dream can signal the need to get rid of unnecessary things and bad people, it can warn of a family conflict. If a dreamer sweeps trash into a scoop, and dust and dirt somehow spill out of the scoop, then in reality there is a possibility of a major quarrel with a loved one or a conflict with superiors.

Fallen leaves in a dream - a symbol of attention. Consequently, a person sweeping leaves from the tracks, in reality, seeks to get rid of an annoying and too caring person.To a girl sweeping autumn leaves, a dream predicts an acquaintance with an ardent admirer. If cleaning up the territory in a dream is successful, then the dreamer will be able to get rid of the adhering gentleman.

A dream in which it is possible to disperse a puddle with a broom so that they dry faster, portends the arrival of guests from afar. The same decoding has night vision, in which a person tries to sweep sand with a broom.

Significant is a dream in which it is possible to sweep off cropped hair into a scoop. A change of hairstyle in a dream means a change in the outlook on life in reality. The dreamer will rethink the situation, conduct a reassessment of opinion, change the worldview.

If you dream of cleaning the floor from glass fragments, then in reality you will have to hard discuss, defend your innocence.

A dream in which dust and dirt is swept off the carpet promises a move to a new home. Another dream can predict repairs. Moreover, the dirtier the carpet, the grander the repair work is scheduled.

A dream in which snow has to be swept away from the tracks promises a return of relations with a person with whom there have been no contacts for a long time.

Brush cobwebs from the ceiling or walls with a broom - in reality, change their place of residence, move to a new home. The spider, having lost its web, weaves a new home for itself. So a person who has a dream has long been mentally prepared for a change of residence, plans a housewarming party.

If the dreamer sweeps the husk from the seeds into a scoop, then in reality his child does not have enough love and care.

The value of sleep for women and men

An unmarried girl has a dream in which she sweeps the floor, promises a meeting with the chosen one. If a young dreamer finds a broom, then in reality she will receive an expensive present from her lover.

Mature woman night vision promises success in the business sector and promotion. Sometimes a dream in which one sweeps the floor portends a long break in relations with a girlfriend. A dreamer who has lost a broom does not really have a relationship with surrounding people. The environment considers the woman to be a caustic, conflicting, sloppy, ownerless person.

A married woman who has a dream will have to work around the house. There is the possibility of repair, change of furniture or interior. If the dreamer watches someone else wielding a broom, then in reality he will spend a lot of money.

A dream pregnant woman promises positive events. If in a dream the expectant mother saw and wanted to buy a broom, then in reality she should keep her personal affairs secret from her surroundings. Trusting others can cause big problems.

For a man, a dream in which he sweeps the floor predicts obstacles when moving towards goals. However, the obstacles will be insignificant, the dreamer will easily cope with them. The main thing is to keep calm and adhere to the plan.

A child who, in a dream, had a chance to sweep the floor with a broom, needs to establish relationships with friends and observe the daily routine.

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