7 tips for growing nails at home

The famous Coco Chanel said that her hands are a business card of a woman. And of course, they are an important and integral part of the female image, the key to attractiveness of the fair sex and her confidence in her beauty. It is good if the girl or woman has long, healthy, beautiful nails. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such.

In everyday life, many of us regularly wash dishes and wash, do wet cleaning or work in the garden and on the flowerbed, as a result of this, the skin coarsens and crackes, and the nails break and become completely unappealing. And women know firsthand that even in every way protecting their hands, you can never get the nails of the desired length of the nails. If they are very thin and tiny, they will flake and crack for no apparent reason.

Such a nuisance can be completely corrected, since there are a lot of homemade ways to quickly grow nails. But first you need to understand the main reasons that do not allow the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to become owners of elegant, long nails.

Why do nails break

The nail plate is a specific part of the skin, in this part of the cell the cells are very dense, as if glued together. Because of this, the nails seem smooth and uniform. When something is wrong with the epithelium, or its integrity is broken, it becomes lumpy, changes color, or begins to exfoliate into small, thin scales. It also happens that the nail plates seem to be healthy, but due to the fact that they are too soft, they cannot be grown.

All the causes of fragility and foliation of nails are conventionally divided into external and internal. The first category includes mechanical damage: shock, friction, or exposure to aggressive chemicals (household chemicals, garden fertilizers, poisons for insects, etc.). The condition of the hands is affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment. Those who neglect gloves in winter are more likely to suffer from spoiled manicure and a broken nail. Internal factors leading to thinness, softness or stratification of nails are a lack of vitamins and metabolic disorders. Hormonal failure, stress and vitamin deficiency are quite capable of spoiling a woman's beauty: make hair dull and brittle, provoke hair loss and dandruff, and also turn nail plates into a miserable semblance of healthy nails.

A deficiency of vitamins A, B, E and C, as well as zinc, calcium and iron, most often leads to increased fragility. The problem of unhealthy and weak marigolds is best to “win” from the inside by drinking the vitamin complex or supplementing the daily diet with appropriate dietary supplements.

If the nail surface has changed color, has become lumpy, or itching or other unpleasant symptoms are felt, most likely, a fungal infection has occurred. Here you can not do without a visit to a dermatologist and medical treatment.

1. Vitamins and minerals will help grow nails

You need to start with the main thing - proper nutrition. Many problems with nails, such as thinness, brittleness, delamination, arise due to a lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet. If your goal is to grow your nails, with such problems you will not go far. So let's root them out.
The main vitamins that help form a strong, healthy nail plate are vitamins A, C, E, and B.

  • Vitamin A promotes nail growth. It is found in carrots, liver, butter. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which reduce the amount of vitamin A in the body.
  • Vitamin C prevents premature aging and yellowing of the nail plate. This is a geo-lack of nails that exfoliate and become brittle. Eat more citrus fruits, berries, gooseberries to avoid this.
  • Vitamin B strengthens nails, enhances their growth, helps trace elements better absorbed in the body. It is found in large quantities in milk, herbs, eggs, brewer's yeast
  • Vitamin E - firstly, it has antioxidant properties, and secondly, it improves blood circulation, which positively affects the growth of nails. It can be found in herbs, butter and vegetable oil, eggs, liver, meat.

In addition to vitamins, minerals such as zinc, calcium and iron.

  • Zinc regulates the formation of proteins and is responsible for tissue growth. Goat milk and bananas are great sources of it.
  • Calcium is one of the most important elements for the formation of the nail. It is found in large quantities in dairy products.
  • Iron. The result of a lack of iron is anemia and, as a result, the fragility and fragility of nails. Eat apples and buckwheat porridge!

How to quickly grow nails at home

To achieve beautiful, long nails, you will have to worry equally about their strengthening and growth stimulation. It sounds strange, but the first thing to do is stop stopping your nails from growing. More precisely, it is worth creating the most favorable conditions for them. Give the overgrown part of the plates a comfortable and non-traumatic shape. No sharp corners or claw-like sharpening. The rounded or oval end is best suited for growing; you can also make a “soft” square by treating the corners of the nails with a nail file.

In order not to provoke delamination, it is worth getting a glass or plastic abrasive surface, metal products are not the best option. They will not damage healthy and strong nails, but weak and thin nails can suffer from the hard impact of such an instrument.

Make it a habit to do hygienic manicure once a week or 10 days. Trim the burrs, lightly file the nails, but don't be too zealous when cutting the cuticle. Its function is to hold the nail and maintain its strength, because the “golden mean” between aesthetics and practicality will be moisturizing and the subsequent careful removal of the skin with a special spatula or orange stick.

1. Do you want your nails not to delaminate or break? Keep them away from water

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

Especially hot. According to dermatologists, nails are much more sensitive to moisture than we think. Prolonged contact with water causes the nail plates to expand slightly, and after drying, it is logical to narrow to their previous sizes. But in the end, microscopic gaps and microcracks are formed, which lead to peeling and brittleness. So in the process of growing Avoid prolonged hot baths and wash gloves..

How to grow long nails in a week?

Usually in a week the nails grow by about 1 mm. You can try to accelerate growth, but you can’t “jump over” this number strongly. However, this time is enough to significantly strengthen the nails - and then they will not break, forcing you to trim them and start the whole process again.

Acting in express mode, you need:

Procedures for strengthening and healing nails

Home remedies for the growth of marigolds are baths, masks and oil procedures. It is also good to buy hand and nail cream and use it after each water treatment.

As for medicinal varnishes and other care products, it is not so simple with them. On the one hand, the coating creates a protective barrier and protects the nail surface from negative external influences. But on the other hand, medicinal (and decorative) varnishes have acetone in their composition, which greatly dries the epithelium and makes it more fragile, that is, it contributes to the fragility of the nails.

2.Saw correctly

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

It is almost impossible to achieve a beautiful and symmetrical shape of nails without the help of a nail file. Which, in itself, is already a traumatic process. But you can reduce the harm from the procedure. First, give preference not to metal, but glass tools. And secondly, saw in one direction only. After all, back and forth movements (like, for some reason, like to show in films) injure nails and can provoke fragility and delamination.

What factors influence growth rate?

  • Hormonal changes in the female body. Adolescence, pregnancy, the premenstrual period make adjustments to the growth of nails, accelerating or slowing it down, depending on the general health of the body.
  • Work contributing to the grinding of nails (typing, massage, other types of manual labor).
  • Too strict diet with low consumption of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins.
  • Regular contact with chemicals (detergents).
  • Diseases associated with metabolic disorders in the body, circulatory problems.
  • Bad habits, such as biting nails.

Rapid nail growth is provided by vitamins obtained from a complete, varied diet, maintaining the body’s health, but there are also ways to speed up the natural process that girls resort to when they need to quickly grow nails on their hands for a perfect manicure.

Baths for nails

The most effective is the oil-iodine procedure. Any vegetable oil is needed for it (olive oil is best, if it is not, you can take almond, castor, sesame and grape seed oil). Fat is poured into a small, deep bowl (in a bowl or bowl), heated to a temperature of about 40 degrees, a few drops of iodine and glycerin are added to it, then fingers are immersed there. It is necessary to hold hands in oil for several minutes (from 10 to 15), then pat the skin with a napkin, but do not wipe it dry, but allow the rest of the product to soak.

It is optimal to do baths in the evening, before going to bed. After the manipulation, the pens should be worn in special soft cotton gloves. They are removed in the morning, after waking up. By the way, if you repeat this procedure every day at least a week in a row, the skin will become unusually soft, velvety and soft, all small cracks will heal.

Sea salt is an effective stimulator of growth and renewal of epithelial tissues, so that it can also be used to grow marigolds. For baths, you need to heat 200-300 grams of water to a temperature of 45 degrees, then add 10 grams of salt (1 teaspoon) and stir until dissolved. As in an oil product, a few drops of iodine should be added here. In stores, you can buy ready-made bath kits, in which sea salt is mixed with herbal extracts and other useful components.

Manipulation is preferably carried out every other day, alternating with other (for example, with oil) procedures. Every day, it is not advisable to apply sea water to the skin, since it can dry out the nails. After the bath, the brushes are rinsed with running water and smeared with cream. The fingertips (cuticle and periungual area) should be additionally treated with grape seed oil, castor oil or olive oil.

If there are injuries on the hands (cuts, abrasions, cracks, etc.), this method of accelerating nail growth will have to be abandoned. Sea salt, of course, has bactericidal properties, but it corrodes the skin and causes burning and pain in injured areas.

3. The right vitamins

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

"Beauty Vitamins" are now produced by many pharmacological companies. But, as with yogurts, not all vitamins are equally healthy. Recent American studies have shown that the growth and strength of nails most effectively affects biotin - a water-soluble vitamin of group B. Its intake effectively strengthens the nail plates - by as much as 25 percent. It also has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Believe it or not - you decide. But you can try.

What to do to make nails grow faster?

You can make your nails grow quickly in several ways. For this purpose, you can use pharmacy products: special enamels and products enriched with vitamin E, D. The second way is to use special bathtubs and nail masks that contribute to the healing, strengthening and growth of the nail plate.

Life hacks: what to do so that the nails do not break?

Nothing strengthens nails better than competent and systematic care.

  • Always file your nails correctly - in only one direction. Otherwise, they may begin to exfoliate.

  • Make a manicure with shellac. This coating is quite dense and often maintains a flawless look even 2-3 weeks after the procedure. And meanwhile, the nails are growing back. Since they do not break under the gel polish layer, the result will be easy to save.
  • Give preference to unedged manicure. So you minimize the risk of injuring the base of the nails. When it is damaged, the nails grow weak, brittle and often exfoliate.

Do you manage to grow long nails? Write a comment and share your tips.

Massage for nail growth

Massage is a simple and effective way to “make” nails grow as quickly as possible. Mechanical action enhances local blood flow, which means that more oxygen and nutrients will flow to the nails. As a result, the internal metabolic processes of the skin will accelerate and, accordingly, the nails will grow faster.

Massaging your fingers is very simple: apply any oil on them (if there is no cosmetic, vegetable oil is suitable), or cream, then rub the product on the brush and fingertips of the other hand with the pads of one hand. Each phalanx will need to spend about 1-2 minutes. Those who, by the nature of their activity, play a lot of piano or type on a computer, thus doing hand massage, their nails will grow faster.

4. Less “chemistry”

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

Yes, most beauties obviously will not like this item. But dermatologists are adamant: you want your beautiful nails, and not your whole life to stretch from building to building - tie with "chemistry". The list of prohibited components is sent gel varnishes, acrylic, and all means with acetone in the composition. If your life is not possible without varnish, carefully read the compositions and choose the means marked "vegan" - they usually differ in more gentle components. And also switch to flushes without acetone, which mercilessly drains the nail plate.

2. Make nails comfortable

Nails need to be shaped so that they grow quickly and do not break. Make it convenient for you, the most important thing is to remove all sharp corners and burrs. A nail file, preferably not metal, is best suited for such a procedure. A plastic or plastic-paper nail file will carefully take care of your nails. It is better to choose fine-grained so that it does not damage your fingernail. In order not to disturb the structure of the nails, the nail file should be moved from the base to the center, in one direction.

Paraffin therapy

This procedure requires natural beeswax or cosmetic paraffin. If there is no special heater, it is quite possible to heat the composition in a microwave or in a water bath. As soon as the product becomes liquid, you need to dip your fingertips into it, then remove it, wait until the “caps” form and put on cosmetic gloves over them. Ideally, manipulation is done in the evening, and you need to remove wax or paraffin from your hands in the morning.If this is objectively impossible, try to keep the “caps” for at least a couple of hours. When they are removed from the fingers, the skin will need to be lubricated with cream.

Repeat paraffin exposure should be at least a week in a row. You can alternate it with oil baths, complementing the home complex with massage.

The best effect is the simultaneous use of several home methods. If you take vitamins and simultaneously carry out cosmetic manipulations, then an improvement in the condition and activation of nail growth can be noticed in a week or a half. However, this is an individual parameter, which largely depends on the general condition of the body and metabolism.

5. spare the cuticle

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

Many manicurists strongly disagree, but there is no reason to cut the cuticle. In addition to aesthetic, but it is a matter of taste. A thin strip of skin exists not just like that, but for additional protection and nutrition of the nail plate. And therefore, in the struggle for beautiful nails, it can and should be looked after. Use special cuticle oil or lotion. And if it interferes with manicure, soften it and gently push it back with an orange stick.

3. To grow nails will help the bath

Oil trays for nails with iodine. Take any vegetable oil - olive, castor, almond, sesame or any other, heat it, and add a few drops of iodine and a few drops of glycerin. Lower the fingertips into the resulting solution and hold there for several minutes. Then wipe your fingers with a tissue. Such a bath nourishes nails and accelerates their growth.

Sea salt perfectly helps the growth of nails. For the bath you will need 15-20 g of salt, which must be diluted in 2 glasses of warm water. You can also add a few drops of iodine. In this solution, lower your hands for 15 minutes. It is advisable to repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week.

Nail trays with soda. In a glass of warm water, add one tablespoon of soda. A few drops of iodine at will, it has a beneficial effect on strengthening the nail plate, the main thing is to use it in moderation. In this bath you need to hold your hands for 10-15 minutes, then lubricate them with vegetable oil or cream. Such baths can be done several times a week.

Herbal baths for nail growth. You will need a glass of boiling water and 2 tbsp. tablespoons herbal mixture of chamomile, burdock root and hypericum. Only chamomile can be used. The solution should be infused for half an hour. Then it needs to be heated and, if there is, add 5 tbsp. tablespoons of dry white wine. In this broth you need to hold hands for 20-30 minutes. It is advisable to carry out this procedure every day for a week.

Trays for nail growth with lemon. Lemon juice will perfectly help you and your nails. Cut the lemon in half and use half for each of the hands. Insert the cleanly washed fingertips into these halves and hold for 2-3 minutes. You can also make a bath from a tablespoon of lemon juice and a few drops of iodine. Hold your hands in it for 10-15 minutes daily, and you will see how your nails change.

6. Rest from varnish

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

Yes, we understand, this is a difficult decision. But it is necessary. After all, even the most “gentle” varnish still does not bring any benefit to your nails. As a compromise, try following this rule: five days with painted nails - the same as with “naked”. At least periodically give them time to recover, and the manicure will delight a well-groomed appearance and health.

4. Massage in the area of ​​the cuticle

Massage at their base will help for nail growth. It improves blood circulation, so that nails begin to grow better and less exfoliate. For massage, use vegetable oil or a nourishing cuticle cream. If you play the piano or print a lot, your nails will also get a great massage!

7. Do not neglect home beauty procedures

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

A good result can be obtained not only for money in the cabin. Many problems can be resolved at home. For example, if the nails turn yellow, give them a scrub session with soda and lemon juice. And if the nails break and peel, perhaps they are overdried. It will help here olive oil bath. Masters and lovers of manicure generously share tips on their blogs, and many of them really work.


10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

Paradoxically, in order to grow strong and long nails, they need to be trimmed more often. At least in the initial stages. So, in combination with other techniques, you normalize their condition and the growth cycle. And each time the nails will grow stronger and slightly longer.

9. Diet has not been canceled

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

Most cosmetic problems have something in common: their solution must begin from the inside. And support the body with healthy foods. What do your nails love? They love green saladrich in iron needed for strength almond high magnesium content for smoothness and even color, dairy - sources of calcium affecting their growth. And also fatty fish, vitamin D foods and coconut oil. Sounds great and delicious, right?

10. If nothing helps, visit a dermatologist

10 healthy secrets to grow long and strong nails

If, despite honest efforts and efforts, the nails continue to crumble and break, they may be sick. Literally. Visit a dermatologist: it is possible that the root of the problems has become fungal infection. Take a course of treatment - and again you will enjoy the beauty of nails.

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