Women's Clothing Size Charts

Are you planning to go shopping? Shopping, buying new things, changing the style and image - an occupation, of course, fascinating and interesting. However, the incomprehensible letters that indicate the sizes S M and L, xl, xxl can add some confusion to the process of buying a thing you like if you do not know what they mean.

How to determine the dimension of clothes

The person to be measured must be in underwear or light summer clothing. In order for the decoding of the sizes S M L to be as accurate as possible, we recommend that additional measurements be made:

Measurements of the waist are made over the naked body, without pulling in and not protruding the stomach, the position of the body should be relaxed and natural. Hips are measured in their widest place.

Matching alphanumeric characters

There are several generally accepted dimensional markings: Russian, European and American. Commonly used is the international lettering system.

In order to determine, S M L is what sizes, we say right away that the letter designation is the first letter of the corresponding English word:

S - Small

M - Middle (middle),

L- Large (large).

The letter X (extra) can mean very small (XS) or vice versa very large (CL).

For women

To determine S M L what sizes are in the Russian manner of designating the size range, it is better to use a special table. The standard European dimensional grid of women's clothing in translation Russian size S M L is as follows:

S - corresponds to 44,

M - for the value of 46G cm

L - means Russian 48.

For men

Waist circumference (cm)

The clothing size chart S M L for men has a similar appearance. The principle of determining men's metric values ​​is the same as for women's clothing:

S - corresponds to the 46th,

The size of men's clothing S M L, in contrast to women's clothing, includes such an indicator as the circumference of the neck. It is important when choosing and buying classic shirts.

Those who find it easier to navigate in the familiar dimensional grid can easily convert European symbols to female Russian size S M L. using tables.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of clothes

Despite the fact that there is a generally accepted table of sizes C M L, the size of clothes from different manufacturers can vary significantly. Sometimes it happens that the winter collection will be more complete than the summer collection of the same brand. Please note that the product may be produced for the market of a specific country, and another metric system may be used there.

To be sure, it is better to use not average data, but size tables of the brand whose clothes you are going to buy. Usually this information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

The surest way, not to make a mistake when buying clothes, is to try on things in the company’s brand store. If the purchase of clothing is planned in an online store, then it will be right to visit a real outlet and try on several things of the selected brand.

If we summarize the data, we get a summary table of the correspondence of the size range of women's and men's clothing.

We find out, select, wear: size S - what is it?

It would seem that it could be easier, knowing your size, come to the store and choose clothes. And now, a self-confident girl, goes to the boutique, whispering for greater certainty: "Forty-second, forty-second ...".

However, the labels of beautiful and fashionable dresses are full of completely different characters: "10, 2/3, 40, 26/27", etc. And all this may be at her time, or maybe not. The variety is beautiful in culture, art, cooking, but when choosing clothes, I want to unify, understand!

For this, the international standard was introduced, having letter designations.In the case of our girl, her parameters are indicated by the letter "S". It is to this letter, and its correspondence to habitual sizes, that further material will be devoted.

"S" - translate into generally accepted

"S" (from English Small - small) corresponds to the usual female sizes: 42-44.

Simply? And no! There are a large number of all kinds of conventions: "S" also implies certain differences in the male, female and children's dimensions indicated by this letter.

“Eska” for outerwear has its own characteristics - additional data. There are nuances for underwear.

Before proceeding to a detailed description of international standards, it is worth recalling how and from which the familiar to us were formed. The upper part of the wardrobe is a chest girth, divided into two.

For example, at 84 cm - 84 divided by 2 it turns out 42 size. It looks like the data of the lower part of the wardrobe is also calculated, only the hip circumference is used. Thus, you can roughly calculate the parameters of the bust and hips.

Important. The lower part, due to the difference in clothing styles - loose or tight - may not fully comply with this principle.

Female "Eska" roughly corresponds to:

  • chest girth - in the range of 82 - 84 cm,
  • hips - in the range of 90 - 92 cm,
  • waist circumference - in the range of 64 - 66 cm.

In a simple way, we determined what size of women's clothing the letter S implies. We proceed further.

Russian sizes for men are determined similarly to women’s, but there are a number of differences. For example, the parameters of a shirt are not calculated according to the dimensions of the chest, but according to the number of the collar.

S - what is the size of men's clothing? So, the size S for a strong half of humanity corresponds to Russian 44-46. Other data:

  • chest girth - in the range of 90 - 92 cm,
  • hips - in the range of 94 - 96 cm,
  • waist circumference - in the range of 74 - 76 cm,
  • the collar number is 37-38.

It should be remembered that the male figure, as a rule, is wider in the shoulders, but already in the pelvis (compared to the female). Therefore, the “S” is the parameters of a particular wardrobe element, and in very rare cases it can apply to all the clothes of one person.

Tattoo on the shoulder for girls - options can be found in our publication.

What time is better to sunbathe, you will learn from this article.

There are useful tips on how to choose a cream for depilation.

Children's size S - what is it, how tall is the child?

Size S for children is also small, however, it is considered relative to other children's parameters, i.e. "Small among the little ones." Therefore, the children's Eska is about 32 Russian. Other dimensions:

  • chest circumference - in the range of 62 - 64 cm,
  • hips - in the range of 67 - 69 cm,
  • waist circumference - in the range 56 - 58 cm.

Underwear and outerwear

To choose women's panties, the parameters of the bust, hips and waist size S are enough. With bras a little more complicated. Firstly, a new parameter is added - girth under the chest. Secondly, bras have a special marking. So with the breast of the female "Eske" in

84 cm, under the bust, as a rule, 68-72 cm, which corresponds to the size A of the bra.

Outerwear has its own characteristics. A growth parameter is added. For "Eski" he is:

  • 163-168 cm for women,
  • 165-170 cm for men,
  • 110-116 cm for children.

How do we measure the parameters of things

To make it easier to understand the selection of the size of women's clothing, we offer a decoding of the size table:

Chest - the distance from one armhole of the sleeve to another at the level of the bust. Waist circumference - for shoulder products - the value in centimeters between the extreme points of the thing at the waist level, and for waist things - the length between the side points of the upper cut. Hips - the number of centimeters in terms of the maximum volume of the buttocks. Length is a parameter measured from the shoulder so that the line passes through the most protruding place of the chest to the edge of the thing. Back - measured from the lower vertebra of the neck in the middle of the back to the edge of the thing. Sleeve length - determined by the outer edge from the shoulder to the very bottom. Shoulder length - determined from the seam of the neck to the sleeve edge.The length of the inner seam is from the crotch of jeans to the bottom along the seam. The length of the skirts and shorts is determined from the upper cut to the edge of the product.

What is the best way to determine your size?

To accurately determine the size, you need to measure the above parameters with a tailor's tape (centimeter). You can do it yourself, but the calculations will be more accurate if you take measurements with the help of an assistant. His responsibilities will include tracking the evenness of the tape: without sagging, tightening and beveling.

  1. Bust measurements are made at the most prominent points.
  2. Waist options, in contrast, are made to the smallest size.
  3. It is especially worthwhile to measure your hips - these dimensions are determined by the most prominent points of the hips, but not the buttocks!

Now any woman will be able to determine their parameters, and understand what the letter "S" on labels means. You need to choose clothes based on these data, because in addition to beauty, convenience is of the utmost importance!

Men's Clothing Size Calculator

If you have a standard physique and want to quickly find out the size without using a table, pay attention to the calculator. Enter your parameters and the sizes corresponding to your body will appear automatically.

In Russia, men's clothing size primarily depends on height, chest and waist. And with the transfer to the standard of the USA or European countries, the table below will help you.

  1. The necessary measurements are best done in the underwear.
  2. We measure growth. We get to the wall, lean back against it and straighten.
  3. Measure chest girth. We take a centimeter tape and stretch it at the level of the nipples and armpits around the torso.
  4. Measure the waist circumference. Again we take a centimeter tape, we look for the thinnest place on a waist, we measure it.
  5. We measure the circumference of the hips. Once again, you will need a centimeter tape, which must be stretched along the most convex part of the buttocks.

Men's Clothing Size Chart

After completing all measurements, select using a table of clothes of suitable size below or a calculator on top.

Different manufacturers may have a different line of sizes, so focus on measurements, not the usual size that you once bought.

Men's clothing size chart (sweaters, jackets, bathrobes, vests and so on)
Russian sizeInternational sizeChest circumference (cm)Waist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)Sleeve length (cm)England (UK)United States (US)Europe (EU)Italy (IT)
Men's clothing size chart (pants and shorts)
Russian sizeInternational sizeWaist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)England (UK)United States (US)Europe (EU / FR)Italy (IT)
Men's Clothing Size Chart (Jeans)
Russian sizeInternational sizeWaist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)Waist circumference (inches)USA
44-46XXS / XS70-7692-96294
46-48XS / S76-8296-100316-8
48-50S / m82-88100-104338-10
50-52M / L88-94104-1083510-12
52-54L / XL94-100108-1123812-14
56-58XXL / XXXL106-112116-1204216-18

Male dress code

Morning dress - a form of clothing for the event during the day. A three-piece suit with a tie of light color or a light tailcoat matches her.

White tie, Ultra formal - a form of clothing for events such as a wedding celebration, a diplomatic meeting or receiving awards. Includes a white bow tie, white shirt and black tailcoat. From shoes choose patent leather shoes.

Black Tie, Cravate noire, Tuxedo - a form of clothing for events like a ball, attending a theater premiere and so on. It requires a tuxedo, a black tie or the same bow tie. As an alternative, a formal dress is allowed.

Black Tie Invited - commonly used at corporate events, invitational dinners, and so on. It is recommended to wear a black tie and tuxedo.

Creative Black Tie, Black Tie Optional is the less restrictive dress code form above. Tuxedos and suits of various dark shades such as blue and gray, ties and butterflies are allowed - any color within reason.

Semi-formal - in this case, it is better to pay attention to the subject of the event, since there are no strict requirements.You can wear a sports jacket, a jumper underneath, or boast a scarf around your neck instead of a tie.

Cocktail Attire - a form of clothing for dinner, banquet or cocktail party. Put on a dark suit.

Casual is a style known to many, however, many try to attribute their bad taste to following such a style. It is used at parties, picnics, meetings in bars, clubs and so on. You can wear your favorite clothes, such as jeans, a jumper, a sweater and so on.

A5, A5c - used at events in the afternoon after 5 hours. You can wear any suit, a tie is not needed.

Informal is an office uniform, used if the company has its own uniform. Often there are logos or company symbols on it.

Business Best, Business Traditional - the official style of clothing used at business meetings, conferences and so on. You must wear a dark blue suit with a white shirt, red tie and black shoes.

Matching male sizes to Russian letters

Men's clothing size S corresponds to our Russian 46/48.

M size men's clothing is the same as our 48/50. By the way, the size of clothes m (male) is considered the average in our country.

If in Russia you buy clothes with a size of 50/52, then - the size of men's clothing will suit you perfectly.

XL men's clothing size corresponds to the Russian 54/56 size.

If you rack your brains over the XXL marking, wondering what size men's clothing matches these letters, then the answer will be somewhere between the 56th and 58th Russian sizes.

The male size of clothing xxxl is not often found in our country, but just in case, know that it is equal to the Russian 60th size.

As you know, shopping is always of great interest to absolutely all citizens. Have you ever wondered what values ​​we pay attention to first of all, trying on a particular item in a regular store or ordering it in an online store? Unconditionally, on the size marked on the label. Having noticed it on a paper label or in the product description, we again wonder: "what is it, and what do these 3 letters mean?" You will find the answer in this article.

So, let's take a closer look: XXL size - what size is this?

Origin of the term

Literal numbering of sizes is first encountered in the USA. It was originally used there, and at the moment it is used in almost all states, and it is recognized almost internationally. Directly the symbols that designate a given size (XXL) represent an abbreviation of the English phrase eXtra-eXtra-Large, which means "very very large."

Conformity of sizes in different states

XXL size - what is it? It is possible to meet the letter sizes on virtually all items of the toilet, with the exception of shoes. Almost all countries have their own standards for determining sizes, as a result of which the decoding of XXL characters will be ambiguous. So, for example, in America, this ladies' size is equivalent to the size of "20", and in Europe - "46". Therefore, it is important to know what XXL stands for according to the generally accepted classification of the size range in the Russian Federation. Very often, special tables with for convenience are presented to visitors as popular shops and boutiques. It is also recommended to learn your size or have an appropriate table with you for shopping trips.

XXL for women

It should be noted that the decoding of this value will be different applicable to female and male models, since these parameters are not always equal. Distinguish between models with such designations is not difficult.

XXL - what size is female?

As for the ladies' toilet, modifications are characteristic of the following categories of clothing:

  • suits and dresses
  • sweaters and blouses
  • linen.

Thus, ladies suits and dresses with the designation XXL in Russia are classified in Belarus - 112th, in the UK it is the 22nd, and in Europe - the 50th.

For lingerie, the following ratio is typical: Russian 56th, 108th Belarusian and 22nd American.

For ladies blouses with XXL sweaters: the 50th in Russia, the 44th in England and the 42nd in the USA.

XXL for men

Men's size XXL - what size is it? Separation of things in a men's restroom is not the same as in a ladies' toilet.

It looks like this:

  • coat, sweater and suit,
  • shirts
  • variations of linen.

Quite often, interesting moments arise with regard to jackets and shirts.
With the 1st category, which includes models of suits, sweaters and coats, everything is elementary. The XXL size here fits the Russian 56th, European 58th and American, which is almost identical to the British, 48th.

It should be borne in mind that, as a rule, on the jackets, when specifying the sizes, one more letter is assigned, indicating growth. For example, you can meet the designation XXLL, where the last letter shows the growth.

With regard to linen, everything is also elementary: size XXL is Russian 52nd size, German is 7th, Czech and Slovak are 10th and French is 6th.

Having information about your own size and never forgetting about it is very important, because at the time of the next shopping tour you will not be lost and will not create problems for staff when choosing clothes of the appropriate size. And knowledge of compliance with other state sizes may be necessary for you for acquisitions on the Web.

Now you know what XXL is.

When buying clothes on the Internet, we often encounter strange labels, for example, the size XL is written on the tag - what is it? The male size is different from the female, moreover, jeans and, for example, underwear are marked differently. And it is very important to determine your parameter, because a thing cannot be tried on. What is the meaning of the size XL, M, XXXL and the like you will learn from this material.

We take measurements

Before proceeding with sizing, you need to measure your parameters. To do this, you need a centimeter tape:

  • Chest circumference . Stand straight and measure your chest volume. The tape should pass in the middle of the shoulder blades and the most protruding points of the front of the chest (nipples).
  • Waist circumference . Measure the volume of your abdomen, laying a centimeter tape strictly along the waistline.
  • Hips . The measuring tape should run parallel to the floor along the most protruding points of the buttocks and thighs.

Now that you have measured all the parameters, you can begin to calculate your size. We will make a reservation right away, the marking of manufacturing countries can be different. But using the data from our tables, you can always determine whether a piece of clothing is right for you.

We determine the Russian size

In most cases, domestic manufacturers switched to international labeling. This table shows the sizes that were used in the Soviet Union, but they are relevant to this day:

Hip girth Waist circumference Chest circumference The length of the sleeve The size

The table of conformity of the sizes of men's clothing with symbols

International S M L XL XXL Xxxl
Russia 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54 54-56 56-58
Europe 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54 54-56 56-58
USA 36-38 38-40 40-42 42-44 44-46 46-48

What size is XL in men

In this table, we will translate the received Russian clothing number into international:

Russian size International European (EU)English (UK) Italian (IT)

Going for shopping, it would be nice to choose only from three sizes: "large", "just" and "small." However, in reality, seeing lettering on clothing labels, many women (and men even more so) are perplexed. It's time to figure out which parameters hide the sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. Decoding of these codes and we will be engaged.

Conformity table for women's clothing sizes

Russia 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
Europe 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
USA 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
International XS XS S M M L XL XL XXL Xxxl

Differently about the same thing

Size is a code in the form of numbers or letters that corresponds to the standardized parameters of the human body or its individual parts for which the clothing is intended. Different countries have their own marking systems. So, for example, in the USSR, numbers from 40 to 58 were used, where the half-circumference of the chest was taken as the main parameter.That is why domestic costumes and dresses rarely sits perfectly not only on the chest.

In Europe, the size designation system is called EN-13402 and includes a set of parameters for a certain type of figure. However, it’s not a fact that after selecting the width of the item, the length will suit you, or vice versa. To choose the most suitable outfit, you need to know the compliance of domestic and foreign systems.

Hello from Europe

Abroad, different standards have been adopted to determine the sizes of different types of clothes. So, dresses, suits, etc. in Germany and France, marked 32/34, correspond to the Russian 40. So, being interested in the seller or consultant in the online store, what is the smallest size of clothes for girls, keep this in mind ratio. But in Italy, these same parameters will coincide with 36 size. Pay attention to the fact that in England 40 is strictly equivalent to Russian 32.

But what if your dimensions are slightly larger, but still within the outfits from the Thumbelina wardrobe? In Russia, size 42 will suit you, in France, Germany - 36-38, in Italy - 38-40, and in England - 34. To compatriots 44-46 sizes in Germany and France will be offered 40-42, in Italy - 42-44, and in England - 36-38.

If you are 48-50 sizes, then in Beethoven’s homeland and in the most romantic country in the world, look for labels with a mark of 44-46, Italian boutiques will offer you clothes in 46-48 sizes, and in an old monarchical power, the label on the labels should be 40. Corpulent ladies 54-58 sizes in Germany and France fit 52-58, in Italy - 52, and in England - 44.

A special range has been developed for sportswear in Europe. So, wondering what is the smallest size of clothing for the relevant classes, girls should remember - 1. But jeans should be marked 24/25. This corresponds to an elegant 40th size in Russia. Following this, the 42nd has an analogue of 2/3 for sportswear and 26-27 for jeans.

Owners of 44-46 sizes in a European store will choose a 4/5 label for sportswear, but jeans suit them 28-29. If you have a size 48-50, then take t-shirts and shorts with the marking 6/7, and jeans - 30-31. Ladies of size 52 select clothes for outdoor activities, designated 8/9, and jeans - 32-33. Sportswear in size 10 and jeans 34-35 will suit those with a size of 54-56.

International standards

Imagine that you are abroad. In foggy and rainy London, with its beautiful boutiques. I want to buy everything that you can see there. So exquisite clothes. But the tag with the size is somehow incomprehensible.

Or take Japan. There is generally something very strange with the size going on. As well as in Italy. What's the matter? The fact that the sizes are different everywhere. More precisely, their designations are different.

Size 42-44 - is it S or M? And what does size 9 or 42 III mean? Below is a table of English, Italian, Japanese and American sizes.

Table for purchases abroad

A little later we find out 44 size is S or M. In the meantime, let's move on to our table with the sizes promised earlier.

Russian sizeEnglishAmericanItalianJapanese
384 30036 03
406 32238 I5
428 34440 II7
4410 36642 III9
4612 38844 IV11
4814 401046 V13
5016 421248 VI15
5218 441450 VII17
5420 461652 VIII19
5622 481854 IX21
5824 502056 X23
6026 522258 XI25
6228 542460 xii27
6430 562662 xiii29
6632 582864 xiv31
6834 603066 XV33
7036 623268 XVI35

This is what international clothing sizes look like.

How to find out your size?

Female size 44 is S or M? Let's first find out what are the parameters of a lady wearing 44 Russian clothing sizes.

To begin with, we will measure our volumes with an ordinary centimeter (centimeter tape). We need to know the sizes of the three main points: the chest line, waist, hip size. How is this measured?

Breast volume is measured at its most prominent points. The centimeter should fit snugly to the body and fit tightly at the level of the armpits. Measured? We write it down.

The waist is measured just above the belly button, about one centimeter. Measuring tape at the waist does not need to be tightened.

The hips, like the chest, are measured at the most prominent points. The tape fits snugly, but does not tighten on the hips.

Measured? Have you recorded? Go to the size chart.

The sizeChest circumferenceWaist circumferenceHip girth

And what if the woman has parameters 90 - 72 - 98? This is called the intermediate size. It ranges between 44 and 46. You need to navigate when choosing clothes for a larger size. Oriented by the circumference of the chest.

US and Russia Size Chart

In America, there are two systems for indicating sizes - in numbers from 0 to 22 and in letters. We will dwell on the latter in more detail. So, what do clothing manufacturers mean by these designations?

  • XS are worn by very slender women, because the marking sounds like extra small - “very small”,
  • miniature ladies show off size S - small - "small",
  • average physique is M - medium - "average",
  • those who have rather large forms buy clothes large - “large” - L,
  • overweight women wear XXL - extra extra large - "very very large."

The more X's in front of the letter L, the larger the size is “very”, that is, the larger the customer should be.

Before we start comparing size systems, let's decide on this: what is taken as the basis for their determination? In women, the key measures are volumes:

  • chest
  • waist
  • the widest part of the hips.

We will draw up a scheme for translating the table of sizes of women's clothing, adopted in the United States, to the familiar Russian standard. We will use the following structure: the size adopted in Russia, - the digital equivalent in the USA - letter designation - volumes in inches (2.54 cm), data for the chest circumference, waist line, hip width.

  • 38 size - 0 - XXS - (31.5-23.5-33.5),
  • 40 size - 1 - XS - (32-24-34),
  • 42 size - 3 - S - (33-25-35),
  • 44 size - 5 - S - (34-26.5-36),
  • 46 size - 7 - M - (35-27.5-37),
  • 48 size - 9 - L - (36-28.5-38.5),
  • 50 size - 11 - L - (37.5-29.5-39.5),
  • 52 size - 13 - XL - (39-31.5-41).

As for men's and women's shirts, the neck volume, divided by 2.5, is important here. This will be the required measure.

But what about men?

Size 44 - is it S or M, if we talk about men? Let's first look at the table of Russian sizes.

Russian sizeChest circumferenceWaist circumferenceHip girth

How are male volumes measured?

A centimeter fits snugly to the body, as mentioned above.

Chest girth is measured on the shoulder blades, a centimeter passes through the armpits.

Waist - 1 cm above the navel.

Hips - at the most prominent points. A centimeter tape on the hips is not tightened, but also does not allow sagging.

XS, S and others

44 size is S or M? The time has come to reveal this terrible secret. But we will pull a little more and talk about decryptions of one size or another. What do all these letters mean?

xxxs is a very, very, very (extra-extra-extra small) small size.

xxs - very, very small (extra-extra small).

xs - very small (extra small).

s is small.

m - medium.

l - large.

xl - very large (extra large).

xxl and above - very, very large sizes (extra-extra large).

This is all very interesting and informative, but when will we move on to the main topic? Now. Continue reading and you will find out if sizes 42-44 refer to S, 44-46 to M, and 46-48 to L.

Russian sizeForeign size
48l (L)
50xl (XL)

Now we know what size corresponds to the Russian female 44. This is S. But what about men? Representatives of the stronger sex have the following grid:

International designation

In order to minimize buyers throwing between the accepted size designations, it was decided to introduce an international format. Size L - means "Large", that is, large. In women's clothing, it corresponds to our 46-48. But in the men's wardrobe L is 48-50.

However, the large L is actually medium, as it is in the middle of the dimension table.

  • Women's pants and dresses have another important parameter in the designation - height. That is, next to the letter should be a number indicating growth. Similarly, growth is taken into account when buying men's trousers.
  • It is difficult to find a shirt for a man, not knowing the circumference of his neck. It is worth noting that the size L corresponds to 41-42, which means 50-52 size.
  • Men's underwear. L - in Russia it is 48. The size of women's underwear is similar to men's: L, which means 48.

To more accurately answer the question, L is what size of clothes, we give below exact numbers.

When choosing clothes in a store, a situation often arises when people do not understand and cannot decide which sizes they need.This is because they are indicated on tags in different variations.

What it is

The size of clothes is the alphanumeric designation of the linear parameters of the body or its part, for which this or that type of clothing is intended. In Soviet times, it is customary to use a numerical code in Russia, just like in Germany, France, Italy and the USA, with the only difference being that the same size is encoded in different countries by different numbers. For example, the Russian 44th size in France is considered the 42nd, and in Germany - the 40th.

Where did these latin letters come from

Since each country has its own numeric codes for designating sizes, they introduced a single international code so that people do not get confused when they take clothes from other countries.

Latin letters on clothing labels are conditional abbreviations. So XS (size) stands for extra small, that is, very small. Accordingly, S is just small (small), M is the average size (medium), L and XL are large and very large (large and "extra large"). There is also XXL size, i.e. twice large or super extra large.

How to understand what your clothing size is XS

For women and men, the size grid will be different. To determine the size of clothing that is right for you, you should first measure your volumes with a regular centimeter tape. From them it will be possible to judge what clothes to choose. It should be borne in mind that most often the sizes of upper and lower clothes do not match.

XS is the female size for outerwear (blouses, t-shirts, trench coats, etc.) if you have a chest girth of 78-82 centimeters, a waist - 60-62, and a sleeve length of 59-61 centimeters. For trousers and shorts, the same waist circumference should be taken into account from 60 to 62 centimeters and hips - from 84 to 88 centimeters.

Correctly measure the girth of the chest and buttocks at the highest, i.e. bulging points. The length of the sleeve is measured from its base (shoulder) to the thinnest part of the wrist on the outside.

Growth matching is also taken into account. XS (size) is worn only by women and men up to 164 centimeters tall (there are rare exceptions). Next come S or M.

Sometimes the XXS size is isolated separately (in Russian coding 38), but it is extremely rare in stores. Most often, XS is something universal, suitable for women of both the 38th size and the 40th. Or adults have to go to the children's department for necessary things. The following parameters correspond to XXS: chest girth 74-76 centimeters, waist - 56-58, hips - 80-84, sleeve length - 57-60.

If we talk about lingerie, then the size of the XS will correspond to the Russian 40th and American 0th. The parameters are taken into account such: chest - 78-82 centimeters, waist - 62-65 and hips - 88-91. This information is especially needed when choosing swimwear. So, at a size of 40 by Russian standards, you will need an XS swimsuit by international standards and 32A is the top, 32AA is the bottom according to US size codes.

XS (size) in different countries

There are general parameters by which certain sizes are determined. In addition, you need to know what international and European sizes correspond to Russian sizes, since this is the most common size category found in Russian stores.

So, the international designation XS corresponds to the Russian 40th size and the European 34th, as well as the American 2nd. But it is worth considering that if it is XS that is the size for jeans, then in the USA it will be 0-2, and the waist volume is measured not in centimeters, but in inches. 25 inches equals 86 centimeters.

Male smallest size

In men, the XS size is considered the smallest. It corresponds to a height of 164 cm and below. In Russia, it is designated as the 44th for outerwear. This size is yours if the chest circumference is 88 centimeters or less, the waist is 76 centimeters and the neck is 38. For men's t-shirt and shirt sizes, the neck circumference in centimeters is also taken into account. It is measured at the very base, where the collar is usually located.

American Size Translation for Men

In relation to representatives of the strong half of humanity, the most frequently used system is the designation of the size of clothes with letters (except for shirts). However, one parameter is taken as a reference point - growth.

  • S for those whose height is below 170 cm,
  • R - regular - if the growth falls in the range from 170 to 182 cm,
  • L will fit those who are above 183 cm,
  • XL - as in the case of women's measurements, the extra prefix can be repeated several times, and this is true for those whose height is above 190 cm.

Women are very fond of shopping, it improves their mood, allows you to replenish your wardrobe with new and fashionable clothes. Before you buy a dress, skirt, pants or blouse, you need to try them on. It’s easier to do this by visiting shops and boutiques. But today, women often buy things in online stores, so they need to know their size exactly.

Especially alarming women are European and American sizes, which differ significantly from Russian ones. It is necessary to understand the labeling on clothing labels - digital and alphabetic characteristics.

We have prepared the following reviews:

How to calculate your clothing size correctly

To do this, you need to have an ordinary centimeter tape on hand. You need to know your height, as well as make three measurements - the circumference of the chest, waist and hips. When all the numbers are known, divide the first and last value by 2. For example, your bust girth is 88 cm, so pick out blouses, t-shirts, dresses, shirts, 44 sizes. If the hip circumference as a result of measurements is 92 cm, then look for clothes labeled “46” - trousers, leggings, shorts, skirts.

Waist circumference, cmHips, cmChest circumference, cmRussianInternationalEuropeUSA
709288–9244S / m36–384
8210094–9848M / L38–408
9410898–10352L / XL40–4212

How to determine the size of men's underpants and swimming trunks

The easiest way is visual. Find the most comfortable pair of linen in the closet and see what size is indicated on its label. Despite the availability, this method is not always suitable. For a number of simple reasons.

Reason number 1: Dimension grids in different countries and measurement systems are different. For example, the label “size 52” is found on your most comfortable underwear, and the Internet platform where you found suitable brand boxers or swimming trunks offers a choice only from sizes S, M, L and XL. How not to make a mistake and find the exact match?

Reason number 2: comfort depends on the composition and quality of the material.

If the fabric contains more than 3-5% elastane, it stretches well and takes the desired shape, so when buying the next pair of pants from the same material, choose an already familiar size.

But if you are used to elastic underwear, but this time decided to buy pants made of pure cotton, polyester, polyamide, you should take the model a size larger. The fact is that cotton and some types of synthetics do not stretch well, and therefore the usual size, made of more rigid and inelastic fabric, can press and rub.

But suppose you took into account the reason No. 2 and decided on the material. It remains only to find out what size of men's underwear is just right for you. This is what we will do.

Men's underpants: size chart

The best way to get right is to take measurements. In the case of men's underwear there are only two:

  • hip circumference (Hips). To measure it, take a flexible tape and wrap it around the hips along the most prominent points of the buttocks,
  • Waist. It is measured again by a tailoring tape at that waist height along which the elastic of underpants passes.

After taking measurements, you will get two digits in centimeters. Check them with our table - so you will find out the size you need in digital and alphabetic form, accepted in Russian, European and American online stores.

Your russian panties sizeWaist circumference
Hip girth
International size

And one more important nuance that must be taken into account when choosing the size of men's underpants and swimming trunks! Some manufacturers of linen have their own idea of ​​dimensional grids.For example, judging by the reviews, goods purchased in Chinese Aliexpress are often small - that is, pants that have, say, size L, will actually be smaller than you expected. Lingerie of American brands, on the contrary, is often larger: the same size L is more suitable for a man who wears XL.

In order not to be mistaken, additionally check your sizes - the circumference of the hips and waist - with the information in the Size Chart panel that the manufacturers provide.

Understanding Design

Maybe someone will argue, but when you wear good linen, you begin to look in the mirror more often and be more demanding about yourself. Without exaggeration, it really motivates! And obliges. Immediately you feel like a lord, you begin to monitor your posture, body quality.

So that underwear really evokes a desire to improve, it is important to choose it correctly. It will take some knowledge. Let's start with the models. So, men's underpants.


Boxer shorts (boxers) look like tight shorts. With their sports brothers, to whom they owe a name, they have little in common: after all, real boxer fighters use long and loose shorts.

Today, boxer shorts are a collective concept. These include trendy short “hips” and long loose pajama shorts, reminiscent of ordinary family briefs.

Such underpants are almost universal - only the hot summer months can be an exception. Boxers with a dragging and shaping effect will be a great choice for large men.


Briefs-briefs (from the English. Brief - "short", "short"), are better known here under the name of swimming trunks. Sometimes you can hear the term slips. Their design has been successfully used for both swimming briefs and casual underwear. Briefs trace their history, according to some sources, from the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Later, briefs were to the liking of bathers who were forced to refuse to dare naked, so as not to provoke a conflict with the church.

These briefs received a new breath with the birth of jeans fashion, since briefs are very comfortable to wear under them. Briefs look good on a athletic, lean figure. Please note: they are more likely to emphasize flaws than to hide.

Synthetic briefs are a non-alternative option for a swimming pool or, for example, saunas (it is much better, however, to go only in a towel).


It is believed that the design is borrowed from the female model, although the issue is controversial. Tanga briefs are a cross between briefs and strings. Buttocks, unlike the latter, in the briefs are completely closed, but only narrow stripes remained on the waist from the fabric.

Tanga are considered fashionable erotic lingerie. They are comfortable to wear in hot summers, under tight-fitting clothes, etc. The style is growing in popularity, although it is still believed that men who wear tanga pants (usually young people) pay excessive attention to their appearance.

Buying such underpants or not is a question not only of your internal balance, but also of your figure and age. Think about whether they fit into your style.


Men in thongs are still perceived ambiguously, identifying either with bodybuilders at competitions, or with performers of sensual dances.

The model is quite provocative and, admittedly, not the most convenient. A thin strip of tissue in the intergluteal fold is usually annoying. At least the first time. You can talk a lot about the specific design, but, firstly, thongs appeared at least a few thousand years ago, and secondly, tattoos were also once considered a categorically unacceptable attribute in a decent society. So, perhaps, the society has not yet matured to the true popularity of thongs.


The material from which men's underwear is sewn is primarily cotton. Of course, cotton is different for cotton. Trademarks that value reputation will offer a thin, soft, breathable fabric that will slowly wash and last for a long time.

Bad cotton loses its appearance almost immediately and over time does not look much better than a rag. It is heavy, soars, produces odors, dries for a long time.


In the context of men's underwear, synthetic fabrics are like caffeine or alcohol, that is, friends, but in small quantities. A small addition of elastane (lycra) will make the product elastic and tight. Cowards will not stretch much and lose shape.

However, when synthetics are added generously, in order to reduce the cost of material, nothing good can be expected. And here it depends on the amount of this very synthetics. Feeling comfortable in underpants, where the polyamide is all 100%, is quite difficult. Especially in hot weather. Try wearing sports swimming trunks under jeans or trousers and go all day. Even strong nerves will not always pass such a test.

You should always be interested in the composition of the fabric when buying. Some well-known brands do not disdain to sell men's underwear, if not completely synthetic, then with the lion's share of the wonders of modern inorganic chemistry. Selling you, in fact, a brand, not a product.

As you already understood, an exception to the issue with synthetics are goods of a specific purpose - for example, sports shorts or bathing shorts. Here, cotton is unacceptable, because it instantly soaks and dries for a long time.

Silk, viscose, linen, wool

For men's underwear, these fabrics are more likely exotic, since they have nothing to do with “every day” products. You can buy this for some specific purpose. For example, silk is an erotic orientation, six are more likely for warming.

Having bought high-quality underwear, it is worth remembering that proper care will allow him to maintain a pristine look much longer. It is enough to follow simple rules: wash in an automatic machine, but in a short program (30-40 minutes), at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, and spin speed, if possible, to set the minimum. Do not forget about the sorting of colors and the corresponding detergent. Do not abuse the latter. And, of course, it’s ideal to have several sets of underwear, because not a single item, even the highest quality one, can withstand everyday washing.

Famous brands

Almost all the more or less well-known brands that produce men's clothing also have lines of men's underwear. However, given the specifics of our site VXZone.com - purchases in foreign online stores, we will talk about how and what to spend money wisely and where it is most profitable to purchase lingerie online.

We will ignore the pompous Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and DSQUARED2, and dwell on the “middle-hand” brands, whose products are an example of optimal price-quality ratio.

Prices, however, cannot be called low online either. But this applies only to regular price tags. To find a truly bargain price, just track the topics of good finds on VXZone.com.

It is worth remembering that underwear is a unique product. The prices for it practically do not depend on collections, season or other factors. And sellers give discounts traditionally reluctantly, often in the expectation that the buyer will buy something else.

The contribution of American designer Kelvin Klein to world fashion is hard to overestimate. And one of the areas that this brand has always had a special account for is the Calvin Klein Underwear line of men's and women's underwear.

Lingerie as a stylish and fashionable accessory - and nothing else. Awesome selection of models. Extensive beach collection.

Prices: $ 10 for a pair and $ 25 for a set of 3 pieces.

Where could I buy: CK products are not uncommon, its huge selection can be found on almost any trading platform. In particular, a wide range is presented on ebay.com. The official online store calvinklein is open in the Russian Federation. ru.


The undisputed leader in men's underwear is the Italian brand Diesel. By the number of models, colors and, of course, excellent quality, it literally has no equal.The designers of this brand managed to turn men's underwear from an intimate and mundane accessory into a trendy, refined and elegant element of clothing.

And they don’t stop thinking of something new every time! Tanga, hips, different thematic collections ... The classics of the genre - a rubber band of underpants with a logo that peeks from behind a jeans belt - became a hit in general. Excellent quality and only cotton, a minimum of synthetics. It does not stretch, it does not quickly wash out, and with care it serves for years. The undisputed leader. There are both male and female collections, as well as a beach destination. The latest lingerie models are available on the Diesel.com official website in the Underwear category.

Prices: expensive, frankly expensive - from 12 to 25 euros for a pair of men's underwear, swimming trunks 40-60 euros.

Where could I buy: The best offers of Diesel underpants can be found on German ebay. de. Kits are especially beneficial: 3 pairs can cost about 15-20 euros. You can get a low price with a certain amount of luck, both at auction and at a fixed price. For example, a Tauro seller regularly offers discounts of 50% or more. International delivery is usually not offered, but the issue is easily solved by sending orders to the address of any of the European forwarders. Also, good price offers can be found on the site of the American ebay.com.

Emporio Armani

One of the youth lines of the Armani house, called Emporio Armani, is famous for its collection of men's underwear.

The parent brand also offers similar products, but at radically different prices. The youth line is popular in the United States.

Prices: expect low prices from a trademark containing Armani in the name, at least naively. On average, from $ 10 for a pair of men's underwear, swimming trunks and beach shorts - from $ 50.

Where could I buy: Of course, on the American ebay.com. Due to the abundance of offers, the price can be more than affordable, especially at the auction. Any forwarder with a warehouse in the USA, for example, Pochtoy.com, will help with delivery.

Tommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger - one of the trendsetters in the world of men's fashion, has always paid special attention to underwear. The Tommy Hilfiger Underwear collection is famous for its variety of models and colors.

Recognizable and very popular brand, good fabrics and uncompromising quality. And, of course, not cheap. But worth the money.

Rates: regular price tag - about 10 euros per pair.

Where could I buy: American ebay.com is out of competition here. Here you can find exceptional price offers, sometimes even with direct international delivery. Up to $ 5 per pair and even cheaper.

S. Oliver

The S. Oliver brand, originally from old German Würzburg, does not offer an exclusive design. Simple classic models in traditional colors: black, white, gray. But cotton and only cotton, with very decent quality.

As a rule, the sets of men's underpants S. Oliver are bestsellers of online stores, especially on sales. The best option for those who are used to paying primarily for quality and comfort.

Prices: A set of 7 pairs can be purchased for 20-25 euros.

Where could I buy: The best prices for S. Oliver are traditionally offered by the German Amazon.de, where this brand is officially presented.


The old American brand Hanes is best known among us with the Champion brand. For those who like to show off, preferring practical, high-quality and relatively inexpensive things.

There are no flashy colors, and of the models - only classic briefs and boxers.

Prices: when buying a large set of prices do not exceed $ 5 per pair.

Where could I buy: The official American ebay store of this brand, where the prices are often symbolic and do not exceed a few dollars for a pair of underpants, can boast the lowest prices for Hanes products. Delivery in the USA to the forwarder's warehouse is free of charge.

Hugo boss

One of the most recognizable German brands, whose products for the most part have not been produced in Germany for many years. Which, by the way, did not affect the quality.A small selection of models, practical colors, no kitsch.

Rates: an average of $ 10-15 per pair.

Where could I buy: American ebay.com offers a comprehensive selection of Hugo Boss men's underwear. If desired, it is not difficult to find offers with a 50% or even 70% discount, especially at auction.


The old German brand Schiesser, specializing in underwear, is not very popular, but appreciated by admirers of this quality. Men's, women's and children's underwear (underpants, T-shirts, T-shirts), pajamas, bathrobes, home knitwear.

The manufacturer is not cheap and reluctant to provide discounts. But he has exceptionally cool things. Very beautiful and original baby underwear. Sewing with great love. The guys know a lot about underwear: here there is the absence of seams in traditional places, and elastic bands hidden in cotton, etc.

How to determine your size?

Designation XS S M L XL XXL Xxxl Xxxxl
Height 170 170 176 176 176 182 182 182
Chest circumference 84 88 92 96 100 104 108 112
Hip girth 88 92 96 100 104 108 112 116
The size 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56

Designation S M L XL XXL Xxxl Xxxxl XXXXXL
Height 170 176 182 182 188 188 188 188
Chest circumference 92 96 100 104 108 112 116 120
Hip girth 80 84 88 92 96 100 104 108
The size 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60

Age group:AdultsType of product:Shirts
Gender:PeopleDelivery Type:Service OEMMaterial:100% cottonFabric Type:DenimA type:Casual ShirtsSleeve Type:Long sleeve
Picture:Solid colorMethodsWashed
Characteristic:Anti-Pilling, Anti-Shrink, Anti-Wrinkle, Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Plus SizeSeason:Spring
Place of origin:China (mainland)Brand Name:OEM / Kangaroo
Model number:MO416Flowers:All colors may be available in bulk order.
Pictures ::All paintings are available.The size:European sizes or as per your requirement

Unfortunately, almost every clothing manufacturer believes that he simply needs to create his own dimensional grid. And then we have to rack our brains, torment the consultants in the store and carefully and longly examine the labels on our clothes, studying the size information.

This article is written to help you become independent from sellers and learn how to navigate yourselves among a variety of clothing sizes.

Men's clothing sizes are traditionally spelled internationally. What do these letters mean?

  • S - small
  • M - middle (middle),
  • L - large
  • The prefix X is “extra” (for example, XS is very small, XL is very large).


On jackets, the letter after the size indicates growth:

  • xxS - 163-168 cm (short)
  • xxR - 170-180 cm (regular)
  • xxL - 182-190 cm (long)
Shirts (matching collar number)
S (37-38)44-46 shirt size
M (39-40)48 shirt size
L (41-42)50-52 shirt size
XL (43-44)54 shirt size
XXL (45-46)56 shirt size
XXXL (47-48)58-62 shirt size

The collar number is indicated either in centimeters or in inches (especially for foreign-made shirts). It should be remembered that the size in inches is 2.5 times smaller than in centimeters.

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the size of clothes. The fact is that there are many different factors that affect the correct determination of size.

This and its type, the specificity of the dimensional grid of the country of manufacture, gender, age, and even the features of a particular brand. If a person decides to order any type of clothing in an online store, (for example -), then he should be especially careful about choosing the right size and find the exact match in the Russian system. It’s not so easy to do it, but we will help you do it!

  • Women's sizes
  • Men's sizes
  • Type of clothing
  • Age:
    • Children's sizes of different ages
  • Country or region:
    • European sizes
    • US Sizes
    • English sizes
    • Russian sizes
  • Custom clothing brand size systems

Watch it! It is useful to know: and their Russian correspondences

In addition to sex, the type of clothing also matters. Size XL should not be chosen blindly for trousers simply because shirts of this size are physically fit. Each type of clothing has its own specific measurement criteria.
Depending on the country where a particular product is produced, its size may differ from the usual size for a resident of another country.

Thus, when determining with size, it is necessary to take into account the following criteria and features:

  • For what gender is the product intended
  • Which age group is it suitable for?
  • What particular type of clothing is measured by this size,
  • In what country is the clothing made
  • What local size corresponds to one or another foreign size.
  • Are there any features in the dimensional grid of a particular clothing brand


The purpose of the article is to tell the reader about the fit of sizes. If the label on the clothing indicates that its size is S or M, is it 44 size or 46? We found that the S - 44 size is female Russian.

We outline the main aspects:

Before figuring out what a person has a "letter" size, you need to find out your parameters and the Russian size.

We remind you that the chest is measured at the most prominent points. The centimeter tape fits snugly to the body and runs along the armpits.

The waist is measured 1 centimeter above the navel.

Hips are measured at the most prominent points. The tape does not need to be tightened too much, but letting it sag is unacceptable.

All of the above applies to women's measurements.

Men's carried out almost the same way. The chest is measured at the level of the shoulder blades, and the centimeter passes through the armpits.

Men's sizes are larger than women's.

All the necessary tables with proportions and sizes are presented in the article. They can be written out or printed.


Now the reader knows how to determine their clothing size. And yet, a little test: 44 size is S or M? Does everyone remember that this is S?

Knowing your options is useful not only for those who like to go shopping in clothes, but also for lovers of sewing. Want to sew a beautiful thing that fits perfectly? It all starts small - with the measurement of the volumes of your own body. Knowing them and being able to navigate the size of clothes, you can sew a great suit. Or buy it without wasting time thinking about what size I wear.

Choose your clothing size carefully

If you bought a thing that suits you, then you will wear it for a long time. The product will fit your figure, it will be comfortable and convenient for you.

Comparative tables are on different types of women's clothing. By standard standards, it is sewn - jackets, cardigans, coats, jackets, sweaters. Dresses, trousers, skirts, jeans also correspond to the main sizes. Carefully approach the choice - and, they have their own parameters.

The sellers-consultants of online stores will help customers in choosing goods. They will choose the size of clothes according to the parameters of your figure. Have a nice shopping, lovely girls and women!

Dimensional grids of different countries and regions

Some countries have their own special dimensional system. First of all, this diversity is due to the type of measurement system (metric or English) used in this country. Depending on the measurement system adopted in the country, the sizes of clothes are very different.

Also, there are unwritten size rules for different countries, for example:

  • American sizes are often 1-2 sizes ahead of Russian
  • Chinese sizes on the contrary - 1-2 sizes behind the Russian system
  • But the clothes made in Turkey, as a rule, exactly matches the Russian

The most common dimensional systems that you can often encounter are primarily American, Russian, Japanese, English, Italian, European and unified international species. For example, the measurement of clothing for women in Russia begins with size 38, in Japan - from 3, in the USA - from 0, in England - from 4, in Europe - from 32, the smallest international size is XXS.

It is very difficult to deal with numerous size systems. It will also be difficult to remember each one's compliance with their own measurement system. Therefore, in order to facilitate this task, it is convenient to use special correspondence tables.

The table of conformity of the female sizes of different countries and regions:

Russian sizes40424446485052545658
International sizesXSXSSMMLXLXLXXLXxxl
US Sizes681012141618202224
European sizes34363840424446485052

The table of correspondence of men's sizes of different countries and regions (outerwear):

Russian sizes46-4848-5050-5252-5454-5656-58
International sizesSMLXLXXLXxxl
US ramsers36-3838-4040-4242-4444-4646-48
European sizes46-4848-5050-5252-5454-5656-58

International size

Some countries have their own, as, for example, in Russia. Nobody causes disputes, marked with the numbers 42, 44, 46 or 58, since the dimensional grid in Russia is clearly defined, and the clothes manufactured at Russian enterprises strictly comply with the standards.

For modern women of fashion, the question is 44 size (S or M). This size of clothes is the most popular on the Russian market. Let's consider a question in more detail.

Lettering is commonly used in European countries, as well as in Asia and China. But if clothes from Europe can clearly determine what size it is, then products from China do not always meet the usual standards. It is aimed at a wide range of consumers, mass production and large volumes of products. Often on such clothes there is an incorrect labeling, simply called a manufacturing defect. However, such things can be found in the market and even in branded stores.

Dimensional system for different types of clothes

Different types of clothing are measured by a special size system. And this is quite natural - because for different types of clothes you need to take into account different body parameters.

So, to measure women's clothing, the following physique data are taken into account:

  1. Chest circumference
  2. Waist circumference
  3. Hip girth,
  4. The length of the sleeve.

If to determine the short blouse, the data on the circumference of the chest and waist, the length of the sleeves will suffice, then for pants and jeans, data are needed on measuring the size of the waist, hips, and length of the legs.

Most often, these types of clothes have their own size systems:

  • Men's:
    • men's coats, jackets, sweaters, suits (one dimensional grid)
    • Shirts
    • T-shirts
    • Pants & Shorts
    • men's underwear
    • men's socks
  • Women's:
    • sweaters and blouses
    • dresses
    • linen
    • T-shirts
    • jackets

➡ Sometimes on different types of clothes you can see a size mark in two digits (Russian size), for example, 50 - 52. Usually this size is inherent in products that are very elastic and can easily be stretched. Depending on how tightly the clothes can sit, it will suit immediately carriers of two close sizes.

Sizes for men's pants and shorts:

Great Britain32343638404244

Sizes of women's dresses:

Great Britain681012141618202224

Sizes of women's clothing - matching and features

The features of sizes for women's clothing include the following facts:

  • The dimensional grid of the CIS countries for women's clothing is formed on the basis of the chest circumference. Formula for calculating size: Chest Girth / 2 = Size in the CIS countries. That is, to determine your size of outerwear, you need to measure the circumference and divide it into two.
  • In order to correlate the European sizes of women's clothing and the Russian, you need to add 6 (six) to the European ones. As an example - European size 40 - this is Russian 46.
  • The European dimensional grid also takes into account the growth of a person, so there are more gradations on it.

Size chart for women's dresses:

RussiaEuropeUSAFranceBelarusItalyGreat Britain

Sizes of women's clothing:

Chest circumferenceWaist circumferenceHip circumferenceRussian sizesInternational sizesEuropean sizes up to 165 cmEuropean sizes with a height of 166-171 cmEuropean sizes with growth over 171 cm

European size

Modern fashionistas very often began to buy clothes through online stores. This is very convenient, especially since there is a very large selection and a great opportunity to save time. Mostly clothing presented in such stores has a European marking for clothing size.

A bona fide seller will always provide a breakdown of the parameters of a particular model for ease of selection, but not always. Big questions are 44 size: is it M or S?

Modern fashion dictates international standards, and one of them is the international dimensional grid. First, we decipher the abbreviations that we used to see on clothes:
1. XXS, in other words extra extra small. The literal translation is "very, very small."
2.XS, in other words extra small. Looks like "very small."
3. S, otherwise small. Accordingly, the literal translation is "small."
4. M - medium, in the translation "medium".
5. L - large, in other words, large.
6. XL - extra large, very large.
7. XXL - extra extra large. Literal translation means "very, very large."

44 size options

It is known that young women with a rather fragile physique wear 44 clothing sizes, but sometimes it is difficult to determine 44 clothing sizes - this is S or M. We will understand the parameters of size 44.

To make a conclusion (44 is S or M?), You need to establish what parameters it corresponds to. To do this, we give an example of a comparative table.

As can be seen from the table, 44 sizes have a wide range. The difference is almost 3 cm. And in order to more accurately determine the appropriate size for your type of figure, you need to measure your volume, or rather the volume of the chest, waist and hips.
The question of choosing size 44 is not important if the parameters of your figure correspond to the lower indicators, but if they border on the upper, then you should already review the issue of purchasing clothes of size 44 and think about size 46.

Sizes S and M

Let's pay attention to one more table.

In the table you see the size parameters in comparison.

As you can see, the permissible error in size is 3 cm.

If we compare the second table with the table above, we can try to conclude what is size 44 (is it S or M). We can definitely answer that this is size M.

But if you like the clothes to sit rather tightly on your body and completely fit your body, then you can try size S. You should not forget that different manufacturers have their own dimensional mesh, and before buying this or that thing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. take measurements of your own body.

Modern online stores provide a dimensional grid in expanded form, on the basis of which you can accurately determine the size that is suitable for your parameters. It often happens that an item of size S fits perfectly on you, but another manufacturer will have the same clothes under the mark M. And in order to more accurately determine whether size 44 is M or S, we recommend that you measure your parameters and the resulting compare the result with the manufacturer’s dimensional grid.
Have a nice shopping!

If before there were no problems with the choice of sizes of men's clothing in stores, now they are, and the reason for this is banal - this is the Internet, in which many make purchases. Something cannot be measured on the network, so you need to go to the website of the online store fully armed, already knowing what size is right. It is not reliable to look for markings on old clothes: firstly, after washing it is often not visible, and secondly, it is not always certain that the manufacturer strictly complied with the requirements for the size range.

sky size
native size
Chest circumference (cm)Waist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)Sleeve length (cm)England

A table of sizes of clothes for men comes to the aid before buying on the Internet, in which it is easy to find your markings, which will allow you to buy an item of clothing exactly in size. The table will become a lifesaver when buying jackets, sweaters, shirts and other clothes, it does not matter where the clothes are made - you can find markings for wardrobe items from Europe, America and China.

How to use a table

The size chart of men's clothing is easy to use, no complicated calculations are needed to determine your labeling. If you buy a jacket, shirt, cardigan or other outerwear, then just compare the Russian and import sizes. Of course, you should know in advance the clothes of the manufacturer of which country you are going to buy. If you have not decided yet, just add the page to your bookmarks and use the table when you select a purchase.

Here is a simple example of how to find out your clothing size when purchasing it online. For example, you pick up an Italian jacket, and your Russian size is 52. In this case, choose marking 50, if the jacket (any other outerwear) is American, then the marking will be 42. The international size is L, it is often used by manufacturers in different countries when they make clothes for export. For domestic sales, manufacturers are more likely to use national markings.

It is important not to confuse the abbreviations of the markings of different countries. For England, this is UK, for the USA US, for Europe the EU, and for Italy IT.

How to measure chest and waist

If you find out the old marking is problematic or there are doubts about its reliability, you will have to determine the size by measuring the circumference of the chest and waist. Since we took for example the Russian size 52, then for him we will calculate. This marking corresponds to a chest girth of 104 cm and a waist girth of 94 cm. A deviation of up to 2 cm is allowed on either side.

When measuring the girth of the chest with a tape, you can’t draw full lungs of air or, conversely, exhale all of them and stand, blushing from lack of oxygen. In addition, you can’t pull the measuring tape very tightly or measure the chest (waist) not parallel to the floor.

Sizes of shirts

The markings of men's shirts are somewhat different, since here the size of the collar must also be taken into account. For 52 Russian sizes, the neck circumference according to the standard is 43 cm, which corresponds to the American marking 17 and European 43. Note that for shirts, the Russian and European sizes for the collar are the same. International sizes for shirts are standard - these are S, M, L, XL and XXL. Accordingly, the 52nd Russian size (43 on the collar) is the international marking L. If the figure is incorrect, you can also choose a smaller size for the circumference of the chest with a larger marking around the circumference of the neck, although such shirts are more difficult to find.

Men's Shirts Size Chart

sky size
native size
sky size
on the collar
Neck circumference (cm)USA
(EU / FR)

Men's clothing sizes using calculation tables can be selected in 5 minutes. In addition to items of the upper wardrobe and shirts, tables will help to find out your foreign size for trousers, jeans and shorts. This will be a good help when buying things over the Internet and will help you not to feel discomfort when wearing them.

Men, going to buy underwear for themselves, should pay attention to a number of factors. Among them, you need to name: size, cut swimming trunks and their color. It is important to know how to translate masculine into Russian. Indeed, for many people this is a real problem. They are well aware of the domestic measuring system, but, unfortunately, they are not familiar with the European and American. And today on many tags we find these letters. Many people ask the question: "How to translate the size of the XL male to Russian?" Why are there so many requirements for these letters? Because it is with them that many misunderstandings arise. Very accurate measurements are required to determine this value.

We are armed with a centimeter. Instruction manual

International Russian Chest circumference Waist circumference Hip girth

Quite often, the figure differs from the standard, and not all indicators are suitable for one size. Then you need to pay attention to the value that is necessary when choosing a particular clothing. Quite often, pants can be a shirt - XL.

Men's Clothing Sizes

When choosing men's clothing, you need to know the features of the formation of its size. What does this feature consist of? In fact, the principles of making sizes for men are the same as for everyone - and it is based on the girth of different parts of the body (mainly the chest and belt. However, there are still differences. One of them is dividing the sizes into four groups in depending on the physique of a man.

➡ Useful information: in translation into Russian correspondences

Here is the classification:

  • N-size - sizes for men with a standard figure and height above 162 cm. N-size numbers are even and go from 32 to 82.
  • U-size - sizes for men with a stocky figure, height below 162 cm, chest volume is standard, but in the belt it can be wider than in the N-group. Sizes numbers are 24-38.
  • B-size - sizes for men with a large girth in the belt and growth above 162 cm. Size numbers - from 51 to 75, odd numbers.
  • S-size - clothing sizes for men with a slender figure - height above 179 cm, a small circumference of the chest and belt. Numbers - 88-114.

Chunky Men's Clothing Size Chart (U-Sizes)

The sizeHeightChest circumferenceWaist circumference

Size chart of men's trousers and shorts:

RussiaEuropeUSAGreat BritainItaly

We buy linen in the online store

Quite often, men use the worldwide network to buy underpants. They don’t really like to go shopping; they simply don’t have free time for this. This raises many questions, because there is no way to just hold the laundry in your hands. Therefore, it is very important to know: XL is the size of men's underwear - what is it? Of course, you can look into your closet and find the necessary values ​​on your things there. But quite often on clothes you can see double-digit indicators, and on shorts we see English letters. Therefore, it is important to know how to translate XL male size to Russian. Here again you will need a centimeter. Almost all online stores took care of customers and posted on their websites tables of conformity of measurements to certain sizes. To do this, you just need to measure the volume in the place where the elastic band from underwear is usually located.

A bit about the details

Do not forget about the features of individual brands. Attention should be paid to the panty model and fabric. Quite often, many firms make narrower models or, conversely, free ones. Some synthetic products do not stretch quite well, and if the underpants are made of natural cotton, then they may not stretch at all.

Below is a table of linen for men. Such indicators are represented by clothing manufacturers. But it is necessary to clarify that different countries label sizes differently. This table shows the European measurement standard.

Size table for men

International XS S M L XL XXL Xxxl

Some measurement features

For all brands, the comfortable size is different. For example, linen made from synthetics and cotton should be freer. Synthetic products should be more tight-fitting, since such models are usually worn under thin or narrow trousers. When choosing shorts of a certain size, you need to pay attention to physique and growth. This information will be especially important for those who want to present linen as a gift. A table will also come to the rescue. Here you will not need to translate the size XL male to Russian, but it will be enough just to know your height and body type.

Build and Growth Below average 164-172 cm Medium 172-180 cm Above average 180-188 cm Pretty tall 188-196 cm

However, many men are afraid of one phrase that they can see on the forums of online stores: “Is this model not small?” After all, quite often people choose their size correctly, but get a thing that does not suit them. Such concerns arise in the process of choosing clothes. Here you must clearly verify the quality of the products. After all, only original things exactly correspond to the installed measuring system, and the small size is evidence that this product is a fake.

Dimensional confusion in children's clothing

Children's sizes are also ambiguous. Up to 1 year, the sizes are determined in accordance with the monthly age of the child. Usually on one product the size is indicated with an interval of 3 months. Often you can see the mark 0 - 3.This product is intended for both a newborn and a 3-month-old baby. However, it should be noted that the height and weight of the newborn and a 3-month-old baby are quite different from each other.

More specific is the size of the goods for children from 2 years. On many clothes, the height of the child to which the product corresponds is written. In such cases, it is much easier for the parent to decide.

➡ To summarize - in order to choose the right size for children's clothing, you first need to look at the height of the child

It’s easy to buy clothes yourself, if you can measure it. For online purchases, you should first of all be guided not by dimensional marks, but by the indicated centimeters or inches. So the probability of a mistake is least.

Clothing sizes for children up to two years:

Age (months)HeightRussiaUSAEngland
up to 2 months56180/32
128024S / m2

Size chart of clothes for girls from two children:

AgeHeight 9 (centimeters)Russian sizesEnglish sizesAmerican (USA) sizes
1114638/4010S / m
121524010M / L

Sizes of clothes for boys from two years:

AgeHeight (centimeters)Russian sizesUS sizesEuropean sizesEnglish sizes
1114638/40S / m910
1215240M / L910

Dimensional grids of brands

Despite the fact that recently the tendency towards standardization of sizes is clearly visible all over the world, there is still such a thing as own dimensional grids of clothing brands. What does it mean? This means that many brands are developing their own sizes for their clothes, and this can be a little confusing when choosing a product. In order to find the right match, companies usually post detailed size tables on their sites. And this is generally the solution - to try on clothes on their sites. Difficulties can arise only during shopping in online hypermarkets, where there may be no indication of the size features of each product, but standard international and regional grids are only presented.

For example, here's a men's size matching chart for the brands Grostyle, Weibberg, Ferrero Gizzi, Perry Meyson, Greg Horman and Primen. (in centimeters)

Neck size / girthEuropean sizeInternational sizeHeightChest circumferenceWaist circumferenceThe length of the sleeveSpin length

How to take measurements and choose the right size - live hacks

  • When it is not possible to accurately determine the size of clothing for yourself - it is better to take the product 1 size larger. In any case, suturing is always easier than embroidering.
  • It is recommended to take measurements on the most developed side of the body. Right-handed people have right-handed people and left-handed people, respectively, on the left.
  • Measurements should be taken in a natural, relaxed body position. That is why it is difficult to take their own sizes - it is better for another person to do this.
  • Through the symmetry of the body, half-measurements are often used - primarily the neck, waist and chest, the width of the back, the width of the chest.
  • To take more accurate measurements, several measurements of one part of the body are used - for example, the first, second and third half-circumference of the chest, the first and second width of the chest.

Video: Measurement

It would seem that it could be easier, knowing your size, come to the store and choose clothes. And now, a self-confident girl, goes to the boutique, whispering for greater certainty: "Forty-second, forty-second ...".

However, the labels of beautiful and fashionable dresses are full of completely different characters: "10, 2/3, 40, 26/27", etc. And all this may be at her time, or maybe not. The variety is beautiful in culture, art, cooking, but when choosing clothes, I want to unify, understand!

For this, the international standard was introduced, having letter designations. In the case of our girl, her parameters are indicated by the letter "S". It is to this letter, and its correspondence to habitual sizes, that further material will be devoted.

In the store, goods can be measured. Much more complicated with online stores - they need to accurately understand all the details and nuances. So, size S - what is it in Russian in numbers?

"S" (from English Small - small) corresponds to the usual female sizes: 42-44.

Simply? And no! There are a large number of all kinds of conventions: "S" also implies certain differences in the male, female and children's dimensions indicated by this letter.

“Eska” for outerwear has its own characteristics - additional data. There are nuances for underwear.


Before proceeding to a detailed description of international standards, it is worth recalling how and from which the familiar to us were formed. The upper part of the wardrobe is a chest girth, divided into two.

For example, at 84 cm - 84 divided by 2 it turns out 42 size. It looks like the data of the lower part of the wardrobe is also calculated, only the hip circumference is used. Thus, you can roughly calculate the parameters of the bust and hips.

Important. The lower part, due to the difference in clothing styles - loose or tight - may not fully comply with this principle.

Sometimes they use the formula: hips: 2 - 2, i.e. with hips 88 cm, the calculation can be applied: 88: 2 - 2 = 42 size.

Female "Eska" roughly corresponds to:

  • chest circumference - in the range of 82 - 84 cm,
  • hips - in the range of 90 - 92 cm,
  • waist circumference - in the range of 64 - 66 cm.

In a simple way, we determined what size of women's clothing the letter S implies. We proceed further.

Children's size S - what is it, how tall is the child?

Size S for children is also small, however, it is considered relative to other children's parameters, i.e. "Small among the little ones." Therefore, the children's Eska is about 32 Russian. Other dimensions:

  • chest girth - in the range of 62 - 64 cm,
  • hips - in the range of 67 - 69 cm,
  • waist circumference - in the range 56 - 58 cm.

Underwear and outerwear

To choose women's panties, the parameters of the bust, hips and waist size S are enough. With bras a little more complicated. Firstly, a new parameter is added - girth under the chest. Secondly, bras have a special marking. So with the breast of the female "Eske" in

84 cm, under the bust, as a rule, 68-72 cm, which corresponds to the size A of the bra.

Important. T-shirts, topics, nightgowns, etc. are selected in accordance with the general rules of size S.

Outerwear has its own characteristics. A growth parameter is added. For "Eski" he is:

In the end

Our men's clothing size chart and calculator will help you find the right clothes for you. Have a nice and enjoyable shopping.

Representatives of the stronger sex buy things that match the parameters of the figure. There are special size tables that you need to use if there is no way to try on clothes. These nets indicate how to choose trousers, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, underwear for certain parameters.

Dimensional grid of men's clothing

You can find out your parameters using a centimeter tape. When making measurements, one must not allow it to sag or tighten strongly. It is better to take everything off so that the result is as accurate as possible. If the measurement is an average between two, then choose the bigger one. How to take measurements:

  1. It is advisable to work with an assistant.
  2. Grasp your stomach tightly without retracting. Commit the result.
  3. Measure breast volume. Run the tape around the armpits at the highest points.

Size chart of men's clothing:

Grid of compliance with international and Russian things: